The Bold & The Beautiful Friday 10/13/00


B&B Update Friday 10/13/00  

By Linda C.

Brooke cries as she clutches a picture of Thorne and her. She wonders what
she has done to them. The phone rings, it is Taylor. She tells Taylor all
about what happened. Taylor tells her to remember she did this for her
children. Brooke tells her that Thorne is hurt, maybe she should go over
there. Taylor advises her not to go, they are both very vulnerable,
especially Thorne.

Kim finds Thorne drunk, crying and lying on the patio outside his house.

Amber and CJ enter the Insomnia for dinner. CJ has his table all picked out
and decorated for a beautiful evening. Amber is impressed with the treatment
CJ receives. He tells her that all this will be hers too someday.  He wants
her to marry him some day. Rick and Bridget come in and Rick spots them
already. Bridget accuses him of dragging her down there because he has plans
and wants her to help him. She demands to know what is going on. He has a
plan. She says Amber did too when she tricked him into marrying her. He tells
her to change her attitude because some day, Amber is going to marry him.
Rick thinks CJ is trying to impress Amber and she wonít fall for it. Bridget
thinks that is why she went after Rick, for what he has. They get into the
conversation about Thorne and Brooke. Rick tells her he doesnít want her
hanging around with Kim. Bridget likes her. Rick tells her to go home from
there, but she wants to go back to Kimís to see what happened. Rick assures
her nothing will happen between Thorne and Kim and tells her to stop thinking
that way. He thinks it is gross. Rick glances over and Amber and CJ with pure
jealousy in his eyes. He canít see what she sees in CJ. Bridget canít see
what CJ sees in her. Rick defends Amber. Bridget thinks she was out for his
money. He says then, why is she over there. Bridget points out that CJ is not
exactly hurting for money and Amber seems pretty stuck on him. Rick says that
is what brings them there. She wants to know what he wants her to do? He
wants her to go out and set CJís alarm off in his car. She reluctantly goes.

Amber thinks her dish makes the Cafe Rouse look bad. CJ says they have
nothing on him. She tells him to be nice, that is her paycheck. He says he
will have to hire her there. They get up to dance when CJ is told his alarm
is going off. Amber sees this as an opportunity to go to the ladies room.
Rick follows. He stands outside a minute. He then enters while Amber is
standing in the mirror putting on her lipstick. Amber accuses him of setting
off the alarm to make CJ leave. Someone knocks on the door. She says she will
be a minute. Amber asks him what he wants. He says to do something he has
wanted to do all day. He kisses her. She pulls away and asks if he is
finished? He says no and kisses her again. He says they have to stop meeting
like that and walks out letting the woman waiting come in.

Kim helps Thorne inside. He wants her to go but she wonít leave him that way.
She takes his hand and caresses her face with it. Thorne, in his drunken
stupor, thinks it is Brooke and begins kissing her neck. He then caresses her
face and kisses her passionately on the lips. Kim puts on some soft music,
takes the bottle out of Thorneís hands that he picked up to drink and tells
him he doesnít need that. She takes him by the hand and he gets to his feet
and they dance. He is in and out of it. Sometimes seeing Kim and other times
seeing Brooke. Kim is enjoying every minute of the make out scene, not
realizing he sees her as Brooke. She tells him to go into the bedroom. She
leads him in and blows out a candle next to a picture of Brooke which she
lays flat on its face. She smiles brightly and head into Thorneís bedroom.

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