The Bold & The Beautiful Monday 10/9/00


B&B Update Monday 10/9/00 By Linda

The show starts with Morgan groaning and trying to get up off the floor. She
is holding her stomach and calling out for Ridge.

Bridget comes out to the pool in her skimpy bathing suit to find Rick and
Stephanie there talking about Amber. Bridget has a lot to say about Amber,
all bad. Rick defends Amber. Kim tells her to talk some sense into Rick.
Stephanie tells her that she agrees with Rick. Rick leaves to visit Amber.
Steph tells Bridget that someday she will fall in love. Bridget thinks that
if that is love, no thank you.

Amber tells CJ not to joke with her about getting married. He says the ring
is real and he is wicked serious about this. She is in shock and asks if he
really wants to get married? He says she knows how much he loves her. She
thinks marriage is big. He says of course it is, but didn't they say they
were going to stick together and raise their child, besides, they are in love
and know what they want, at least he does, he wants to be with her and little
Eric the rest of his life. They kiss passionately. He tells her to say yes.
She stares into his eyes as tears puddle, but she does not answer right away.

Ridge comes back to Morgan's office and tells her not to move. Ridge brought
back a nurse and wheel chair. The nurse says they have to take her to the
hospital, there is no time to waste. They lift Morgan to put her into the

Amber is curious about the timing of CJ. He says he told her. She claims it
was the talk with his mother. She wonders if the Forresters have anything to
do with it. He says he doesn't do anything because of the Forresters. He says
they are living in different houses. She knows that will change if they get
married. He thinks they won't push them around anymore, they will have to
start treating them as a family, which is what they really are anyway. She
says, yeah, they would really show them, wouldn't they? He says that is not
why he proposed. She looks at him suspiciously. He admits that it is part of
it, but only part. She tells him that she can't marry him because it is good
strategy. She wants it to be because it is best for them and not just to
prove some point. He asks if she should hold on to the ring. She says maybe
he should. They smile at one another. He has a better idea. He hands her the
box and tells her to hold on to it because he is ready whenever she is. He
kisses her. She looks like she is going to melt in his arms. He says he has a
meeting and has to go. She stands there with a big grin on her face.

Back at the pool, Stephanie brings Bridget a lemonade. Bridget still can't
believe Rick has a thing for Amber, she thinks he is just interested because
of the baby, besides, she is with CJ. Stephanie doesn't know if convenience
of dependency, she isn't sure how close they are.

Amber picks up the ring and places it on her finger as she looks into her
mirror. She says, Amber Garrison. She is all smiles and stares at the ring.
There is a knock at the door. She yells, it is open. She tries to remove the
ring but it won't come off. In comes Rick. She has a look of panic.

Ridge rushes Morgan into the emergency room and calls out for help. They
bring her into a cubical. She is cramping. Ridge wipes the sweat from his

Rick calls out to Amber. she still hasn't turned around to look at him. He
asks if she is all right. She tucks her hand under her arm. Rick asks if CJ
is hiding in there? She says no, he is out. He says she seems so nervous. She
asks why she would seem nervous? She sits down by him on the sofa. He says CJ
was probably there ragging on him. She says his name was hardly brought up.
He asks if CJ filled her in on their conversation? She says no, what about
it? He says it was about her. He tells her that CJ doesn't think Rick cares
about her, it is all an act. She knows. He says he was just talking to
Stephanie and she feels that Amber may feel the same way. She says she wasn't
too sure. He says he can prove it to her. She says he doesn't have to, she
heard him talking to Bridget, defending her, to hear him say those words. He
says he meant it, all of it. She knows. He reaches out and hold her hand. She
reaches over with her left hand on his and he notices the ring. He asks
what's that? She looks away, and doesn't answer.

The doctor comes in to attend to Morgan. She asks if she is in pain? Morgan
says cramping, but it is getting better. The doctor finds some swelling, she
is not sure if anything is broken. Morgan doesn't care about broken, she is
worried about her baby. The doctor says she will get someone in there with an
ultra sound, it may take a few minutes. She tells Morgan to stay calm. Morgan
asks for Ridge. The nurse goes to get him.

Bridget tells Steph that maybe Amber is using CJ to get Rick jealous. Steph
believes Bridget really doesn't trust Amber. Bridget says she just doesn't
want to be like her mother, letting down her guard and getting burnt over and
again. Steph tells her that is life, in order for a relationship to work, you
have to let your guard down. Like Eric and Steph. Bridget says that is
different, they had 5 kids together, they have history. Steph says that is
right, and maybe Rick and Amber can build something bigger and stronger than
they had before? Bridget puts on her sunglasses and gives a look.

Amber tells Rick he wasn't supposed to see that. Rick asks if CJ gave it to
her? She says he did, this morning. He tells her she can't be in love. She
tells him that he doesn't know that. He says that CJ is doing it for all the
wrong reasons and she has to see that and she is not ready for this. She says
she knows. He says, but she is wearing the ring? She says, yeah, well, she
was trying it on and it got stuck. She giggles and so does he. He offers to
help her get it off. She says he doesn't have to. He says he wants to. He
goes to get some dish washing soap and puts it on her finger. He twists Dan
gets it off. With that, he says, that's better and she better not scare him
like that again. She asks for her ring back. He tells her she doesn't need
it. She says she will decide that. He says she already did. She says she
didn't tell CJ no, she told him it just wasn't the right time. He says it
will never be the right time for that guy. She asks how he knows? He leans
forward and kisses her. She backs away and looks at him, shocked. He smugly
hands her back her ring and closes her hand over it, leans forward and kisses
her on the forehead and walks out the door. Amber has a "what just happened
here?" expression on her face.

They bring in the ultra sound machine and Ridge comes in to comfort her. She
tells him she knows how he feels about the baby. He tries to quiet her down.
She says she can lose her, she can't, he doesn't know how she saved her. The
technician comes in to perform the ultra sound. He begins by putting the gel
on her tummy. He finds a heart beat. She is all excited. She asks if the baby
is fine. He says there are a few more things to check. The doctor comes in
and asks if there is any more cramping? She says no. The technician asks the
doctor to look at the monitor. Morgan senses something is wrong. She asks
over and again what is wrong but they stare at the monitor and don't say a
word. Tune in tomorrow.  =)

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