The Bold & The Beautiful Tuesday 9/19/00

B&B Update Tuesday 9/19/00  By Linda

Kim is still trying to get Thorne to give into her. Thorne tells her to stop.
Kim says she is not going to let him push her away this time. She tells him
that her feelings are real. He thinks she needs to back off and think. She
says he makes her heart race, even thinking about him makes her feel that
way. She insists that he feels the same way. She wants him to just let
himself go. Thorne tells her that she is attractive and he has grown close to
her but he is confused. She understands, her age and Brooke and all. He tells
her that he is confused on how to get through to her. He feels the attraction
they have is not sexual. She asks if he thinks that is what this is about,
she feels he is a wonderful person and her feelings go deeper than a sexual
attraction. He doesn't want to hurt her. She feels he needs more time. He
says he doesn't. She says when he finally realizes that Brooke isn't what he
needs, he knows where to find her. She kisses him on the cheek and leaves.

Stephanie insists CJ get the baby for her now. He tells her she can't give
him orders. Stephanie tells him that she has a court order and shows it to
CJ. Amber comes home. CJ tells her what is going on. Steph tells Amber that
the baby is not safe in the apartment and she is taking action. She has the
court to back her up for the entirety of Amber's probation. Amber tells her
that she is grateful for all Steph has done for her but she is not going to
let her control her life. Amber tells her that she isn't going to read the
court order, she is staying in her home. Steph tells her she had better look
at it. Amber reads it and accuses Steph of getting the judge to agree to put
Amber in jail if she doesn't cooperate. CJ tells Stephanie to forget it and
tells Amber that she doesn't have to comply with the order. Stephanie tells
him it doesn't concern him. He says it does. Stephanie lays into CJ telling
him that if he interferes, it will be considered an obstruction of justice.
CJ asks her if she is going to throw him in jail too? She tells him that no
one is going to jail. Amber jumps in with, as long as they do what Steph
wants. Steph says it isn't about what she wants, it is for the baby. Amber
asks what about CJ? Steph says he can come to the house any time and see
little Eric. Amber tells her that she just doesn't get it, she and CJ are
committed to one another, they are in love. Steph repeats, in love? Amber
says she knows it is hard for Steph to believe and it took them a long time
to admit it to one another, but yes, they are in love and they aren't going
to let anyone tear them apart. Steph tells her that whether she likes it or
not, she and the baby are moving into the guest house today. Amber gives her
a cold stare. Amber tells her that she won't do it. CJ butts in and says he
is not going to let her do this to her. Steph says it is for the baby. Amber
wonders why she keeps saying that? Amber accuses her of trying to take her
family away because of her mistakes. Steph tells her that she is not going to
lose her family. Amber say, oh, I see, you are not punishing me, you are just
punishing CJ? Steph hollers at her, telling her that she is not punishing
anyone. She calms herself and tells Amber that she knows they have tried to
take care of the baby and that she knows Amber wants a family of her own. She
says when she came there, she was going to weigh the situation and wanted
things to go right, but when she asked CJ about fixing the apartment so the
baby wouldn't be in danger, CJ snapped at her and became angry. Amber sticks
up for CJ telling Steph that she would be angry too if someone came into her
house trying to take one of her children. Steph says CJ's anger is not safe
for her or the baby. She assures Amber that all she is doing and has done is
for the benefit of the baby and with CJ's behavior, he is becoming a
liability to her future. CJ asks if he is a liability now? He asks if Steph
is using him to take the baby away? Amber says no one is taking them away.
She tells Stephanie that they will fix up the apartment and the Forresters
can come and visit the baby. Steph tells her that she doesn't have a choice,
if she doesn't comply with the court order, she is notifying the police.
Amber wants to know if she really would do that. Steph says she is sorry, but
she has not choice. Amber can't believe she would do that when she has always
believed in family. Amber thinks what she is doing is cruel. CJ has just lost
his sister and his wife and is completely committed to her and the baby and
they are his life now and Steph is trying to take that away. Steph assures
her she is really concerned about the baby. Amber says she should never have
pleaded guilty for what she didn't do and CJ is the one who had told her not
to have strangers over there but she did it anyway and CJ shouldn't have to
suffer for something she did. Stephanie looks very moved by Amber's words and
apologizes to CJ for all he has been through, but she says the baby's life is
in her hands and she has made her decision to comply with the order. She
tells Amber that if she isn't at the house by 8 o'clock, she will send the
police. She leaves and Amber looks at CJ with tears in her eyes.

Brooke and Bridget head into Hawaii. Brooke asks her if she is excited.
Bridget is. Brooke is glad she agreed to come. Bridget tells her that the
trip could change everything for all of them. They land and go to their hotel
room. Bridget is all excited and says this is the best trip ever. Brooke says
it just started. Brooke is glad they are spending time together and feels
they really needed this. She says that she came apart over the summer when
they went their separate ways with friends and all. Bridget wanders away to
think. The phone rings, it is Thorne wanting to know how things are going?
Brooke tells her that Bridget is doing okay. Thorne says he is not, he can't
relax, talk to his family, or go to work, all for a relationship that doesn't
officially exist. She tells him she will fix it soon, by the time they get
home there will be nothing stopping them from being together. He asks if she
is sure. She says she is already planning the celebration. He asks if she is
planning a party. She says a very private one, just the two of them and they
are going to do it up and down and up, does he get her drift? He does.
Bridget walks in and hears her say, I love you too. Brooke hangs up. Bridget
gives an evil glare. She goes over and picks up another phone and calls Kim.
Bridget tells her that they haven't been there half an hour and Brooke
already called Thorne. Kim asks if Brooke was upset. Bridget says no, should
she be. Bridget wants to know if anything happened with her and Thorne. Kim
says he is weakening, she needs more time. Bridget tells her they have to do
something and do it now.

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