The Bold & The Beautiful Monday 9/18/00

B&B Update Monday 9/18/00 By Linda

Rick is not sure he wants to force Amber into moving in with them. Stephanie
says it is a big responsibility. Rick says for her. She says for all of them.
Rick says he is not sure Amber will go along with it anyway. Eric says she
has no choice. All her rights were taken away when she was charged with a
felony and now Stephanie has the power to take the baby away from Amber. Rick
says Amber isn't a criminal. Eric points out that her pleading guilty has
made it possible. Stephanie decides that she wants to be sure that the right
decision is to have the baby live there. She feels that his environment isn't
all to consider. She doesn't want personal feelings or emotion to be the
reason they make their decision. Rick says CJ was his best friend and he
thinks he is over his head. Stephanie decides to go see Amber and CJ herself
before making up her mind.

Brooke and Bridget are on the plane talking about all the fun they will have.
Bridget is glad they are spending this time together. Brooke says they will
talk and share all their thoughts. Bridget says, like before Thorne came into
the picture. Brooke assures her that it is going to be just the two of them.
Bridget says she is going for a glass of water and walks away and say, she
will never accept Thorne, no matter what.

Kim spots Thorne taking a drink and rushes over a pours it out. She tells him
she lost her sister to alcohol and will not let him do that to himself no
matter how upset he is about Brooke.

Stephanie arrives at Amber's to find a baby sitter there with the baby. Both
Amber and CJ are working. The woman asks if she is the grandmother and wants
to visit with little Eric. She hands the baby to Steph and grabs her things
to leave. Steph tells her to wait, she doesn't even know who she is. The
woman asks what? Steph tells her never mind and the woman leaves. Steph sits
on the couch with the baby and begins to look around the apartment. She
notices that there are many safety hazards. She is none too happy about it
all. CJ comes home and calls out to Rosa. Stephanie says she is not there. CJ
asks what Stephanie is doing there.

Bridget comes back with some water for the two of them. Bridget picks up a
flyer and talks about the sites. Brooke tells her how important she is to
her. Bridget says she used to think that. Brooke tells her that her children
are more important than anything. Bridget asks, anyone? Brooke assures her
that her brother and her are the most important things in her life.

Thorne says he was only having a drink, not getting drunk. Kim tells him that
he is upset and has a whole bottle there. Kim says with Brooke going to
Hawaii and all. Thorne asks how she knew. She tells him she saw the limo and
talked to Bridget. Kim tells him that once she thinks about all he lost and
is sitting there drinking, she begs him not to lose his self respect too.

CJ wants to know where Rosa went. She tells him she is concerned that Rosa
handed the baby over to a stranger. CJ figures that she knew who Stephanie
was. She doubts it. Steph wants to know where he found the sitter. He tells
her it wasn't Beverly Hills, she is from around there and assumes Stephanie
asked because she thinks she is trash because she is from the neighborhood.
He tells her to leave and sarcastically thanks her for dropping by. Steph
snoops around a bit more and is still there when CJ comes back into the room.
She tells him she isn't leaving until they talk. She doesn't like his
attitude and he retorts that he isn't so keen about hers either. She tells
him that the apartment is a child hazard and points out the open outlet where
the baby could get shocked and the paint that is peeling could contain lead.
She says the baby could fall out the window. He tells her to leave now. She
says no.

Thorne assures her that he is okay. It is Bridget that is the problem. Kim
says Bridget has a reason to be upset with him being with Brooke and
Bridget's half brother. She tells him that he is in the prime of his life and
shouldn't be alone. He tells her he knows where this is going. She says he
made his stand about that before, he isn't attracted to her. He says it isn't
that. She says that is nice to know. She tells him that there is a woman out
there for him, even if it isn't her, that will care for him the way he needs
and the more Brooke pushes him away, the sooner he will notice other woman,
because he can't go on like this and she thinks he is getting to notice that.

CJ says he doesn't have to listen to her and he doesn't need any of her
lectures. She says she is trying to help. He doesn't want her help. He asks
what he has to do to get rid of her, call the police or what. She tells him
to renovate the apartment. He says the baby will be fine. She asks if will
just cooperate with her for the sake of the baby. He tells her he will child
proof the apartment right now by getting rid of her and tells her to get out.
She tells him that she is going to take the baby. He says over his dead body.
She says that can be arranged, but she is taking him today and he may think
that she can't but he just lost his right and either he goes to get the baby,
or she will. He glares at her.

Bridget is sleeping on the plane. Brooke pulls out a picture of Thorne and
tells him to be patient, it won't be much longer now.  Meanwhile, Kim is
working on Thorne telling him that Brooke is letting him down and there is a
time he has to use his head instead of his heart. She keeps up with him
losing his family and job and has nothing to show for it and if he keeps this
up with Brooke, Bridget will be devastated and if she is, so will be Brooke.
Kim tells him he will never win. She tells him that she knows the idea of the
two of them sounds crazy but she knows the two of them can work if he just
lets go. She knows if he gives her the chance, she can make him happy. She
holds his hand and brushes it against her face. She begs him to break his
heart away from Brooke and give it to her, she is ready.  The End

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