The Bold & The Beautiful Thursday 9/21/00

B&B Update Thursday 9/21/00 

By: Jackye Nice 

Kimberly asks Thorne if he's alright, he looks a little flustered. He says
he's they need to talk, now. Kimberly says shouldn't you catch your breathe
first. He tells her to get dressed, she says she's covered up. He hands her
a robe, she puts it on. Thorne says he knows what she's doing, I saw you in
the shower. She acts clueless as to what he's talking about. He tells her he
knows that she knew he could see her, she was putting on a show for him. She
says she knew he could see her, the blinds need fixed and she hasn't gotten
around to it yet. She says I guess you enjoyed it, you're here.

Sally is explaining to Clarke about the court order the Forrester's got from
a judge. Sally says she called Conner Davis to see if there was anything
they could do. She says the Forrester's called a judge and had him change
the terms of Amber's probation. Clarke asks if Sally is upset, she says just
as angry as CJ is. Sally tells Clarke that Amber has a few tricks up her
sleeve, but according to CJ she won't tell. Clarke says she's in for a

Stephanie asks,"What?" Amber tells her she heard her, if they want Amber and
little Eric, Cj comes too. CJ is as dumbfounded as the Forrester's, he asks
Amber what she's talking about. Amber says those are her terms, they aren't
going to break up their family, she won't let them. She needs CJ and so does
little Eric. Rick says it isn't part of the deal, Amber replys that there
wasn't a deal, they just want to tell her what to do. If CJ doesn't come,
they aren't either.

Sally pours coffee. Clarke asks if Amber is up to something. Sally says CJ
told her that Amber has a plan but she won't tell anyone yet. Amber doesn't
want him involved. Clarke says he is already involved.Sally says the
Forrester's will make Amber pay dearly if she fails, they will use the jail.

Amber says it's a compromise, Eric says it sounds like an ultimatum, she
says see it however you want. Amber says this way everyone gets what they
want and little Eric is surrounded by all the people that love him. She asks
if they are going to take the deal or not?

Thorne says he doesn't enjoy bieng manipulated. Kimberly says she isn't
manipulating him, she just wants to get his attention. Thorne says they
could get past her infatuation, but he can't take this anymore. Kimberly
says she wants to show him how much she loves him, she moves to the bed and
sits. She begins to take her robe off her shoulders.

CJ asks Amber what she's doing. She says she's found the perfect solution,
Cj says he hates these people and even if he wanted to live here, they
wouldn't allow it. Amber says she and little Eric love him, they want him
there, Please! He says he loves her and they kiss. Rick asks Stephanie and
Eric why they are discussing this, it isn't going to happen. Stephanie says
that it is the only way to be peaceful. Rick asks what if CJ wants to move
in? Stephanie says they have to make a decision now.

Thorne pulls Kimberly's robe back over her, he tells her he's stopping this,
it's not right she's a virgin. She says she's been saving herself for him,
he's the one she's been waiting for, she loves him. He says he loves her
too, as a friend, he can't let her do this. Get dressed he tells her. She
says she's a woman, not the little girl he treats her as. She has never felt
this way about anyone before, he says he doesn't want to talk about Brooke.
She tells him he can get over Brooke just like Ridge and Eric did, just give
her a chance. She holds her hands on his neck, he removes her hands and says
it won't work, she'll get hurt. She says he's the one who will get hurt. She
says she wants to share her new life with him, their closeness is the only
good thing that came from Macy's death. Thorne says he and Brooke are
announcing their engagement at the preview of Morgan's new line. He says his
future is with Brooke and no one can change that. They hug, he leaves
Kimberly crying. She says to herself; the preview of Morgan's new line.

Eric says this isn't about options. Rick says this is about what's best for
little Eric. Amber says they have come to a decision, CJ says if amber wants
him to move in, he will. Stephanie says no, they are only following the
judges orders. Amber says they are trying to seperate them, they have been
doing it from day one. Amber rips up the court order, and gets ready to
leave. Eric says they will call the police, Amber says go ahead. Stephanie
says CJ can stay. Rick says she doesn't have to do this, and she says I
think I do. Rick says he is little Eric's father not CJ. Rick says to
himself, I will get Amber and little Eric back.

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