The Bold & The Beautiful Tuesday 10/17/00


B&B Update Tuesday 10/17/00 

by Linda

CJ tells Amber that it is rough on him with her being in the main house with
the baby and him in the guest house. She tells him how much she cares about
him and they kiss. They are interrupted by Helen.

Rick professes his love for Amber to Stephanie. She tells him to tell Amber
how he feels. When Amber comes to get little Eric, Rick tries to convince her
that he truly loves her and that is not just because of their situation.

CJ gets good news from Conner and Sally. If he has the marriage certificate
from his marriage to Becky, he can get custody. CJ tells Conner that he also
has the video tape with Becky's stating she wants him to raise the baby.
Conner says that will do because there is no will. CJ is estatic. Sally
points out to him that raising a baby is a big responsibility. CJ says he is
ready for it. Sally gives a look of uncertainty.
She tells him not to get carried away, it is not over yet. The Forresters
will not just let him walk in and take the baby. Conner tells him that the
Forresters can make Amber stay there and wonders how CJ feels about that? He
thinks a minute and then says there is no way they will have a hold on them
then. The baby is the only reason they are doing this and once he gets him
out of the equation, it is over, the Forresters won't be able to control them
anymore. Conner says they never could and he sees no reason why CJ couldn't
take little Eric home today. CJ says, he is mine, I am going to get my son
back. CJ thanks Conner.

Rick aks her if his feelings scare her that much? Amber says it isn't right.
Rick wonders if it is because of CJ. Amber says no, they have a long history
and they had good times, but most of them weren't. He says he was angry and
tried to lash out. She says he can't deny it happened. Steph says that is not
what he is saying. Amber asks Stephanie if she doesn't have a problem with
this, she turned her whole family upside down? Steph says she is right, she
made some very big mistakes but what is done can't be undone and she feels
Amber redeemed herself. Amber questions why she brought her there if she felt
that way? Steph says family helps family. Amber feels they don't have to
watch over her. She tells Amber that they helped Becky and Amber helped Rick
when she donated a kidney to him and she saved Steph's life. Amber says that
was a long time ago. Steph asks her if she doesn't feel there will always be
a connection between them? Amber says it just isn't her place, she is just a
visitor there. This isn't her life anymore and to tell them the truth, it
never was. She is not the country club type and not the woman Rick wants.
Steph says all they want is Rick to be happy. All they ever wanted was for
Rick to find someone whi is real. She doesn't have to be a socailite. Steph
tells her it is what is inside that counts. Steph tells her she is like
royalty to her. Rick chimes in, me too. Rick tells her that this could be her
and little Eric's home again and wants her to think about them living there
together. The phone rings. Steph gets it. It is for Amber, CJ. Steph and Rick
leave and give her privacy. CJ asks if she is alone? She says yes and he
tells her he think Conner found a way out of this mess. He is legal guardian
of little Eric and he wants her to pack because he is coming over and no one
is going to stop them. Amber hangs up but looks sad and unsure.

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