The Bold & The Beautiful Thursday 11/2/00


B&B Update Thursday 11/2/00 

By Linda Clark 

Rick asks the waitress about Deacon. He shows her the picture of him with Becky. She wants to know what the girl wants him for what? He is her boyfriend. Rick says she doesn't want anything and asks how long she has been seeing him. She says 2 1/2 years and he should tell the girl in the picture to leave Deacon alone. Deacon is very rude and doesn't want to hear anything about his past. He asks Rick how he found him? Rick tells him he doesn't have to be afraid of him. Deacon laughs. Then asks about what Rick talked about to his girlfriend. Rick says he didn't know he had a girlfriend. Now, Deacon wants to know about the picture. Rick tells him to never mind, he didn't want to hear about his past. The girlfriend comes out and asks Deacon about the girl in the picture. Deacon grabs her and tells her to get out of there now. He turns to Rick and tells him he doesn't want to see him around again. Rick tells him he has nothing to worry about, he won't be back. Rick leaves not realizing he dropped the picture on the floor. Deacon picks it up. 

Ridge and Morgan continue with the lamas class. During exercises Ridge tells her she will never use these procedures during labor because she has no tolerance for pain what so ever and will want drugs. She tells him she is up to this and can handle it. While she is on all fours, he rubs her back and then slaps her behind. She screams and jumps. Everyone laughs. The teacher says that is good to laugh, she will need that during labor. Then says she is sorry, she forgot he won't be there. Morgan tells Ridge he could be there if he wants. He says no and would like to get this over with. As Ridge and Morgan put away their mat and pillow, Morgan closes the storage room door to talk privately. When they go to leave, the door is stuck and everyone has left. Morgan has a slight grin as Ridge is disgusted.   

Bridget's conversation with Stephanie reveals that Amber has accepted CJ's proposal. Steph says maybe Amber had not other option. Bridget tells her that Amber had anther option, Rick proposed too. Steph thinks Amber should rethink that option. Bridget says Rick will do whatever it takes to stop the wedding. Stephanie understands Rick wanting to stop the wedding, but she doesn't see how he can. Steph asks her what she meant about Rick not giving up? Bridget throws some double talk at her then says that CJ doesn't know it yet, but he is in for the fight of his life. Steph says CJ is rushing Amber into this marriage and if Rick wants to stop it, he better do it now. Bridget thinks CJ can't be in love with Amber the way he was with Becky. Steph says he has lost so much, his sister, his wife and his best friend and people tend to forget that Rick and CJ were friends. She thinks that because of the losses with Amber and CJ, they are put together by circumstance. She also thinks that when Amber was living there she showed feelings for Rick. Bridget asks if that is why CJ filed for custody. CJ knew that if he took the baby, Amber would go. Steph wonders if Amber would listen if she talked to her. Bridget says she might because Amber really respects her. Steph says she will try.   

Bridget and Rick meet at the diner. He tells Bridget that the guy is a jerk and very aggressive. Bridget asks what he will do know. Rick doesn't know. Bridget says Steph says CJ will rush Amber into marriage now. Rick agrees. Bridget asks if he has another plan. He will think of something. He wants Amber and little Eric back but Deacon is not the answer. He doesn't want that guy anywhere near his family. In the background Deacon walks in and spots Bridget and Rick.

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