The Bold & The Beautiful Wednesday 10/11/00


B&B Update Wednesday 10/11/00  By Jackye

Brooke tells Thorne there is no us, he tells her their feelings will not go
away, they have a commitment. She says he broke their commitment when he
took Kim into his arms. She tells him to leave, he says he will in the

Kim and Bridget talk about what movie to watch. Bridget says she feels
horrible because her mother's unhappiness is her fault. kim tells her she
will make sure Brooke doesn't change her mind.

Taylor comes into Ridge's office. he tells her that Morgan had an accident.

Stephanie and Morgan talk about her ultrasound. Stephanie says they had an
agreement, Morgan says they still do. She tells Steph it's only natural for
Ridge to peak at the screen.

Kim asks how things are with Bridget and her mom. Bridget says better than
ever, she could only think about her future dreams. She has always wanted a
big wedding and if her mom was with Thorne, she would never have her dream.
Kim says things are the way they should be.

Thorne says he will do anything to help Bridget be secure. Brooke says it's
too much of a risk, he says he won't give up. She starts to say what if, he
says there won't be a what if, he can do it. He says after all they have
been through, they can get through this. She says she could trust him with
her life, but not her children. No matter how desperately she wants to. He
says let it go for one night, 10 hours. They both need this to be the only
2 people in the world. they kiss passionately.

Taylor asks worriedly, what happened? Is the baby ok? Ridge tells her she
fell off a chair, she was bleeding, and he took her to the hospital. Taylor
says she was glad he was there. He tells her he had to go to his meeting,
so Steph came to the hospital with Morgan. Taylor says he seems irritated,
he says he was hoping to get home early but now he has a few more hours of
work. He tells Taylor he was in the exam room when Morgan had the
ultrasound and it's a boy. She says she's jealous that he got to see the
baby first, it's as much hers as it is his.

Morgan tells Steph the secret is safe with her. She isn't trying to get
Ridge to chase after her, he was there on his own. She says it really
bothers Steph that she isn't in control. Steph says she doesn't think
Morgan has given up on Ridge being there for her and the baby. Morgan says
she hasn't given it a thought, Steph says she's on to her. Taylor comes in
and congratulates Morgan on her son.

Kim and Bridget are looking through more movies, they compare Kim to Audrey
Hepburn. Bridget says Kim and Thorne are well matched. Kim walks over by
the window and they notice the lights are out at Thorne's. Bridget wonders
if Thorne could be with her mom.

Brooke and Thorne move closer to the bed, he lies her back, they are still
kissing. Brooke remembers the things Bridget and Taylor said to her. She
pushes Thorne off and says she can't, not now not ever. Her children come
first, for once she can't think about herself. She apologizes and asks him
to say he understands. He says he does and gets up to leave. She tells him
not to leave like this, he turns and looks at her then leaves. She says
Thorne, please and sits on the bed crying.

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