The Bold & The Beautiful Wednesday 10/18/00


B&B Update Wednesday 10/18/00  

By Linda Clark

A lot of flashbacks today.

CJ rummages through boxes to find the marriage license. CJ questions Amber to
the whereabouts thinking maybe the Forresters may have taken it. Amber
assures him they wouldn't have done that. Conner tells CJ that he has to find
it so he can file for custody this afternoon. He doesn't want to give the
Forresters a chance to retaliate. CJ agrees, he wants his son back now. Amber
picks up a picture of her with CJ and the baby.

Meanwhile, Rick picks up a picture of him with Amber, him and the baby. He
wonders why she can't see the she doesn't belong with CJ but there with him.
He made her happy once and knows they can have that again. He reflects on
their wedding day and time spent in Venice.

Ridge is drawing up some sketches. He thinks about the fact that Morgan is
having a boy and reflects back to the ultra sound when he and Morgan found

Meanwhile Morgan is thinking about the same time as Clarke comes to visit. He
wants to make sure she is okay after the accident. He asks about the baby.
Morgan assures him the baby is okay. He kisses her hand and they hug. Clarke
hands her a gift for the baby. It is a silver rattle. She says it is perfect
and says "he" is going to love it. Clarke questions, a boy? She tells him
that she found out in the hospital. He is happy for her and tells her he
doesn't want her doing anything. He says he is going to be a big part of
their lives. She says she likes that. He says he just thought of something,
he is going to be the father to Ridge Forrester's son, he is going to hate
that. Morgan's smile drops.

Rick places the picture back as Stephanie comes in with the baby. She tried
to get the baby for a nap but he didn't want to go. Rick says he is getting
big for naps, 1 1/2 already. Steph says how they grow so fast. Rick says too
fast and starts in about CJ saying he is little Eric's father. There was a
time when Becky wanted the baby there with Amber and him and if their
relationship was as good as it is now, Becky would have left him to Rick and
Amber. Stephanie doesn't doubt that, Becky was very fond of Rick. He says she
was fond of the whole family. Rick wishes it could go on forever, Amber and
the baby being there. Steph tells him if he really wants it he should not
give up. It may take some time who knows how it may work out.

CJ continues to search for the marriage license. He checks one more box.
Amber is moping around and Sally notices it and asks her if something is
wrong. Amber feels that they may still make her stay there. CJ says that it
is the baby they want, not her. CJ finds the license. Conner asks if Becky's
signature is on it? Yes, it is, CJ says. Conner says he just has to prove to
the judge that they were legally married and the video tape will help so that
the Forrester's can't dispute the fact that Becky wanted him to have the
child. Amber looks very upset.

Morgan asks Clarke if he thinks this is funny? He says he does. She doesn't.
He says Ridge has raked him over the coals for a long time. Morgan doesn't
agree with Clark's bad mouthing Ridge.  Clarke says how the Forresters always
talk about family but when things are down, they won't be there. Ridge won't
be there when junior is born or takes his first step, but he will be. He says
when he thinks of all the insults and humiliation Ridge has thrown at him, he
can't wait to throw it in Ridge's face. Morgan tells him that he is not going
to say a word to anyone. The phone rings and she tells him she has to get
that. He says he will see her later. She turns to him and tells him she means
it, stay away from Ridge, leave him alone.

CJ puts in the tape for Conner. They play the tape with Becky telling CJ and
Amber she wants the baby raised by them. After the tape finishes, Amber
breaks down and cries as CJ holds her.

Clarke goes right to Ridge's office to throw it in his face about the baby.
Saying a thing like this can ruin Ridge's reputation. He says that if
anything happens to Morgan again, Ridge should call him. Ridge asks why he
would think of calling him? Clarke says he is her friend and has been there
for her now and will be after the baby is born. After all he is going to need
a father figure and he can't imagine a better one than himself. He snickers
at Ridge.

All in tears, Amber says she still can't believe Becky is gone. They all
agree that Becky was a special young woman. Sally says it is clear that she
also wanted Amber and CJ together. Conner says there is no disputing her
intentions, the tape says it all. CJ asks if he thinks this will help his
case. Conner says it is his case and he will show it to the judge now. He
tells CJ and Amber to go back to the Forresters. CJ says, this is really
going to happen? Conner says there are no guarantees, but it looks good, real
good. CJ thanks him. He asks CJ if he is sure he is ready for the
responsibility? He says he is, this is what Becky wanted and he won't let her
down. CJ thanks Sally for everything. Sally says she is happy for both him
and Amber. Amber is still sulking. CJ hugs her and tells her that all is
going to work out and they will be a family again, just her, him and little
Eric and there is nothing the Forresters can do about it.

Rick tells the baby that wherever Amber is, she is thinking about them, he
knows she is. Meanwhile, Amber is sitting, chin in hand and thinking.

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