The Bold & The Beautiful Wednesday 11/1/00


B&B Update Wednesday 11/1/00  

By Linda Clark  

Amber and Sally look at bridal gowns in a magazine. Sally points out a gown and asks Amber what she thinks? Amber thinks the model looks like a mermaid. Sally has a bright idea. That can be the theme of the whole wedding. They can decorate the cake with seashells and have fish tanks, sea weed and Amber on the top with king Neptune. Amber gets a distasteful look on her face as Sally rambles on. Amber asks her to please tell her she is kidding. Sally grins and says, maybe a little. They laugh. Sally says seriously, Amber is marrying into the Spectra family and they do everything sheik. Amber says she should probably go to a mall. There isn't much time. Sally asks what kind of dress she would pick out if she could design it herself. Amber says something sexy, but not cheap looking at all. Sally says, you mean something like this. Clarke and Darla walk in with a nice sleeveless gown. Amber loves it. Clarke says he designed it especially for her. She goes to try it on as everyone praises Clarke for a job well done. Amber comes out looking beautiful. Darla thinks CJ will die when he sees her in the dress. Amber looks in the mirror and says this makes it all seem so real. Sally says it may not be as good as a Forrester Creations. Clarke says it is better and CJ will be able to look ahead now in his life. Sally welcomes her to the family. Amber tells Darla that the whole Forrester family was against her when she married Rick, maybe if they had a little more support? Well, none of that matters now. Amber decides to change before she gets the dress dirty. Darla asks if she has spoken to Rick lately. Amber says she hasn't. She heads out to get dresses as she hears Darla say there is nothing Rick can do now, they are getting married. 

Rick and Bridget are talking about Amber getting married to CJ. She can't believe it. He knew CJ would pressure Amber as soon as she was out of there. She wonders if it was the other way around. Rick says no, he knows that CJ has custody and Amber loves that baby. Bridget says there is nothing he can do. He tells her there is and she has to keep it quiet. He shows her the picture of Deacon and tells her it is little Eric's real father. She asks how he can help her get the baby back. Rick says he is the only one that can challenge CJ for custody. Bridget agrees, that could work. Rick says as soon as the private investigator finds him, Rick will go talk to him, this has to work. He says he is not going to lose his family. Bridget says it is weird how a year ago he was married to Amber. He says and whining about it. She says now he is off the hook and can move on. Rick says he was jealous back then because all his friends were free to do what they want but he now feels differently. He raised the baby for his first year and he has opened up his heart to that little boy and he can't let that go. He will feel like he is letting his son down if he lets Amber and CJ have him. She asks if he thinks he and Amber could be a real family. He says he didn't see it before, but yes, it could work. She will support him then. The phone rings. It is Jones, he has some information that will make Rick happy. Rick asks if they have a lead. Jones says he has the man, he is right in town and running a bar called the Lair on Sunset Blvd. He thanks him and says he will handle it from there. Bridget tells him to be careful. 

Taylor is playing with Thomas when Ridge comes home. He has come home early. He is going to play golf. Taylor is sick. He asks if she caught Thomas's cold and if she needs anything or wants him to stay home. Morgan comes to the door. She goes to hug Taylor but she tells her she can't with the cold. Morgan asks if she will still be able to go to the birthing classes? Taylor says she can't but Ridge has the day off and asks him if he could go in her place. He says he doesn't want to be a labor coach. She says he isn't going to be the coach, just fill in for her right now. The baby cries and Taylor goes off to take care of him. Morgan says if Ridge doesn't want to do it, she will get Clarke. Taylor comes back and tells him to say yes. He says it is just a class right? They say yes, it is no big deal. He says he will. 

Ridge and Morgan arrive at the classes. Everyone there has a loving partner waiting on them hand and foot. Morgan looks around uncomfortably. One guy asks when Ridge's wife is due? He says she is not his wife. He asks when their baby is due. She says February. She stands up and tells everyone that Ridge would like everyone to know that he is not the father of her baby or her husband and they hardly even know each other, he is a happily married man and has no sexual interest in her at all. She sits down and asks Ridge if that is better? They look at each other and start laughing. .. Rick arrives at the bar and asks the bouncer for the person in charge. He shows him the picture of Deacon. The guy says they all look the same, the picture is blurry. Rick says he was told the guy ran the place. The bouncer tells him to take a seat. He goes off and tells Deacon that there is someone to see him who has a picture of Deacon with some girl, then asks if he want him to rid of him. Deacon says no, he will take care of him.

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