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B&B Update Monday 10/16/00 

By Linda

The show starts with Thorne waking up and realizing he doesn't remember last
night. He thinks it was a dream that he was kissing Kimberly. He hears a
noise and calls out, who's there? Kim comes in and says good morning to
Thorne and he has the most shocked look on his face.

Clarke can't believe CJ asked Amber to marry him. Sally reminds him that
Amber said no, she doesn't think this is the right time to get married. He
wants to know what CJ was thinking? Sally says, he wasn't thinking. She says
that if the Forresters don't let up on CJ, there is no telling what he will

Over at the Forresters, Rick hopes CJ doesn't show up for breakfast. He can't
believe the stunt CJ pulled asking Amber to marry him. Eric thinks the timing
is a bit suspect. Eric says no matter what CJ does, Amber has to live there.
Rick says somebody better tell CJ that. Steph asks if CJ's proposal upset
Amber. Eric asks if it upset Rick? He says, well CJ is not going to take his
son away. Eric asks what about Amber? Rick feels they have both matured a
lot. They still have that connection, at least they would without CJ. Amber
comes in and says good morning. Rick is all smiles until he sees CJ come in
behind her carrying the baby.
Taylor is trying to comfort Brooke. Brooke breaks down and cries. Ridge tells
her she did the right thing. She asks why it feels so bad, then? Brooke tells
them that she loves Thorne so much and had to leave him with nothing. She
goes to call him but Taylor stops her. She holds Brooke as Ridge looks on.
They remind Brooke that she is doing this for her kids and it is not a good
idea to call him right now. Ridge tells her that she made the right choice
and should stick to it. He tells her that she showed everyone how much she
loves her kids. She says that she hurt Thorne more than anybody. Ridge feels
Thorne will get over it. Brooke wonders what will happen if he doesn't?
Kim brings Thorne breakfast. He tells her she didn't have to. She says she
knows but thought him might like it after the night he had. She tells him not
to worry, she isn't going to give him a lecture. She is just happy he is
feeling better. He asks about last night? She says she knows, she didn't
expect that to happen either. She says that wasn't the reason she came over.
She saw that he was upset and lonely. She reaches out and touches his hand.
She promises him that things are going to be different now for both of them.
He says he doesn't know how to say this. She tells him he doesn't have to say
anything, she feels so close to him right now after everything they went
through. Sleeping with him. He says he is sorry. He gets off the bed. She
says she's not. He turns and looks at her. She says it was beautiful, he was
wonderful. She says she is going home to get ready for work. She kisses him
on the cheek and tells him she will talk to him later. He is shaken.

Stephanie asks Amber and CJ how they are this morning. CJ tells the baby he
will make him some breakfast and refers to himself as daddy. Rick gives him a
dirty look. CJ sits next to the baby and affectionately plays with his hair.
Amber tells Stephanie that she is considering the swimming lessons. They joke
with Amber that she can't swim, she likes to float around on the chaise
lounge all day. CJ sarcastically asks himself if he can swim? He says he is a
good swimmer and may go out for the Country Club swim team. Amber looks over
at him as her smile drops. Rick looks disgusted at him also. CJ says he may
even take up water polo he feels so at home in Beverly Hills. Eric cuts in
that he will call to see if he can get little Eric into the next class. CJ
says nice, real nice. Amber tells him to stop it. He says why? He was polite,
said good morning, but what does he get from them? Nothing. Stephanie asks
him to try to make a positive contribution. He says like what, he is leaving?
Because he is sure that is what they want to hear. He says they think if they
ignore him, he will go away. Eric tells him he isn't that easy to ignore. He
is tired of being treated like the unwanted houseguest. He says they do
everything possible to make Amber and the baby comfortable, but they don't
even acknowledge his presence. He is sick of it and won't allow them to treat
him like that anymore. He walks out and the rest of them all look at one
another.Clarke thinks CJ is tough. Sally thinks he is desperate. Sally thinks
it is all spinning out of control and they need to sit down with CJ and
Conner and see what they can do. Sally says that Amber has to go by the court
order, but CJ doesn't have to be held hostage. Clarke says he is there at his
own choice. Sally points out that the Forresters are not related to the baby
and Becky's dying wish was for CJ to raise that baby and no one is going to
pull them apart.
Kim is all excited. Bridget walks in and asks if something happened last
night? Kim tells her they slept together. Bridget is in shock and asks her if
they had sex. Kim says no, they just slept together, Thorne was too drunk.
Kim then realizes that Thorne doesn't remember last night and the way he was
acting, he thinks they made love.

Brooke picks up her purse, ready to leave Taylor and Ridge, when her phone
rings. It is Thorne. He begs her not to hang up. He needs to talk to her. He
tells her he got drunk last night. He says he knows about the kids and all
but he has to see her. She tells him not to call anymore, it is over and she
hangs up on him. She cries and Taylor comforts her. Brooke repeatedly says
she loves Thorne. Ridge looks at her sadly.

Stephanie approaches CJ and says she is sorry, they have been unkind to him.
She thinks the position she put him in is unhealthy. He blames her. She gets
into his proposal to Amber. He tells her it doesn't concern her. She says it
does. To her, it is a desperate act. He says he asked Amber to marry him
because he loves her. She says his love for Amber is not the issue there. It
is his behavior and state of mind that is. She knows he is going through a
hard time but as long as Amber and the baby are living under her roof, she is
responsible for their well being. She can't allow him to cause them any more
stress than he already has. She says here is the deal, no more talk about
marriage and no more talk about them leaving with him. If he wants to go, he
can but Amber and the baby stay. She gives him a bit of advice. Amber turned
down his marriage proposal and if he doesn't change, he shouldn't be
surprised if Amber doesn't ask him to leave. She walks out and he snickers.
He then calls his mother and tells her that she has to help him. He wants her
to do whatever she has to but he wants Amber and the baby out of the house.
Sally promises she will talk to him today. He hangs up and sees a picture of
Rick, Amber and the baby. He says to himself, "I can't take this anymore. If
Conner doesn't do something, I will."

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