The Bold & The Beautiful Wednesday 10/4/00

B&B Update Wednesday 10/4/00  By Jackye

Thorne is outside looking at the picture of him and Brooke from Venice, he
asks why? He remembers their times in Venice. Brooke is at her house
looking at the same picture. Bridget comes in, she tells Brooke that they
want her to be happy, they don't want to hurt her. Brooke tells her Thorne
loves her and wants a future with her. Bridget asks if it's over.

CJ asks what is going on? Amber explains that she was helping Rick, he is
upset about Thorne. CJ says Thorne is just another example of how messed up
the Foresters are. Rick goes to leave and says he'll show CJ to his room.
CJ says he's staying right here, Rick says it's a one bedroom house. CJ
replys that's all he and Amber need.

Kim comes over to Thorne's, Thorne tells her not now. She says she can't
leave him alone, he's upset. Thorne tells her Brooke forgave him for the
kiss, but Bridget and Rick gave her an ultimatum.

Rick says Stephanie and Eric won't let them shack up together, it's not
right. CJ says this from a guy who supported his mother's affair with a
married man. Amber tells Rick to leave, she and CJ will work this out.
Amber walks Rick to the door and tells him she hopes this all works out,
they hug.

Brooke tells Bridget she just couldn't, she just couldn't do it. Bridget
asks what couldn't she do? What did she tell Thorne? Brooke says she loves
him and always will, but they can't be married. It's over. Bridget tells
Brooke she did the right thing, she hugs and thanks her.

Kim asks what she said, Thorne says she loves me and she wants to be my
wife more than anything, but she chose the children.

Bridget tells her to please don't cry, it was the best thing. Brooke says
she couldn't let her children sown again, Bridget says she is proud of her.
Rick arrives and Bridget tells him Thorne is gone, Brooke tells him she
told him to leave.

CJ says Rick deserved him being hard on him. Amber says they all need to
get along. She suggests CJ stay in the main house. CJ says they should be
worried about Kim, she's convinced she's in love with Thorne.

Thorne tells Kim he wants to be alone and asks her to leave.

Brooke tells Rick she still loves Thorne and always will, but they come
first. They hug, Rick tells her they are sorry, Bridget joins the hug.

Thorne is sitting on his patio, Kim is watching him from her porch. She
says to herself, this had to happen, they would have a wonderful life

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