The Bold & The Beautiful Wednesday 11/8/00



B&B Update Wednesday 11/8/00  

By Linda Clark    

Rick comes down the stairs talking to himself. He has a ring in his hand and says that this will soon be on Amber's finger. Jonathan has to come through for him. Bridget comes in. Rick tells her that after she left him, Deacon came in. He says the guy is dangerous. She asks if he agreed to sign the baby over? He says yes. There is a knock at the door. It is Jonathan. He can't handle the papers for Rick right now, he is too busy. After Rick points out that Amber and CJ will be married soon so it can't wait, Jon says he will get on to it. Rick says there is one problem, he has to pay the guy $100,000. Jon and Bridget look at him in surprise.

Deacon is thinking over all that has happened. Glad he is getting paid for a kid he would have gladly paid someone to take off his hands. He looks at the picture of Becky and says it is too bad she is gone, she wasn't too bad and profitable too. He starts having flashbacks of Becky and him in his car and him promising her to take her away to Vegas and marry her. They kiss and Deacon tries to undress her. He offers her a drink. She tells him she is not that kind of girl. He sweet talks her, telling her he loves her, and will put a diamond on her finger. He comes to and says Becky was as dumb as a bag of hammers but they made a kid that night and he is going to make him rich.

Stephanie tells Amber that she knows she is only marrying CJ for the baby. Amber denies it. There is a bouquet roses with a card. Amber picks up the card and tells Steph that he is amazing. Steph says that CJ is charming, but there is more to a marriage than that and a marriage is for a lifetime and it is not fair to her since she has feelings for Rick. Amber says it is best for everyone, she is the only mother the baby knows. Steph says she wants her to think about this. She wants her to be happy and do what is best for her even if it does turn out to be CJ. She doesn't want her to get to the altar and take vows she will regret. Amber asks her to leave. She says the baby needs her and tomorrow she will be the baby's mother. Steph is surprised the wedding was moved up to tomorrow. She tells Amber that she loves her like she is her own child. She says that Amber will have to drop all her feelings for Rick otherwise this happy little marriage will be a happy little fantasy. Steph leaves Amber in tears.

Bridget asks him where he will get the money. Rick says dad wants the baby back too and will give him the money. He tells Jon to draw up the papers. Jon says not until he talks with Rick's father. Rick says if Jon won't do it, he will find someone who will. Jon tells him the he may have to. He goes to leave as Stephanie comes in asking what is going on there? After hearing about he PI Rick hired and his finding Deacon, Steph is surprised Jon didn't advise her of this? Rick says he is going forward with it. Steph asks if the guy agreed to it? Rick says yes. Steph asks Jon if it will stand in court? Jon says the judge would give him custody if he had signed papers of him giving up his parental rights.

There was a presidential interruption here, so I lost minutes. Sorry.

Rick called Amber and told her that he heard about CJ pushing up the wedding and begs her to put off the wedding. He is working on some things and will be finished soon and they will have a life together. He has her engagement ring and he loves her and is going to marry her. Amber keeps telling him to stop and asks why he is doing this to her. He says not to give up on them and not to marry CJ tomorrow. Amber says she has to go and hangs up the phone, crying. She looks over at the bouquet of roses with tears streaming down her face.


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