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B&B Update Tuesday 11/14/00 

By Linda

Amber asks Rick what he is doing at the wedding. Rick replies that he can't let her go through with this. CJ asks for someone to throw Rick out. Clarke will be more than happy to, and he heads over to Rick. Eric stops Clarke and tells him to leave Rick alone. Sally tells Eric to get Rick out of there. Eric says she should realize they can't turn their backs on the well being of the baby. CJ comes down the aisle saying he will throw them out himself. Rick says he isn't going anywhere. Amber yells for Rick to go. Rick says that once Amber hears him out, she won't want to go through with the wedding. She tells him that nothing he says can change her mind. He tells her she is wrong. Sally jumps in and says Rick is wrong and he is a spoiled selfish brat coming in there trying to break up the wedding. She is going to call the police. Amber tells her not to, Rick will leave on his own. Rick says not until she hears him out. CJ tells Rick that he just doesn't get it, Amber does not want him. All his bribes and all his money didn't make a difference... Amber picked him. Rick says the only reason Amber is marrying CJ is because of the baby. Amber says that is not true. Rick asks what if CJ didn't have custody? Amber says she can't believe Rick is doing this. Rick wants her to answer his question. She tells him that she wants him to go, now. Clarke grabs hold of Rick and tells him that he heard the lady. Rick yells that CJ is going to lose custody. Amber hollers out, what? CJ asks to who, Rick? Rick says no, to the one who holds the stronger claim. Amber says no one has a stronger claim. Rick says the baby's father does. Little Eric's real father. CJ asks if that is why Rick broke up their wedding because some loser who doesn't even know he has a child is going to want him back. CJ asks Rick if he completely lost his mind? Amber asks Rick what he has done. Rick says he couldn't let her go through with this. CJ tells Rick it is over. Clarke tries to pull Rick out but he breaks free. He says it is not over. CJ says it is, the whole thing and to think Amber tried to convince him to let Rick see the baby and he was considering it but now he wants all of them to stay away from them. At the door, Deacon stands and tells CJ those are awful strong words. Rick asks who he is. Deacon tells him to think, they met but weren't properly introduced. He says he is Deacon, Deacon Sharp. CJ and Amber both look shocked. Deacon says, that he is Eric's daddy. Amber lunges for Deacon, screaming about what he did to Becky. CJ holds her back and tells her he could be lying. Deacon says he can prove who he is. Sally tells him whoever he is, he is not on the guest list and should leave. Deacon says with all due respect, Rick thought he should show up. Amber screams at Rick for bringing him here, saying this man is slime. Deacon says he doesn't know what Becky told them. Clarke says she told them plenty, like he left her alone and pregnant. Deacon says he didn't know she was pregnant. CJ says he has had enough and orders them all out. Steph and Eric tell CJ that he can't just sweep this under the rug, Deacon is the baby's father. CJ says, biologically maybe? Eric says that is enough. Amber starts crying, shaking her head, she says, no, no, how could Rick do this? He says he had to because she was getting married for all the wrong reasons. Amber starts screaming about Deacon and how he used Becky and dumped her. Deacon asks if that is what Becky thought, because they have the wrong idea. He says that Becky was a great girl and they had a lot of fun but if there was anything else. Clarke says of course there was something else, he got her pregnant. Deacon says that Becky told him she was on the pill and must have been lying. CJ jumps at him and tells him to shut his face and not say another word about Becky. Deacon tells him to take it easy, he isn't there to speak ill of the dead. He just came to put things right and get his son. CJ questions, his son? Deacon says no one there tried to find him, the only one that stepped up to the plate was Rick. CJ compliments Rick and then asks him if he really thought this would bring Amber closer to him? All it did was prove how selfish Rick is. Eric says that CJ, Deacon and Connor should sit somewhere and work this out. Amber is frantic. CJ tells her they will work something out if Deacon is the father. They will allow him visitation. Deacon says he doesn't want to visit his son on Sundays. He wants his son. He just found out he was a daddy. He thought about it and he couldn't run like a lot of people do, that is his boy and his eyes staring from that cute little face. He came to take his son. Amber cries as CJ glares at Deacon. He tells Deacon that there is no way he would ever hand the baby over to him. Deacon tells him that he is testing him and that isn't too smart. Sally steps up and tells Deacon to go take a powder. This is her son's wedding and she isn't going to let some drifter come in and spoil it for him, so he better take a hike. Deacon says he will be glad to as soon as they hand him his son. Eric tells the minister that they cannot continue until this is resolved. CJ tells him it is none of his concern. Deacon tells CJ that it concerns him. CJ says he is Eric's father and has the papers to prove it. He then asks Connor what they can do. Connor tells him that the father has legal rights to his child and they may have to give him his son. CJ tells him to please tell him that Deacon can't just come in and take their son away? Connor says he is sorry, but yes, he can.

Bridget tells Brooke that Rick is in love with Amber. Brooke thinks Rick has always had a soft spot for Amber but he is in love with the baby. Bridget says she doesn't even like Amber let alone want her for a sister in law but she knows her brother and he is totally committed. Brooke says what is Rick going to do, Amber and CJ are getting married today, it isn't like he can stop the wedding. Would he? Bridget says she doesn't know anything about Amber's wedding. Brooke says that is not what she asked. Bridget says she doesn't know what Rick is going to do. Brooke asks her to please tell her that Rick is not going to disrupt the ceremony. Bridget says Rick didn't discuss that with her and tells Brooke not to worry about it, she has enough to deal with right now. Brooke says, meaning? Bridget says, her, the mixed up daughter. Remember her? Brooke says, yes, her mixed up daughter, the light of her life right now. Bridget worries about Brooke being lonely and wishes she would get out more, like go on a date. Brooke says Bridget should be dating and she notices Bridget has been home lately. Bridget says it is fun. Brooke asks why she doesn't believe her? Bridget says because she knows her so well. Brooke says if Bridget needs to find someone a date, find one for her brother so he will get off the Amber kick.

Later, Brooke is sitting looking at some designs when Thorne comes to the door. Thorne tells her he understands why Brooke did what she did for her daughter and hopes that he is as good a parent some day. She asks what brought him by? He says a photo shoot and she knows him, when he gets off the elevator on the floor, her office pulls him there like a magnet. Brooke hands him the designs for the shoot he mention. Thorne seem a bit out of it. He asks if she knows how hard it is to look at her. She asks if Kimberly is a in the shoot. He says she is not a part of it. Kim is not in his life. Brooke says she doesn't care and isn't spending her time obsessing over Kimberly. He says there is nothing to obsess over. She wonders if it is really that meaningless for a man, a night of sex. He says when you are so drunk you don't remember doing it? Yes, he would say that is pretty meaningless. It is pretty darn shameful and every time he thinks about it his stomach turns. She says Kim is a beautiful young woman, what can be so revolting? He says that is so insulting for her to say that to him. He says he is sorry, he shouldn't have come in there and heads for the door. She stops him and says she is sorry. It is just that she is hurting too and to know he was with another woman is something she will never get over.


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