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B&B Update Friday 10/20/00  

By Linda C.

Sally and CJ try taking the baby out of the house. Steph tells them they have
no legal right. CJ says he has the tape that proves Becky wanted him and
Amber to raise the baby. Steph asks if they have any legal document that
states that as a fact. CJ says no, but it is on its way. Conner Davis is
taking care of everything. Rick tells them that all they have is a lawyer's
opinion and the think they can take the baby away from them? CJ tells him
there is nothing he can do. Steph says that maybe Conner thinks a teenager
with an arrest record is legally responsible but they will see about that.
Sally tells her that was a low blow even coming from Steph. Stephanie asks
them to leave and leave the baby there, he has been through enough turmoil.

Amber tells Darla that she should have never listened to Sally and should
have gone over there. She says that everyone wants what is best for the baby
and Rick thinks as himself as the baby's father because he let him think so
for so long. Darla asks why she is so calm through all this, does she realize
that if she moves out with CJ, she will be under violation of probation?
Amber doesn't think the Forresters will hold her to that. Darla disagrees and
asks if Amber is sure about that? Amber doesn't look so sure now.

Taylor goes to visit Ridge who is out of his office. Clarke sees her as he
walks by and knocks on the door and asks if he can come in. She asks what he
wants. He says he and Ridge had a spat earlier and he is not quite sure what
it was about. He tells her that they were talking about Morgan and the baby
and at one point, it seemed like Ridge was going to take a swing at him. He
can't understand why Ridge wouldn't want Morgan's baby to have a father
figure. He smirks.

Morgan denies telling Clarke about the paternity. Ridge says how Clarke kept
throwing it in his face about the baby and him taking over Spectra someday.
Ridge tells her that no one was supposed to know he is the father of the
baby. She assures him that no one else does except Stephanie. He says he
knows Clarke knows something. She says it was probably the way Ridge was
acting that made Clarke wonder. Ridge asks why she is hanging with Clarke
since everywhere Clarke goes trouble follows. He tells Morgan to keep
Garrison away from his son. He then storms out. Morgan looks at her belly
surprised and says, he called you his son.

Amber tells Darla that she is sure Rick cares about her no matter what anyone
else thinks. Darla says, so does CJ and this means the Forresters can use her
as a bargaining chip. Amber says, but they won't. She thinks the Forresters
are good people and she loves all of them. Darla asks, including Rick? Amber
says she knows what she means. After thinking of how Becky brought the two
families together, she decides to leave and go to the Forrester's.

CJ says, now look who is bluffing. He says he has legal authority. Steph asks
if this means he is taking the baby away from Amber? CJ says no. Sally says
she is coming with him. Steph says, no she is not going anywhere. The court
order says she has to stay there and Steph is not letting her go. Sally tells
Steph that a little while ago, she had promised not to separate Amber and the
baby and guesses the Forrester's word is not good. Rick says Amber is happy
there and asks CJ if he asked Amber how she feels. CJ says he did and she is
behind him 100%. Rick doesn't believe it. She loves his family. CJ says she
love him. Rick asks why she turned down his marriage proposal? CJ says it has
nothing to do with her feelings toward him. Rick says no, because it has to
do with the feelings for him. CJ thinks Rick lost his mind thinking that
after they forced her to live there with them that she would love him. Steph
says it doesn't matter, Amber is to stay there and as an extension, the baby
it too. CJ tells Steph that his case is rock solid. Steph says it is just a
case and until he shows proof, he is not leaving with the baby. Sally says
that she thought they could work things out like mature adults but sees it is
impossible and grabs her cell phone and says she will do it Stephanie's way.
Sally calls Conner and tells him what is going on. Meanwhile, Stephanie goes
to another phone and calls her lawyer, John, for help. Both lawyers are on
their way.

Morgan is still wallowing in the fact that Ridge said, son. She says Ridge is
falling in love with the baby. She phones Clarke and leaves a message that
she needs to talk to him.

Taylor finally finds Ridge. He looks stressed. She tells him about her
conversation with Clarke. He says Clarke pushes his buttons. She asks why
Morgan's baby pushes his buttons. She says she didn't say anything to Clarke
but she thinks she knows what this is all about. She thinks Ridge feels
responsible for the baby. He admits, sometimes. She says the baby would
probably never exist if it weren't for them, but there is a limit to how much
they should get involved. She also believes that Morgan will see right
through Clarke, it won't take long.

Clarke enters Morgan's office. She tells him to close the door and blasts him
for confronting Ridge. She asks how he could put her in this position? He
thought it was great how Ridge lost it. He says he is sorry. She flips out on
him and breaks something on her desk. She tells him that what took place
today better never happen again. He baby's life is at stake. Clarke thinks
she is going overboard. She says that he is threatening the future of her
baby. He asks what she means. She says if Ridge finds out the truth, he won't
be there for her or the baby. Clarke points out that Ridge isn't there for
her now. She says he is getting closer and closer, he called the baby his son
today and seemed very protective. Clarke says, you say he is getting very
attached? She says, yes, without him probably noticing it and Clarke nearly
ruined it. He agrees to be more careful. She says he better be because she
wants her child to have some kind of relationship with his father and nothing
is going to get in the way.

Rick wonders what is taking John so long. Steph tells him to hang on. She
thinks Rick should put the baby down for a nap but CJ tells her that he is
not taking his son anywhere. Sally tells CJ to let him go take a nap. CJ
kisses his forehead and tells him that after his nap, daddy will take him
home. CJ says to Sally that he is the father, Becky wanted him to have little
Eric. Rick jumps in that he is sick of hearing that because he, himself, was
Becky's first choice. She wanted him and Amber to raise the baby. CJ says,
but you weren't interested. Rick says he didn't know how he felt. CJ says
that Rick knew exactly how he felt, he wanted nothing to do with Amber. Rick
says he was angry at the time and thinks this has nothing to do with him, he
thinks this has to do with Macy. CJ says, what? Rick says that they blame his
family for the death of Macy and are just trying to get back at them and that
CJ is sick and needs help. CJ attacks Rick as Amber screams for them to stop.
She reminds them that they used to be best friends. CJ says that was a long
time ago. Amber says but they are the men that little Eric loves the most and
they can't do this to each other and they can't do this to the baby. Rick
says he doesn't want to fight. CJ says, no, he just wants him to roll over
and play dead. Rick says none of this would have happened. CJ says, what, if
he didn't stick up for himself? Rick says that CJ is always thinking about
himself. CJ comes back with, oh, no, I don't love Amber or the baby, he is
just using them to get back at Rick? CJ asks Amber if she believes that. She
says no. CJ tells Rick, strike two, buddy. CJ says, strike one was moving
them in there to try to break he and Amber apart. Conner comes to the door.
CJ says, and strike three just walked in through the door. Sally asks Conner
to explain the Stephanie and Rick what is going on. Conner presents the
papers to CJ saying that he has temporary custody of his step son. CJ smirks
and asks Rick what he is going to do now? Rick says it isn't fair, they
didn't get to tell their side of the story. Steph steps up, temporary? Conner
says there is another hearing scheduled but it is mostly a formality. Rick
wants to see the papers. CJ gladly hands them over. John walks in. Rick hands
him the papers and asks if they can really take little Eric away? Amber is
near tears.

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