The Bold & The Beautiful Wednesday 9/20/00

B&B Update Wednesday 9/20/00  By Linda

CJ and Amber speak to Conner about the court order. Conner tells them he will
make some phone calls in the morning. They beg him to do something tonight.

Stephanie, Helen, Eric and Rick prepare for the return of Amber and the baby.
Helen is so excited that they are returning. Rick wonders if she will show up
with the baby. Eric says she has no choice. Rick says Amber is stubborn.
Steph says Amber won't violate her probation. Eric hopes she is right.

Brooke and Bridget come in and flop on the sofa. Bridget thinks it was great.
Brooke asks if she is talking about the waves or the boys. Bridget says she
came there to spend time with her mother, not look for boys. Brooke says she
enjoys spending time with her and she is precious to her and she should never
forget that.

Kim glances over at Thorne's while he stands on his patio upset about Brooke.
She talks to herself saying she is going to change Thorne's mind about
Brooke. Thorne turns on some music and notices Kim in her robe and heading
for the shower. She disrobes and climbs in. Thorne is astonished.

Conner makes a few phone calls and tells Amber and CJ that the judge signed
and finaled the order. Amber can't believe they can split them up. Conner
says it's not forever. CJ asks if she is sentenced to live with the
Forresters. Conner says, essentially, yes. She has to live out the one year
probation. CJ says she is not a minor and has a child to raise. Conner says
Amber is also a convicted felon. Amber claims she didn't do anything wrong
and the Forresters know that. Conner tells her that she pleaded guilty. She
asks if she has to do go. Conner tells her that if the Forresters are
serious, she better comply. She asks if she can appeal? He says she can, but
for now, she had better pack up and move over there before she is picked up
and put in jail for violating the order.

Brooke tells Bridget that they will have disagreements in their lives but she
doesn't want her telling her that she is disappointed in her, that hurts her.
Brooke wants to get their lives on track. She tells Bridget that things are
going to be different from now on. Bridget is encouraged by Brooke's words
until Brooke tells her they are going to go on many more trips like this even
after she and Thorne are married. This has an adverse effect on Bridget and
her smile turns to a frown.

Thorne watches as Kim showers and then realizes that Kim knows that he can
see her.

At the Forresters, they are still waiting for Amber. She has ten minutes.
Eric wants to call her, but Steph assures them that Amber will show up. She
won't go against the court order.

Meanwhile, CJ finishes dressing the baby and Amber is upset that she has to
go. Amber feels she belongs with CJ and the baby. He tells her she has to go
or she will go to jail. She can't believe she let this happen. She blames
herself for everything. She says she should have listened to CJ. She holds
him close. The tells him she is sorry. The thought of leaving him is so sad.
He tells her not to go, they can run away. She doesn't want him to leave
school and his family. He says he doesn't want to loser her or the baby and
won't let it happen. She says, maybe there is still something she can do, as
she looks down at the court order.

Thorne phones Brooke. Bridget glances over. Brooke asks him if his ears were
hurting. He asks if they discussed them. Yes, and she thinks things are
looking up. Thorne asks if they discussed their relationship. She says, in
time. He wants to make a statement about their relationship and announce and
get married as soon as she gets back. Brooke says they have to be more
patient. He seems like he is desperate as he looks over at Kim in the shower.
Brooke assures him they will have a life together soon, she promises. She
says she has to go. Thorne asks her to wait, but she says she has to go and
hangs up. Meanwhile, Kim gets out of the shower and dries off. Thorne says he
can't take this anymore and walks out of his apartment.

Brooke goes back over to sit on the sofa. Bridget asks if everything is okay.
She asks if that was Thorne? She says he is getting anxious. Brooke tells her
that Thorne loves them. Bridget says their relationship is not perfect and
they won't be welcomed at family parties or weddings for the rest of their
lives. Brooke doesn't see that happening. Bridget asks her if she is ready
for another failed marriage, is that what she wants. Brooke insists it will
work out and they are going to announce their plans at the next showing. She
tells Bridget that they are in love and committed to one another and nothing
is going to change that. Bridget glares at her.

Rick calls Amber's but there is no answer. Stephanie says she is probably on
her way, but maybe Rick would want to try the cell phone. Eric says that she
would be here by now. Steph says she could be caught in traffic. Eric says
she would have called. Rick says Eric is right, she knows what would happen
if she was late. Eric says she is late now. Rick asks if they should call
their lawyer. Eric says no, she is in violation of her probation and he is
calling the police. Steph looks like she wants to stop him but says nothing.
Eric goes to the phone when there is a knock at the door. Rick says it has to
be her. Amber walks in and calls out for Stephanie. Rick and Steph head
towards the door. Rick asks her where she has been? She apologizes for being
late. Eric says they were just about to call the police. Amber says there is
no reason to do that, they are here. Steph says, and you are staying? Amber
says maybe. Eric reminds her that she is ordered to move in with them. She
realizes that and will under one condition, as long as CJ is allowed to live
with them too. It is obvious that CJ was not clued in on what Amber was going
to do, he looks as shocked as the Forresters.

Kim goes to answer her phone. It is Bridget. She tells Kim that her mother
and Thorne are going to announce their engagement when they get back, they
have to do something now. Kim says she is working on it. There is a knock on
Kim's door. She tells Bridget she has to go. She hangs up and calls out, come
it! It is Thorne. He barges in. Kim glides across the floor towards him
wrapped in a towel. He stops dead in his tracks. She says, Thorne, isn't this
a pleasant surprise? He stands and stares at her.  The End.

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