The Bold & The Beautiful Tuesday 10/31/00


B&B Update Tuesday 10/31/00 

by Linda  

The show starts off with Ridge and Taylor enjoying their bubble bath. He feels like the luckiest, blessed man in the entire world. She blows bubbles into his face. They kiss. He asks how long they have been in there. She says about an hour. They put bubbles all over each other. He tells her she is beautiful. She says soon she will be wrinkly and pruny. He says she already is. He loves her and will forever and wants to cherish this moment. The phone rings, Ridge tells her to ignore it. She says it may be important. He says he will get it but she says she will and goes to answer the phone. 

Clarke wants Morgan to admit that she is in love with Ridge. Everything in her life involves him. Clarke says there is not way she could be interested in him because she is so hung up on Ridge. He says that she thinks no one is going to get hurt but once these feelings surface, she is going to want Ridge and not share him with anyone else. This will cause a disaster for everyone including her. Clarke storms out. After he leaves she thinks that he didn't mean what he said, he was just feeling rejected. He is wrong, she says. Ridge and she made a child together, that is not a disaster. She daydreams about her and Ridge coming home with the baby in her arms. She is so happy that he was in the delivery room and has put up a welcome home sign for her. He tells her he just couldn't stay away like he thought he could. She says he is Ridge's son. He says he is so sorry for staying away as long as he had and should have been more supportive, but he let his fear get the best of him but once the nurse put the baby in his arms, all that was gone and he fell in love. Morgan asks if Ridge loves the baby. He says he does and he loves her too for bringing the baby into his life. She has waited so long to hear him say that. He then says he wants the whole world to know. She wonders about his family. He says they will be upset but this little boy is his. He looks at the baby and tells him that he is a Forrester. Morgan thanks him. He says, no, thank you. She comes to with tears in her eyes but all smiles. Later, she thinks about her making dinner for him, their first night back after the baby's birth. She wishes he would come over every night so she could cook for him. He suggests he move in with her and be there every night. She likes that idea. She comes to and thinks that maybe Clarke is right, she can't get over Ridge. She phones Ridge but Taylor answers and she hangs up. She lays down on her bed and holds the picture she found of her with Ridge years ago. She says, good night my sweetheart. 

Rick drives on, talking to himself, thinking that if once he gets a hold of the father, Amber won't have to marry CJ. They will have little Eric all to themselves. He is sure this is going to happen for them. Rick gets home and there is a man on the patio waiting. He hopes he didn't keep him long. The man just arrived. Rick tells him that he knows his father has used him in the past but he still wants to keep this private. All he has is the picture and a first name. The man tells him this is not much to go on. Rick tells him all that Joe and Tillie told them about his behavior and where he may be headed. The man tells him this could take time. Rick says he doesn't have time, his son's welfare depends on it. The man asks if the guy threatened Rick's son? No, Rick says, this guy got this girl pregnant and left her so he and Amber raised the child. The man says that if the guy knew nothing about the baby, he probably won't get involved. Rick says that Becky's husband thinks so. He has custody and Rick wants to hold nothing back. He wants his son back no matter what it takes. The guy says he will get on it. Rick tells him he doesn't care how many people he puts on the case, he just wants his son back. The guy tells him it is best that Rick stay out of it because the guy could be dangerous and he needs time. Rick says he will give him reasonable time. The PI leaves. Rick picks up a picture of him, Amber and the baby. 

There was a few minutes with of live update due to a plane crash so I missed minutes.   

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