The Bold & The Beautiful Friday 10/6/00

B&B Update Friday 10/6/00  

By Linda Clark

Amber tells Steph that she'll talk to CJ, but not about leaving.

CJ tells Sally about the breakfast he had. He says it's hard for Amber to
see through them because she has looked up to them for so long. Sally says
that she is disappointed because she thought the Forrester arrogance had
surpassed Rick. She wonders if CJ is using Amber to get back at the
Forrester's, he tells her no, he loves Amber. Sally says he has to look
into his own heart and see what he wants, not what everyone else wants.

Dax asks Ridge and Morgan what is going on? Morgan tells him she was very
determined and obsessed with having a baby, and Ridge made it happen.

Amber says Steph is angry at CJ, but he has a right to be angry. She says
she can talk to him, Steph said herself that CJ would listen to her. Steph
says it won't be tolerated, it isn't good for the baby. Amber begs her to
give CJ one last chance, little Eric just lost his mother he can't lose CJ
too. Steph says she will regret it but ok. Amber goes to talk to CJ.

Dax asks if Ridge is responsible for her pregnancy? Ridge says no, Morgan
says yes, he and Taylor were there for her the entire time she was trying
to have a baby through artificial insemination. Dax heads out. Ridge
becomes furious with Morgan, she tells him to trust her, he says he can't
and leaves.

Rick and Bridget discuss Amber. Amber is walking by when she overhears
them. Rick defends her when Bridget makes some negative comments. Rick
tells her Amber is really important to him.

Morgan is on the telephone, she gets up to get a book. Ridge comes in, she
asks him if he is going to hold this against her forever. He says if she
wants to help him, have a miscarriage.

Amber finds CJ, she tells him he can't keep acting the way he has, Steph
was going to throw him out. CJ says he has talked to Sally, she told him
some things he needed to hear. She says your mother doesn't like me. CJ
says she was looking out for you, she says you need someone who is serious.
We can keep playing this game, but you need more because you are a single
mother. She asks if he is leaving, he asks if it would bother her. She says
she isn't happy about it, but she understands, they aren't ready for
commitment. He says it's embarrassing the way she follows him around, she
starts to scream at him when he says he isn't leaving. He tells her he
loves her, it's been fast but he doesn't care. He learned from Becky that
you can't put love on a schedule or you may run out of time. He wants them
to be a family, she says they are, he says not like if they were married.
She sits down, shocked. CJ kneels in front of her, he asks her to marry him.

Morgan says Ridge is horrible, he says it's true, he wishes the child
didn't exist. He turns and leaves, she says she doesn't need him or anyone
else, she has her child. She gets a chair and stands on it to reach a book.
The chair is unstable and tips, she falls and screams. Ridge hears her
scream and runs in, she is sprawled on the floor. She tells him she is
bleeding and needs help. She says this is serious, call an ambulance. Ridge
picks up the phone, she tells him to hurry, call an ambulance. he hangs up
the phone and walks out, she begs for him to help her, it's serious she is
bleeding, she can't move.

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