The Bold & The Beautiful Tuesday 11/7/00



B&B Update Tuesday 11/7/00 

by Linda

Deacon and Rick talk about the $10,000 offer. Rick says he will draw up the papers and is to get custody of the baby that Deacon wants nothing to do with. Deacon says Rick doesn't have 10K and he knows it. He will take care of the kid and tells Rick to get out of there. They look over at Amber, CJ and the baby. Rick tells Deacon that he will give him custody. Deacon asks him what is it with him and that kid? Rick tells him that he raised the baby for the first year of his life. Deacon laughs and says this is getting better and better by the minute. Rick tells him it doesn't matter. He has a son he doesn't want and Rick is willing to take him off his hands. Deacon makes snide remarks about Rick and Becky. Rick assures him that he and Becky were never involved and that is beside the point. Deacon says he will give him a negative on that because he doesn't believe Rick has the money. Rick boasts that he is a member of the Forresters. Deacon asks him for proof. Rick shows him his license. Deacon says, well, what do you know, little Rick is a player. He wants to know where Rick lives. He says with his father and step mother's house. Deacon tells him then forget it, if they find out they will check him out and he doesn't need that. Rick says they don't know anything about it and never will. Deacon asks if Rick is just going to write a $10,000 check from his piggy bank? Rick says that is exactly what he is going to do. So what does he say? Deacon looks over and sees Amber looking over. He asks why that slutty looking chick keeps looking over? Rick says she is not a slut. Deacon realizes Rick has feelings for the chick and he can't blame him, she is quite a piece. Rick gets offensive and asks if they have a deal or not. Deacon asks if Rick would like some coffee, he will get it and gets up and walks away. Rick and Amber stare at one another from across the room.

CJ gives the baby clues on how to be the best man. Amber cracks up at CJ's humor. She happens to glance over and see Rick and Deacon still at it. She points out to CJ that she doesn't think he belongs at Forrester but it is sure he is no friend of Rick's. Maybe he is someone from school. She asks CJ if he has ever seen him before? CJ says no, but the Forresters do have a way of rubbing people the wrong way and are good at it. He just wants to talk about their wedding. She says okay but still worries about what is going on with Rick. CJ goes over the menu with Amber who he realizes isn't paying attention. He says maybe they should just serve the guests pizza. She says, yeah, sure. He tells her he thinks he lost her somewhere between the flower arrangements and the music. She says he didn't lose her, she is just a bit tired. He asks if she is excited about the wedding. She says, of course she is. He says if he thought for one-second this isn't what she wanted, he wouldn't be doing all this. She says this is exactly what she wanted or she wouldn't be there. He says they are going to have a wonderful life together, shopping together and planning for the holidays. They mean so much to him. She says he does too. He tells her he loves her and their son and will never let her down.

Sally goes to visit an unreceptive Stephanie. Sally tells her she will leave after she delivers a message. "Do not come to CJ and Amber's wedding." She says it is over between Rick and Amber and Steph should make sure Rick knows it. Steph doesn't feel this wedding should at all happen. She thinks Amber is only marrying CJ because of the baby and has unresolved feelings for Rick. Sally thinks Steph just feels that her son is not good enough for Amber so she will leave and let Steph ride her high horse around and not have to breathe the air of the peons. Steph tells her she should stop CJ from making a mistake. The baby has been through enough, why put him through a divorce. This marriage is doomed. She thinks Amber just wants to be with the baby. Sally says CJ is with the baby and is fine young man who loves Amber and will make her a fine husband. She can't see why Steph can't see that. Steph says she doesn't think there is anything wrong with CJ. Sally thinks it is because CJ doesn't have money. Steph can't understand why Sally always brings up money. She is just worried about the baby. Sally reminds her that the judge has already ruled on what is best for the baby. Steph says if Rick ever got custody of the baby, Sally's head would spin with the 180 that Amber would do. Sally tells her to keep on dreaming and she will make sure Steph gets some photos of the honeymoon. She walks out.

Rick follows Deacon and asks him again if they have a deal. Deacon wonders why and asks if CJ has big bucks too? Rick says no, he isn't. Deacon wonders why there is so much interest in the kid and turns to leave. Rick tells him he isn't going anywhere or the deal is off. Deacon says he is going to see his son. There is more to this than Rick is telling him. Rick tells him to stay away from the baby. Deacon says he is trying his patience and pulls away from Rick who had a hold on his arm.

As Amber and CJ make out the guest list, Deacon comes over and says he couldn't help notice this cute little baby. Amber says thank you. She tells him they saw him over there talking to Rick. Deacon talks to the baby as Rick looks over angrily. Deacon puts out his finger and the baby grabs hold. Deacon points out that he has quite a grip. CJ asks him to please not touch the baby. Amber stops CJ thinking Deacon is a friend of Rick's. Deacon asks if they mind if he holds him for a second. CJ says actually, they do. Deacon says little Eric is quite a charmer. Amber agrees, he is quite a lady's man. Deacon says he looks like his old man too, probably is a chip off the old block. CJ says he sure is and they were having a conversation there if he doesn't mind. Deacon says if he didn't know any better, he would say somebody's getting married there. CJ says yes, they are. Deacon says, a ready made family. CJ asks him who he is? Deacon tells him he has an attitude. CJ says, no, he just doesn't like being intruded upon and that is what Deacon is doing. Deacon says he is sorry then tells CJ good luck, he may need it. He smirks and walks away. CJ says the guy is a jerk. Deacon goes over to Rick and says the boy is quite the kid. Rick says, look, $10,000, what do you say? Deacon says he is worth 10x as much. Rick questions, $100,000? No way. Deacon tells him to suit himself. Rick then gives in to the $100,000 but no dragging on this. Deacon says he gives him the money, he's got a deal. Rick tells him to stay away from the baby until he gives him the money. Deacon says one thing he hates more than babies is spoiled little rich kids. When Rick asks how he can reach him, Deacon says, the bar of course, just ask for daddy. 

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