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B&B Update Monday 10/23/00 

By Linda

John reads the court order stating that CJ has temporary custody of the baby.
CJ tells Conner that he wants him to work on the name change now. Steph says
they want their day in court. Conner tells her she will lose, the tape of
Becky proves his mother wanted CJ and Amber to raise the baby. Rick tells him
that there was a time she wanted him to raise the baby with Amber. Stephanie
is afraid of the conditions CJ and Amber were living in but Conner assures
her that they are all moving in with Sally where the conditions are good.
Steph asks John if there is anything they can do? Sally jumps in telling her
to accept the truth, Stephanie has lost. Steph asks Sally if that is all she
thinks of this, as a contest? She is worried about the welfare of the child.
John tells Stephanie that it is a valid ruling. CJ thanks John for clarifying
that and heads of to get his son.

Thorne enters his office and thinks back to talking to Brooke when she
wouldn't let him talk and hung up on him after telling him it is over. He
sits at his desk as Kim comes to the doorway and watches him. He sees her and
tells her it isn't a good time but she insists on talking to him. He finally
agrees to talk. He asks how she is feeling. She says she is fine. He says he
means about the other night. She says she knows what he meant and is fine.
She tells him that she realizes that he doesn't remember much of the other
night. He says it was her first time, oh God. She acknowledges that he is
really worried about her. He says he is sure she wanted it to be special. She
says it was and she never felt closer to anyone and she has something to tell
him that will make him feel better about the situation. A delivery man comes
to the door and interrupts. He apologizes and heads out but Thorne stops him
and says that Kimberly was just leaving. He tells her they can finish this
later and she leaves. She stops by his window and looks in with a big smile.

Conner leaves. John tells Rick that according to the paperwork, Rick has no
connection to the baby and he wishes there is something he can do, but the
judge has already made his decision. Sally tells Amber to go pack her things.
Rick tells her to wait, don't go. She says she has to. John tells her they
can make her stay because it is a part of her probation. Amber looks at
Stephanie and says, she can, but she won't. Amber says to Stephanie that she
has to take care of the baby. Steph says she knows, he is going to need her
more than ever. Amber asks if she is letting her go? Steph says yes. Amber
thanks her and tells her not to worry. Steph says she is worried and
frightened for that little boy. CJ comes over with the baby and asks him if
he is ready to go home with mommy and daddy and grandma? Sally asks Amber if
she is ready? Amber tells her to wait and gets the baby from CJ and brings
him over to Stephanie for a kiss good bye. Steph tells him she is going to
miss him. Amber says he will miss her too. Rick leaves. CJ asks if she is
ready to go. She asks where Rick is? CJ doesn't know. Steph tells Amber to
take care of the baby and herself. Sally thanks Steph for the tea and a very
interesting afternoon. Sally goes to leave but Steph stops her and says they
aren't finished.

Brooke holds a copy of The Inquisitor Magazine with the picture of Thorne and
Kimberly's kiss. She slams it down on the table. Kim comes to the door and
says she got a message that Brooke wanted to see her. Brooke says she does
and tells her there are a few things they need to get straight.

Amber has everything and is ready to leave the guest house when Rick comes
in. He says he couldn't say good bye at the main house. He doesn't want to
say it at all. She says she can't stay. He knows, the baby needs her, even
more than he does. She tells him he doesn't. Rick says that is CJ talking and
she can't let her leave until they talk about that. Amber says it is too late
for them. He doesn't think she really believes that. He begs her to listen to
him, this is his last chance. She says they aren't leaving the country. He
says they may as well be. Amber assure him that he will see the baby. Rick
says CJ will try to keep the baby away from him. Amber says it is over. Rick
says CJ is afraid of losing her and that is why he is doing this although, he
can't blame CJ because he feels the same way.

John doesn't want to leave Sally and Steph alone but Steph says he will be
all right. John leaves and Steph goes to CJ and Sally and thanks them for
waiting. CJ gets cocky and replies, wow, what respect, you must want
something. Steph tells him that they love that baby, he has been a part of
their family since the day he was born. CJ tells her that he has a new family
now and she should know that because she just spent the last month trying to
break it up. She says she only did what she did to protect the baby. CJ says
from him, his father. He says but that is okay because now he is going to
protect little Eric from her. He is going to protect him from people who
bully and manipulate people. He tells her that is all she can teach him
because that is all she knows and he is thankful he got him away from them in
time. Steph turns to Sally and asks he not to let CJ do this. Sally asks her
what she wants her to say, Steph brought this all on herself. She leaves
right behind CJ.

Brooke tells Kim that she just spoke to Taylor and that she feels Kim thinks
she might have a chance with Thorne. Kim picks up the magazine and says
apparently, so do a lot of other people. Brooke says that he isn't interested
in Kim. Brooke says that Thorne looks at Kimberly as though she were a child
and she has got to let go now. Kim says she thought Brooke and Thorne broke
up. Brooke says they did. Kim tells her that it is not Brooke's decision who
Thorne sees. Brooke says Kim's dilution has already ruined her and Thorne's
lives. Kim says the first night was hard for Thorne but she was there helping
him through it. Brooke has tears in her eyes and thinks back to Thorne's
conversation on the phone and says, no, Thorne would never touch Kim. Kim
tells her that if she doesn't believe her, ask Thorne.

Rick asks Amber what they will do now. Amber looks confused. Rick tells her
that she will now be stuck with CJ. Amber says she won't be stuck. He says
the only reason she is leaving is because CJ got custody. Amber says that is
not the only reason. She is in love with CJ. He asks if it is the same as she
was with him? She say she can't compare the two. He says she needs to figure
out what is real before CJ railroads her. She says the only ones who have
railroaded her is him and his family by making her move in there. He says he
has no regrets because they all became closer and CJ would have kept the baby
away from him and now he will probably do that anyway. Amber assures him that
won't happen. Rick doesn't believe it. She says she will talk to him. Rick
says that won't do any good because CJ doesn't care about little Eric. Amber
tells him not to talk like that. Rick asks why. Amber says CJ is little
Eric's father now. Rick is devastated and breaks down in tears. Amber says
she is sorry, she knows how he feels, but he is going to have to accept it
for little Eric's sake. Rick tells the baby it is time to say good-bye and he
will miss him so much. He takes the baby from Amber and tells him that they
will see each other soon. CJ comes to the door and asks Amber if she is
ready. She takes the baby from Rick and says, bye. On the way out CJ looks
back at Rick and tells him he will see him around. Rick is left there with
tears streaming down his face.

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