The Bold & The Beautiful Thursday 11/9/00



B&B Update Thursday 11/9/00 

By Linda Clark  

Very short show today due to presidential updates. I think I got about the last 10 minutes. If anyone wants to email us with the beginning of the show, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

Deacon and his girl are making out on the sofa when Rick calls. Deacon tells him to hang on and asks his girl to give him a minute. She leaves with a bit of a snippy attitude. Deacon asks Rick if he has to money. Rick says he doesn't yet because his lawyer is still working on he papers. Deacon tells him he better hurry or he will lose Amber to CJ and the kid. Rick says he is not going to lose anything and he was just calling to let Deacon know that he will have the papers by tonight or the first thing in the morning. Deacon asks about his cash. Rick tells him he will get the money as soon as he signs over his parental rights. Deacon says he is not signing anything unless he gets the cash. It is his game and his rules and if he doesn't play by his rules he is not getting the kid, so he better hurry. He hangs up on Rick.

CJ and Amber rehearse for their wedding. CJ tells the baby to close his eyes, this is the racy part. The baby covers his eyes (this was so cute). CJ kisses Amber. Clarke, Darla and Sally are there. All are in happy spirits. CJ asks Sally to take the baby. Amber looks down. CJ asks if she is okay? She is and wants to make sure. CJ assures her that he loves her and that is forever. They share the fact that they are each the best thing for each other. He says a couple of months ago he felt that everything's was stolen from him but then he realized he had her and the baby and wasn't alone. Then he fell in love with her. He never expected that to happen and now here they are about to start a whole new life together and that is a miracle and he is never going to take it for granted. Tomorrow she is going to make him the most grateful man on the face of the earth and every day after that, he is going to make sure she doesn't regret it. They hug as Amber cries.

Jon calls Rick and tells him the papers will not be ready tonight, and he wants to make sure everything is right so once the papers are signed, there is no way Deacon can come back and take the baby or have any parental rights ever again. Rick tells him to do what he has to do but do it quickly. After he hangs up, he picks up the picture of him with Amber and the baby and says he loves her. She and Eric are his family and by this time tomorrow, they will be together.

Amber goes to the church carrying the baby. She says, "Sorry Rick, but I am staying with my son. My future is with CJ now. There is no other way." 

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