The Bold & The Beautiful Monday 11/6/00



B&B Update Monday 11/6/00 

By Linda

At the Insomnia, CJ and Amber continue the plans on their wedding. She glances over at Rick. Noticing, CJ asks if Amber knows who that is with him? Amber says it may be someone from Forrester and asks if he is jealous. He says he is not, he is marrying her and he wants little Eric to be his best man. Amber smiles. She says he is only a child. CJ says he can handle. She realizes he is serious. He says the best man is supposed to be your closest friend. He kisses Amber and then Eric and tells him he loves him. She thinks he is a great father. He says that is the way he feels, he loves him and he is his father and the only one he will ever have. Amber notices things are getting tense between Rick and Deacon. CJ says that is Rick's problem. He says he is so happy and excited about their marriage. Amber says that is all she ever wanted after losing her own baby is that little Eric would be safe and have love. CJ assures her Eric will be safe. Rick and Deacon are off in a corner having a quiet argument about the paternity of little Eric. Deacon wants the truth, is little Eric his or not? He says he is sure he is. Rick finally admits he is when Deacon threatens to go over to CJ and Amber. He also tells him it is just biological and he doesn't have any responsibility for the baby. Deacon continues to degrade Becky. Rick tells him to have a little more respect and says Becky was a hell of a woman. Deacon says she meant nothing to him and neither does that little rug rat. Rick says no one is asking him to play Mr. Mom. Deacon wants him to tell him right now what he wants and it better not have a damn thing to do with him taking care of that little bastard. Rick says he will take him off Deacon's hands. Deacon says what is this, you give me a couple of grand to make it disappear. I take care of my own problems. Rick wants to know what he means by that? Deacon tells him he is a pretty bight man, what does it sound like he means? They glare at one another. Deacon tells him he is going to make a strong suggestion to Rick, he better now mention a word of this to anyone. Rick retaliates with telling Deacon to stay away from the baby. Deacon asks him who is going to stop him? Rick? Rick says, yes, he will. He tells him he isn't going to do anything to that little boy. Deacon says he can do what he wants, the kid is his. Rick says he will make him a deal and offers him $10,000 for him to disappear.

Morgan and Ridge come to an agreement that no matter what happens between the two of them, Ridge won't take it out on the baby. He says what happened between them is not the baby's fault. He gets pillows and pads to make her comfortable and she tells him he is really good to her, especially during class. He says he has a bit of experience and recalls when he almost lost Taylor during her delivery of the twins. Morgan says how she knows how much he loves Taylor. He thanks her. They hear a noise outside the room and call out. and are saved by the custodian cleaning up.

Taylor receives a call from Clarke looking for Morgan. Taylor brushes him off when he starts making comments after Taylor says Morgan and Ridge went to lamas class together. Finally Ridge and Morgan come in. Taylor runs over and hugs him telling him that she was so worried about him. They explain about getting locked in the storage closet. Morgan says it was her fault. Ridge says it was a silly situation and not to beat themselves up. Taylor says it is a good thing they weren't in there all night, she never would have forgiven them for that. She then asks if something happened between them that she should know about. Ridge looks at Morgan as she stands and says, yes, something significant happened. Morgan said they talked about how blessed they are and how happy their lives could be if they put the past behind them. She grabs Taylor and Ridges hands and places them on her belly and tells them how much she loves the two of them and wants them in her baby's life and asks them to be Godparents. Ridge is shocked. Taylor says yes and Morgan asks Ridge and he agrees too.

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