The Bold & The Beautiful Friday 9/15/00

B&B Update Friday 09/15/00  By Jackye Nice

Brooke and Bridget are headed to Thorne's in a limo. When they arrive,
Brooke gets out and is hesitant for a moment.

CJ and Sally are talking at his apartment, he is telling Sally about the
Forrester's latest attempt at taking advantage of Amber. Amber and little
Eric arrive home.

Stephanie and Eric talk to Jonathan about custody of little Eric. They
explain Amber's situation. Stephanie says that CJ Garrison is the problem.
Rick arrives home from his attempt to sway Amber.

Thorne answers the door to Brooke, they embrace. Thorne goes on about how he
can't wait to announce their relationship to the public tomorrow. He says
he's held out long enough. Then he notices the look on Brooke's face and
asks if something is wrong?

Bridget goes to Kimberly's. She tells her that it's up to her now. She has
to get through to Thorne.

Rick tells them the talk he had with Amber didn't go well. he tells them
that Amber is falling in love with CJ. Eric suggests they take legal action
against Amber for little Eric's custody. Rick says no, he doesn't want to
take legal action against Amber.

Amber and Sally talk about what happened with the Forrester's. Sally tells
her she's a good alli to have against the Forrester's, when the time comes,
use her.

Bridget wonders if it is enough time. Bridget says, "Thorne is committed to
my mom." Kimberly replys, "But your mom is committed to you."

Brooke tells Thorne she's going away with Bridget today. Thorne is upset.
Thorne suggests that he, Brooke and Bridget get family counseling together.
Brooke says that wouldn't work because they aren't a real family. Brooke
tells her he needs to earn Bridget's trust then Thorne does. Thorne asks what
if a few days isn't enough? He says he doesn't want Brooke to go. Bridget
and Kimberly watch, Bridget has second thoughts about doing this to her mom.

Jonathan suggests calling a family court judge friend of his, to see about
changing Amber's probation and getting the judge to force Amber to move in
with the Forrester's.

Amber tells Sally she doesn't want any hassles with the Forrester's. CJ says
they are probably already scheming against them. Sally agrees. She says they
resent the family Amber and CJ made with little Eric. They don't care about
any of them, so Amber better be ready to fight and expect the fight.

Thorne tells Brooke that Bridget is pulling her strings. Brooke thinks
things will be different when she gets back. Thorne says he loves her but
disagrees with what she is doing.

Bridget tells Kimberly to do anything to stop this.

Sally watches CJ, Amber and little Eric together. She says in her head,"
This is a real family, a sweet family and if Stephanie does anything to tear
them apart, Sally will tear her apart."

Jonathan gets off the phone with the judge and says he has a court order
deferring all judgment to Stephanie for good judgment. Relocating Amber
and little Eric over to the guest house, for as long as Amber is on
probation-1 year. Stephanie moves to the side and says in her head," We have
the power to take that child but do we have the right."

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