The Bold & The Beautiful Monday 10/30/00


B&B Update Monday 10/30/00 

By Linda  

Rick hopes he will be able to adopt Little Eric if he can find his biological father. Rick pleads with Becky's parents again to tell him who the baby's father is. Joe tells him that they already know who the father is, it is CJ and that is the only daddy that baby is ever going to know. Rick says he needs to know the biological father's name. Joe says he wishes he never met him and refuses to tell Rick his name. He realizes Rick is looking out for his grandson's best interest but it is better if Rick makes like that guy never existed. Rick says the father is the baby's history. Tillie thinks Rick is right, what if he gets sick. Who is going to help him. Joe asks her if that piece of dirt would? He says they are his family and they will help him. Rick says they don't want to pry into the guy's life, but it is good if they know something about him. Tillie says they barely spoke to him. Joe says he didn't speak to them, she means. He loved his sports car more than anything. Rick asks if they think he is criminal. Tillie says Joe thought he dressed like a gangster. Rick asked if he got into trouble while there. Joe says, men like Deacon don't get into trouble, they cause it. Rick asks, Deacon? His name is Deacon? Rick wants to know his last name. Joe says no, he promised Becky that his name would never be mentioned in that house and he gave her his word. Tillie says Deacon was a bad man. Joe tells Rick that he doesn't want to get mixed up with this fella. Rick says he doesn't want to get mixed up with him. He just needs to know his name. Joe says Rick's not going to find him if that is what he is thinking. Rick says all he needs is some background and they can get the information they need to know. Tillie asks if they can get his medical information without talking to him? Joe says they aren't even sure if that is his real name. Rick asks if they think he lied about his name. Joe says, Deacon was a con artist and that is what they do. He told Becky he was on his way to Vegas. Becky thought she was going with him. When she went to his hotel room to tell him she was pregnant, after all the things he said to her, she thought she was going with him. Tillie says when she got to his hotel room, he was already gone. Rick asks if they have any idea where he might have gone? Joe says no, and he hopes he drove that care off a bridge. Angrily he says that if anyone deserved to suffer it was that guy and not their little girl. Tillie tries to calm him down. He says he is going out for some air, he has had enough. Rick says he is sorry, he didn't mean to upset him. Tillie says he will be okay. Rick starts right in on if there is anything she might remember. She says she has a picture of him somewhere and goes off to look for it. Rick is now hopeful. Tillie gets the photo and gives it to Rick. She pleads with him not to tell Joe she has it. She says just looking at the picture make her sick to her stomach. Rick says he also brought joy with little Eric. Rick asks if he can keep the picture. She says sure, she doesn't want to see his face again. Rick looks at the picture and says, so this is Deacon, the baby's natural father. This is exactly what he needs. 

Ridge thinks back to Morgan telling him she is pregnant when Taylor comes in with Thomas wanting to tell daddy, nite nite. He promises to spend more time with his family. He tells her that he loves them and wants to show it every way he possibly can. She thinks he does. He says he could do better, spend more time with them. She knows Eric needs him at the office too. He says his family is the most important thing to him and his children mean the world to him. The nanny comes in and takes Thomas to bed. She asks if it is too late for their reservations? He says no, and kisses her. He fills the bathtub with bubble bath. He says maybe he should cancel their plans. She tells him he isn't going anywhere. He tells her that no matter what happens to them in their lives, he is 100% committed to their family. He swears nothing is ever going to change that. They kiss. 

Clarke visits Morgan. She asks him to stay away from the Foresters, especially Ridge. He promises he won't tell anyone that Ridge is the father of her child. He tells her to relax and proceeds to give her a massage. She says it feels good. Clarke starts to kiss her neck and Morgan gets a bit uncomfortable with the idea. She asks what he is doing. He says what he wanted to do from the beginning. He kisses her and she pulls back. She tells him to stop. He is not happy. He gets up and heads for the door. She asks him not to go. He thinks he should. She says she is sorry. He says he is too. She tells him this has nothing to do with him, she just isn't in the mood. He says he knows, and he is sorry for her because she is still hung up on Ridge. She says it has nothing to do with Ridge. He asks her how many guys she has dated since she and Ridge broke up. He points out that she is not a teenager anymore, she is a beautiful and talented woman with a child on the way and a career. She should be satisfied, but she isn't. He says and she can't be because she is still in love with Ridge. She says she is not in love with Ridge. He tells her that these feelings will get worse once she has the baby and sooner or later, they will surface and they will blow Ridge's marriage apart. 

Darla points out to Amber that she seemed a little out of it at the party. Amber says she has a lot on her mind. Darla asks her about her feelings for Rick. She says she is committed to CJ. She tells Darla how Rick stopped by and proposed to her. She didn't know how to react, he was her first love and they had a child together. He is very important to her and so is CJ. Darla asks her if she is having second thoughts? No, as much as she cares for Rick, her life is with CJ and little Eric, they are her family and nothing is going to change that. Darla wants to know if Amber is going to tell CJ about what Rick did. She thinks he should know that Rick is after Amber. Amber doesn't want him to know, she thinks Rick just got a little carried away and isn't thinking clearly. Darla asks if she is worried about Rick. Amber has never seen him like this before, thinking he could win her back if he gets custody of the baby. Darla says that CJ has custody and there is nothing Rick can do about it. Amber says Darla is right but now she has to get Rick to realize that. Amber says she is going to talk to him and get him to realize CJ and she are a family now. Darla says she should stay away from Rick and concentrate on CJ and the baby right now.  

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