The Bold & The Beautiful Thursday 10/12/00


B&B Update Thursday 10/12/00 

By Linda 

The show starts with Brooke thinking back on her last conversation with
Thorne in her bedroom. She holds a picture of the two of them as she cries.

Kim looks over to see if Thorne is home yet. He isnít. She and Bridget wonder
if he is at Brookeís. All of a sudden, they see a light come on at Thorneís
and Kim announces that he is home. Bridget asks what he is doing. Kim says he
is drinking. Bridget suggests she go home.

Thorne reaches for a bottle of booze to drown his sorrows. Swigs it right out
of the bottle. He picks up a photo album and looks at pictures of him with
Brooke. The phone rings. He doesnít answer it. He sits and touches the
pictures of Brooke and him and thinks back to their trip to Venice. Then to
Eric and Ridge telling him he will not be a part of the family if he stays
with Brooke and how Brooke is no good for him. He has flashbacks again of him
and Brooke in Venice and him telling her he loves her and proposing to her.
He then sees his mother telling him he no longer belongs to this family and
Brooke telling him it is over. He pulls a picture from the album and sets it
on fire. Still more flashbacks of him and Brooke in Venice where he tells her
this is the best time of his life. He cries as he stares at the fire. There
is a picture of Brooke with her kids and Thorne hears them telling him off
and how he is not welcome in their lives. He hears Stephanie and Eric telling
him how someday he will open his eyes and see that Brooke has destroyed him.

Stephanie, Ridge and Eric are in the office. Stephanie hangs up the phone.
Eric asks if Thorne is not home? He is not. Brooke walks in. She says she
just came from home where she found Thorne in her bedroom with rose pedals
and candlelight. Stephanie asks if she came there to rub their noses in it?
Brooke tells them that they all won. Thorne and she are finished and it isnít
because she doesnít love him, because she does. She congratulates them on all
their efforts. Eric asks her if there is anything they can do for her. She
says they did enough already. Stephanie thinks they made the right decision.
Ridge wants to go home. Brooke wants to talk to Stephanie first. Eric and
Ridge leave them to their privacy. Stephanie doesnít think there is anything
Brooke can say to her that she hasn'tí said before.

The show was interrupted by a breaking new speech by President Clinton.

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