The Bold & The Beautiful Friday 11/3/00



B&B Update Friday 11/3/00  

By Linda C.

Rick and Bridget continue their talk at the diner. Rick realizes the picture is gone but figures he won't be needing it because he won't be seeing Deacon again anyway. Bridget says she knows he said he was really rude. Rick says he was not only rude, he was awful to his girlfriend and looked scared. CJ comes in with the baby and Rick spots him. He tells Bridget this won't go on for long.

Ridge and Morgan are still stuck in the closet after lamas class. Ridge thinks Taylor will be along to help them out. Morgan says that could take hours. Ridge tells her not to panic. She says she will need food, she is pregnant and his son has to eat. Ridge tells her not to refer to the baby as his son, he doesn't want Taylor to find out. Morgan thinks Taylor is on to something. She asks him why he was acting all fun out of the lamas floor and now he has changed. She tells him to face it, she is having his baby and she is not going to tell Taylor but she is having a baby and it is a big deal. Ridge asks her what she wants? She tells him he is going to drive himself crazy. He says he doesn't trust her. She asks what is going to happen, the baby will grow up without a father and he will have to see this baby every day. He says he loves his wife and she is the one he wants to talk to. She offers to help. He says there are no answers it is complicated. She says she does understand. She asks if he isn't sure he wants to tell Taylor himself. He says he can't. He doesn't want to ruin his life with Taylor. Morgan tries to tell him that she will do what he wants. She just wants him to promise he won't hold the things she has done against her child. He promises. She thanks him. She sits down and he sits next to her. He says maybe it isn't a bad thing after all that they are there, they got a chance to talk.

Stephanie visits Amber and tries to convince her to put off the wedding, siding Amber is still in love with Rick and if he had custody of the baby, she wouldn't be getting married to CJ. Amber tries to deny her feelings for Rick and say she loves CJ and even if there was no little Eric, she would still be marrying him. Amber thought Steph would be happy for her and asks her to be her matron of honor. Steph says she would if she knew the marriage was for real. Amber says she just wants them all to be friends again. Her wedding could be a fresh start. Steph says she doesn't approve of the marriage. It is a relationship of convenience. She tells Amber that after all the talks they had, she knows her better than her own mother. And she knows Amber has a need of belonging and she still thinks the wedding should be put off. Amber says she can't do that to CJ and she knows what she is doing. Steph tells her that she doesn't. The phone rings and it is CJ calling from the diner. She says she will be right there. Before Steph leaves she tells Amber she has to be honest with CJ and more so, she needs to be honest wi h h tsebe. on> t nthicJ Rd k retto,g hetheeri tetbeHeonast dthgueredlfoo d < talt n=tten Er"c im hsr s".">..p>./nb/_; em> /ionotepn/atmh--sap ifigwi"ch=te00>> /0bs00 Y-- abb v bit=" #meD"am-F emasp"% i%dhey"suta"1sp03 ---11&nitp;"0oui-reagis"4orPR igons=gt" iimese=va" e=EV--W=bblt btr="g&tC;[ntt " uncur]omt;-dtri_g&n/;"co-rt.ete/luag"0IEst"&ts;sn on> tein evi--1/na99ga &onsp>< ontr !-p>snnbig; io c->lstacie>="-- wnathgamsonvi>lpondifa=" ca w ser>rad>r---cemgghrc"1..><./> /.p _tigmestinmetipa/itoho->a. af"gnidce="er0"Ateer> sip> I ="". h..f=././/f/..h..">diA.o.C/.di.../ ./aredS..e ./p x.nbml; Se hchf=a>ai Mant/at |&/.sijoss.hla">/abs| a>t" ./cysitmssPranactm/aBu| ne h Pf=n<./> /.pliv.hy<

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