The Bold & The Beautiful Tuesday 10/24/00


B&B Update Tuesday 10/24/00 

by Linda

Kimberly continues to make Brooke think she made love to Thorne. Brooke doesn't believe her. When Kim tells her to ask Thorne herself, Brooke heads to his office to question him. He tries to avoid the question and she tells him she wants to know the truth. She reminds him about the call he made to her saying he made a big mistake. He admits he doesn't remember the night because he was drunk but he did wake up to find Kimberly wearing his shirt. It was a big mistake and all that matters to him is Brooke. He asks her to forgive him and asks her to tell him they will get past this. He pleads with her to tell him that. She stares at him in tears.

Sally, CJ, Clarke and Conner celebrate after getting custody of little Eric for CJ and Amber. They put down the Forresters big time as Amber looks on sadly and finally tells them to stop. She doesn't like the fact that Stephanie and her family are in so much pain. She feels that good people don't thrive on other's pain. They agree to stop the partying and leave CJ and Amber to have a few minutes alone to talk. They discuss the fact that the Forresters do love the baby and only want what is best for the baby. CJ says that is not what Rick wanted, he wanted her for himself. They come to an understanding, he will back off the bad comments about the Forresters and CJ tells her that he loves her. They kiss. CJ tells her he is going to look for an apartment for them and they will make this work.

Rick sits sadly looking at the wedding picture of him with Amber. Eric comes in and tells him he just found out the bad news. Rick cries on his shoulder and Eric holds him.


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