The Bold & The Beautiful Wednesday 10/25/00


B&B Update Wednesday 10/25/00  

By Linda Clark

Brooke tells Thorne that she cannot believe he would make love with a 19 year
old. He tells her it was not making love, it was sex and he doesn't remember
a thing. He pleads with her to get past this and make a life together. She
can't. She had hoped he would have told her that Kimberly was lying and the
thought of him making love to another woman just rips her soul out. He tries
to stop her but she tells him not to touch her. She leaves a distraught

Bridget begs Kim not to tell Thorne the truth. She has her own selfish
reasons. She doesn't want her mother and Thorne back together and feels Kim
telling Thorne will push Brooke back into his arms. Kim doesn't want to lie
to Thorne. She feels a realationship is no good built on lies. She just needs
a little bit more time with him. Kim wants him to love her but she can't go
on with the lies.

Rick stops by to visit little Eric. He tells her he feels empty without her.
He pleads with Amber to give their relationship a chance, asking her to admit
her feelings toward him. She says this is the way it has to be. He felt they
were making progress. She says he wanted her to leave her baby and stay with
him. He says he never asked her to do that. CJ comes home happy and carrying
flowers until he spots Rick in his living room. He tosses the flowers. He
tells Rick that he and Amber need time to be alone and mature as a family and
doesn't want him interfering and getting the baby confused as to who his
father is. Rick points out that neither of them is the baby's real father. CJ
is taking the responsibilty seriously because Becky wanted him to raise the
baby. Rick is not happy about CJ's attitude. Amber asks them not to argue in
front of the baby. They have a few more words and the baby begins to cry. CJ
tells Rick to go home, he is upsetting his son. After he is gone, CJ pulls
out the ring he had gotten Amber and asks her again to marry him.

Once Rick gets home, he tells Jonathan that he wants him to help him find
little Eric's real father and ask him to let him adopt the baby because he is
sure the real father hasn't given up his rights and this is his chance to get
the baby and Amber back into his life.

Kim goes to Thorne's and sees him sitting at his desk feeling down. She asks
him if he hates her because of the night they slept together?  She tells him
she has something to tell him. He apologizes for taking her virginity. She
says he didn't force himself on her. He says what is worse, he doesn't
remember a thing. She again says she has to talk to him. She has to tell him
what happened that night.

Bridget finds a crying Brooke in her office and talks to her about Kim and
Thorne and the night they slept together. Brooke tells her to stay away from
Kim. She feels Kim brought Thorne down and is afraid she will bring Bridget
down too.

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