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By Linda

Amber looks at herself in the mirror. She says, this is it, almost time. She sits down and opens her purse and pulls out the picture of her with Rick and the baby. Darla comes strolling in all happy to tell her that everyone has taken their places and they will be starting soon. Amber asks her to get CJ for her. She really wants to see him and the baby before the wedding. Darla tells her that CJ is getting dressed and not to worry, she will see them soon enough.

Meanwhile everyone is fussing over CJ and how handsome he looks. Sally goes off the get the baby while Clarke tells CJ he better watch out, little Eric is looking fine and may steal the show. CJ thanks Connor for helping him give his son a family. Connor says he just got him custody, it is he and Amber that are giving the baby a family and promises him that once he says I do, no one will be able to come between them again.

Amber says there is only a few moments left. Darla says all she has to do is walk down that isle. The door opens and Stephanie and Eric walk in. Amber asks why they are there. Eric says they want to talk to her. Darla tells them they shouldn't be there. Steph tells Amber that she knows she is only doing this for the sake of the baby but this isn't the way. Eric tells her she is making the biggest mistake of her life. Darla tells Amber not to listen to them. Eric says Rick is working on something. Steph tells her Rick just needs a little time. She says Amber knows how much Rick loves her and how much they love her, she is a part of their family. It isn't too late for Amber to walk right out of there right now. Sally walks in with a big Hello Stephanie, Eric. Clarke asks if no place is sacred from the Forresters. Sally threatens them that if they don't leave, she will call the cops and have them arrested for harassment. Steph tells Amber again she is just trying to stop her from making a mistake. Sally says she doesn't need any advice or any help from Stephanie. Amber chose CJ. Darla tells them to leave her alone. Stephanie begs Amber to wait until she hears from Rick. Sally tells Steph to tell Rick that he better stay away. Eric and Steph leave. Sally asks what that was all about. Amber says she doesn't know. Sally tells her not to worry, Rick won't come around there.

Deacon wants to know what the problem is, he thought Rick came to make a deal? Rick says he did but can't do anything until the papers arrive. Once the papers are signed and Rick gets his son, Deacon will get his money. That is the deal. Deacon says it better happen pretty quickly because his girlfriend is about to get hitched.

Everyone is sitting in the church. Clarke is worried the Forresters will come back. Sally says the ceremony is about to start. CJ walks out carrying the baby as Darla walks down the aisle. Everyone is smiling at her. Once she reaches the altar, all rise ask Amber makes her way down the aisle. Amber turns and sees Stephanie and Eric with pleading looks on their faces. Amber looks sadly at them then walks up the aisle with all smiles. She stands in front of the minister with CJ as he starts their vows.

Rick is getting impatient. Deacon says if he were Rick, he wouldn't stand around complaining about it and would get to the church. The phone rings, it is Jon. It is not going to happen. Rick asks what he means. Jon says the judge won't accept the papers, he has to revise them and that will take time. Rick says he doesn't have time, he needs the papers now. Jon says not until tomorrow. Rick says Amber will be married any second. Jon says he is sorry. Rick says so is he and hangs up on Jon. Deacon tells Rick if you want something done right, do it yourself. He says that Rick 's boy didn't go through, so they will have to stop the wedding on their own. He says Rick will lose any chance of getting custody even if he has a chance of getting Amber back. Rick tells him not to push him, things aren't going down as planned.

Back at the wedding. Stephanie and Eric look on hoping Amber will change her mind as the minister continues the ceremony. Steph asks if Eric brought the phone. He has but he feels it is too late. She says it is not over until it is over and grabs the phone and dials. Rick answers the phone. What? Steph asks where he is? She tells him to get over there now, Amber and CJ are about to exchange vows. He asks if she can stop it? She says Amber won't listen to them, they tried. She says the only way he can stop it is if he gets there in time and tells her about the baby. He says he is on his way and hangs up.

Rick tells Deacon to come with him. Deacon says he isn't going anywhere. Rick says he doesn't want to play any stupid games, they are leaving. Deacon says he isn't going anywhere without his money. Rick says the money comes after he signs the papers. Deacon says that doesn't work for him, he wants a check for the money now and he will guarantee he will stop that wedding. Rick agrees and writes the check. They jump in the car and head out. Deacon looks at the check and questions whether it is legit and wonders if he will have trouble cashing it. He says he never heard of this bank before. Rick says he can cash it once he gets his son back. Rick says right now they have to get to the wedding and stop Amber from marrying the wrong man.

CJ hands the baby to Darla and they begin to exchange vows. CJ finishes his vows and Amber starts hers. CJ breaks in and tells Amber how he looks back on all they went through and he knows in his heart it was all worth it. He never thought he would fall in love again and says she gave him strength when he felt so helpless and made him happy when he thought there was nothing to be happy about. He says she gave him his life back and now he is giving her his for now and the rest of his life. Amber smiles and tears fall. She starts her vows again. She is just about finishes when she glances over at Steph and Eric and finishes all but the "I do." when Rick bursts in and tells them to stop this wedding. Amber gives him and angry glare.

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