The Bold & The Beautiful Friday 9/22/00

B&B Update Friday 09/22/00  

By Jackye Nice

Eric asks Ridge about a dress, Ridge tells him he doesn't know, he and
Morgan have kept their distance. Stephanie comes in and tells Ridge that Dax
is coming to take more picture of him and Taylor for the family of the year
magazine article. They ask Eric if he has talked to Bridget, he says no, but
he hopes she has talked some sense into Brooke. Stephanie says she hopes
that Thorne has realized how wrong he is during their separation. Eric says
he'll come back when he realizes.

Kimberly is talking with Taylor. She finds out that Taylor suggested the
trip, Kimberly tells her that Bridget will not change her mind after a few
days in Hawaii. She informs Taylor she has been talking to Bridget. Taylor
says she is worried about Bridget.

Brooke and Bridget are on the balcony. Bridget tells her she will not accept
her and Thorne, the trip is a waste if that's what it is for. Brooke tells
her she loves her and the trip was to spend time with her. Her reply is to
give up, she won't approve of their relationship. Brooke tells her they are
getting married very soon.

Thorne comes to see Ridge. He asks why Thorne is there, he tells him he is
there to invite him to a wedding, his wedding. Ridge asks about Bridget, he
says he doesn't want to talk about that.

Kimberly says she agrees with Bridget that this is an unhealthy
relationship. Taylor says she knows she's been through lot with macy's
death. She says she is ok with Macy's death because Brooke can't hurt her
anymore, but she can hurt Bridget and Thorne. She says she's not angry with
Thorne, she's angry with Brooke. She says Thorne gave up everything to be
with her. Taylor asks if she thinks he'd be better off with someone else,
she is in love with him.

Ridge asks if he and Brooke are getting married, he says tomorrow after the
preview, he is welcome to be there. Ridge says he doesn't think so. He asks
if he has talked to Bridget, he says no. He tells Ridge he has no right to
critisize him. Ridge tells him it will only get worse. He says if he really
cares about Brooke, Thorne tells him that he better not go there after what
he did to her. Eric and Stephanie walk in, Stephanie goes to him and hugs

Bridget asks when they are getting married, Brooke tells her tomorrow night.
Bridget accuses Brooke of never caring what she said and not taking her
seriously, she can't accept this. She says she'll live with her dad. Brooke
asks her not to do this, Bridget replys this is her worst mistake ever to
chose a man over her own daughter.

Thorne tells them he came to tell them he and Brooke are getting married
tomorrow and though he knows they won't wnt to be there but it would mean
alot to him. He tells them they are going to take a few minutes to tell the
press of their engagement after Morgan's showing. Eric says Congradulations
on ruining your life, Congradulations for alienating his daughter from her
mother. They argue over Bridget, Thorne goes to leave and Stephanie stops
him and asks him not to do this.

Kimberly tells Taylor she is in love with Thorne and she's told him. Taylor
suggests she is misinterpretating her feelings. She says Throne feels more
than just a little sister, he just has too much invested in his relationship
with Brooke.

Thorne tells Stephanie she doesn't understand, he loves Brooke and he will
be happy. Stephanie begins to blame Brooke for macy's death, he tells them
he is coming back to work. Eric and Ridge leave. Stephanie says she can't
support his relationship with Brooke and she leaves.

Kim calls Bridget and tells her she is making progress. Bridget tells her
they are getting married tomorrow after the preview.

Brooke calls thorne, he tells her he told his family and she tells him she
told Brooke. They tell each other they are excited, he tells her to pack so
she doesn't miss her flight.  They exchange I love yous. After they hang up,
Bridget storms through the room. Brooke says to herself, this is what I've
been waiting for my whole life, she'll understand one day, her and thorne
will prove them all wrong.

Kim is crying, she says she won't let them get married tomorrow, no! no!

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