The Bold & The Beautiful Thursday 10/5/00

B&B Update Thursday 10/5/00 

By Linda 

At the Forrester mansion, breakfast is being served. CJ walks in not
realizing the family was sitting there and apologizes, stating that Helen
told him there was coffee in there. Eric tells him that there is and directs
him to the buffet. Eric asks Amber if she is busy today. She says that she
is. She has to find someone to sublet their apartment because they have 3
months left on the lease. CJ says he told her that he would take care of
that, she has to take care of the baby. Amber says that Helen will take care
of him. Rick cuts in and says it is all taken care of, he talked to the
landlord. CJ says, Rick means he paid him off. Eric says they felt they were
the reason she had to break her lease so they felt they should take care of
it. Amber is very grateful and CJ is none too happy. Eric and Steph tell
Amber that they wanted to give the baby swimming lessons. Steph is really
trying hard to get Amber involved in their social life. CJ attacks them with
harsh words accusing them of trying to win over Amber because she has
something they want. Rick tells CJ if he doesn't like it he can go somewhere
else. CJ says he will and he is taking his son. Rick questions, his son?
Amber offers to go after CJ as he walked out. Rick says he will go, they have
a few things to talk about. Amber wants to go check on CJ and Rick but
Stephanie stops her. Steph tells her there is something else Amber can do.
Amber asks what? Steph tells her to convince CJ to leave. Rick catches up
with CJ and won't let him pass until he listens to him. Rick tells CJ that as
long as he is there as their guest, he had better have respect for his father
and Stephanie. CJ questions, guest? The only reason he and Amber are there is
because Eric had some judge in his pocket. Rick says they did what was best
for little Eric. They bicker back and forth about Becky and how she loved
Rick's family and would allow them to do whatever they could for the baby. CJ
disagrees. He feels there is a difference from what they are doing now
compared to their help for Becky. Rick says CJ's problem is all about Amber.
He is afraid of losing her and he should be. Meanwhile, Amber asks Steph why
she would ask CJ to leave? Steph says because it is not working out. Amber
says the two of them are not happy to be there. Steph says she knows, but she
is trying to make everything as bearable as possible, but every act of hers
is met with hostility. Amber tells her that CJ doesn't trust her. Steph asks,
what about her. Amber points out how Steph treated her before, it is
confusing, how can she forget. Steph says she didn't forget, she just forgave
her. They say a lot of things when they are angry but they have been through
a lot together, especially with Becky's illness and death. Amber says that
Steph did so much for Becky.  Steph says Amber did more and she was brave,
and strong, and loyal and she always knew that Amber had it in her to be that
person. After all, she risked her life to save Stephanie's and she doesn't
forget that. She has seen that Amber has grown up and that is why she is
trusting her again and inviting her back into the family. But if Amber
doesn't feel that way. Amber says she does, but CJ is only trying to protect
her. Steph asks, from who? From people that care about her and want to help
her? She thinks CJ is trying to keep her away from Rick. Amber says that is
not it, it doesn't matter, she loves CJ. Steph tells her that her love life
is her own business. But this is her home and having CJ stay there is one
thing, but putting up with his hostility is another. She is not going to let
that continue.

CJ tells Rick that he is delusional. He tells him that all these bribes his
family is offering Amber are not going to work. Amber wants more out of life
than money. Rick says he hopes so, other wise, he wouldn't be interested. CJ
tells him that he is not interested, Rick is putting on an act. Rick says
that is not true. CJ ask him who he is trying to kid. He was the one Rick
whined to about being stuck with Amber when all he wanted was Kimberly. Rick
says that he was there when CJ married Becky and he said that she was the
only woman he would ever love. CJ says, your point? Rick tells him, feelings
can change. CJ says, well, Amber's sure have. They have been through hell and
back together. Rick says that explains it all, CJ lost his wife and Amber her
cousin and all of a sudden, they are in love? CJ says, oh, it isn't real,
because Rick thinks he's got it all figured out? Rick says they were lonely
and scared. CJ says that is the way Rick wishes it was. Rick says he just
doesn't want to see CJ get hurt. Rick tells him that he was around Amber and
Rick when they first were attracted to one another and those feelings haven't
changed. They went through a lot back a few months ago, but they have both
matured and all that is left now is connection and he feels it whenever he is
around Amber. He knows Amber feels it too. He says to CJ that he knows CJ
lost a lot of people he cared about, Becky and Macy. CJ tells him to spare
him because Rick has no idea what he has been through. Rick says that Amber
loves CJ as a friend and she is loyal to him, but CJ can't keep making her
feel guilty just so she will stay with him, because it is going to hurt all
of them. He tells CJ to let her go. Rick leaves and CJ seems to be thinking
it through.

Amber tells Steph that they haven't even been there that long. Steph says
that CJ is angry, really angry. Amber says he has every right to be. Steph
knows he has been through a great deal and has a lot of sympathy for him, but
there is a limit to the type of behavior one has to tolerate. And CJ's
behavior is not healthy for anyone there, not even CJ. Amber says it is not
like that and she wishes Steph could see it when it is just the three of
them. CJ is so smart and funny. It is wonderful. Steph says, but it isn't the
three of them anymore, it is all of them. And they have to live together for
the next 12 months. She doesn't feel CJ can accept that and she feels he has
to go live somewhere else. Amber asks if Steph is throwing him out? Steph
says she doesn't want it to come to that, she wants Amber to talk to him and
make him understand that this is the best way. Amber says, no, she can't do
that. Steph says she is not asking them to break up. He can come and visit
anytime he wants. Amber says CJ has never turned him back on her, he has
always been there for her whether she was right or wrong and they are a
family and she knows that because Steph has taught her what family is all
about. Steph asks her if she realizes the position she is putting her in? She
is going to have to be the one to send him away and that is not how she
wanted to handle it. She will only add fuel to the fire and she knows Amber
doesn't want that anymore than she does. She feels Amber can convince him to
do this. Amber says she doesn't want to hurt him. Steph says they are already
living in different houses, and if they are as committed as she says they
are, what difference does it make? She tells Amber that she wants her to
handle this, and she wants her to handle it today. She says one way or the
other, CJ is out of there today.

Meg tells Ridge that Dax was in with Morgan for and interview for the Fashion
magazine. Ridge wonders why Morgan didn't tell him and what she is up to. Dax
says that the relationship with Ridge and Taylor seems so unbelievable.
Everyone he interview says they are so in love and adore their children.
Morgan tells him that they are. He needs something juicy. She says he came to
the right place. Morgan teases Dax with secret information. Ridge walks in
and Morgan tells him that she was just ready to release all his deep dark
secrets. Ridge asks if she is sure she should do that? Morgan asks Dax how
much he knows about her and Ridge's relationship. Dax says they work
together. Morgan asks if he knew they were lovers? Ridge almost falls over.
The tape recorder rolls as Dax questions, lovers? Morgan looks at Ridge with
a grin. Ridge says that was a long time ago when Morgan was a model there.
Dax asks, and the two of them were involved? Dax asks, how involved? Morgan
says, he rocked her world. Ridge rolls his eyes. Dax asks if that is why she
came back. She asks what he thinks? He asks what it was like seeing each
other again? She says all the emotions came fighting back. He says, so the
spark was still there? Ridge says, no. Morgan asks him who he is kidding? She
says there were a lot of sparks flying all over the place, a lot of flirting.
Dax says, really? How far did it go? Morgan asks Ridge if he wants to tell
Dax, or should she? Ridge glares at her. Morgan grins.

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