The Bold & The Beautiful Thursday 10/26/00


B&B Update Thursday 10/26/00 By Linda Clark 

After a bit of discussion, and CJ convincing Amber that he loves her and the
baby, Amber agrees to marry CJ.

Jonathan tries to get Rick to think a bit longer before jumping into finding
little Eric's real father but Rick is determined that finding him will get
Amber and his son back. Jonathan asks who he thinks could help him in finding
the father. Rick says Becky's parents might know. Rick calls and Becky's dad
answers the phone. Rick says he is going to be in the area and wants to stop
by. Joe says it is fine, they will be there. Rick hangs up and tells Jon he
will be heading out there in the morning. Jon says he doesn't like him going
alone. Rick says he doesn't want to be without his son and that isn't going
to be the case much longer. He picks up a picture of him with Amber and the
baby and says he is not giving up, he will get custody of the baby and they
will raise him together.

Brooke tells Bridget she doesn't want her hanging around with Kimberly.
Bridget tells Brooke that Thorne and Kim are getting closer. Brooke says that
is not what Thorne told her. Bridget asks Brooke how much she knows about the
night Kim and Thorne spent together? Brooke doesn't want to talk about it.
Bridget tells her she should forget about him. Brooke admits that now that
Kim and Thorne slept together, she and Thorne could never have a future.

Thorne again apologizes to Kim for the night they spent together. She says
she realizes he doesn't feel the same as she does about it. He says it was a
mistake. She then tells him there is something she could tell him about that
night that could change everything. He stares at her with anticipation. Then
asks her if she thinks she is pregnant. She says no, but he wants her to go
to a doctor and if she is pregnant, he will do the right thing and stand by
her. He will not let this ruin her life. She is disturbed by what he is
saying and feels bad that he believes they slept together. She tells him she
isn't pregnant but she is happy to know he would have stood by her. He tells
her he wants her to forget about that one crazy night.  He tells her he will
help her forget about that night.   She tries to tell him something but he
keeps interrupting. When he is done, he asks her what it is she wants to tell
him? She says, nothing, it doesn't matter now.

Bridget rushes to Thorne's office and finds Kim sitting there in deep
thought. She asks where Thorne is. Kim says he is at a meeting. She asks if
Kim told Thorne. She says no, she couldn't do it. Bridget tells her she can't
ever tell him. Kim agrees. Bridget thanks her for not telling

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