The Bold & The Beautiful Thursday 9/14/00

B&B Update Thursday 9/14/00 By: Jackye Nice 

Bridget spies Thorne and Kimberly together. Thorne asks Kimberly if she is
ok, she says she is fine. Thorne kisses her and leaves.

Amber is working at Cafe Russe when she sees Rick sitting at a table alone.
She asks if he is waiting for someone. He says he wants her to be his waiter
and asks her to have lunch with him. She says no. He says he has already
spoken to the Maiter De and it's time for her break.

Thorne calls Brooke. She tells him she has just arrived at Taylors' to ask
for advice about Bridget. They begin to argue, Thorne says he gave up
everything, his family and work for her. They never spend any time together.
Brooke says," That's a lie." Throne tells Brooke to ask Taylor if they
should announce publicly their relationship regardless of Bridget. She
assures him she will and they agree to go public tomorrow.

Bridget confronts Kimberly. She tell her she say the kiss and asks if she's
involved with Thorne. Bridget says," So your telling me about my mom and
Thorne was only self- serving for you!"

Brooke asks Taylor for advice on Bridget. She explains the situation and
begs her for help. Taylor says that Bridget is at an impressionable age and
Brooke is her primary role model. It is important to show she is supportive
of her feelings, and she needs constant reassurance that she is most
important. Brooke replys,"You're telling me I can't have Thorne, is that
what you're telling me?"

Kimberly tells Bridget that she's in love with Thorne and she didn't tell
her because she didn't know if she could trust her.

Amber sits with Rick and tells him she doesn't appreciate the games he is
playing. He tells her it's not a game and he doesn't just care about the
baby, he cares about her too. Amber says he hated her when little Eric was
with Becky. And now he doesn't hate her? He says,"I don't hate you and
actually I haven't heted you for awhile." Amber replys,"CJ really cares
about me. You are just a temptation and always will be because you are my
first love. Our lives are just too far apart. You are not in love with me,
you are in love with little Eric. He will always be a part of your life."
Then she says the act he is putting on is degrading to her and he says he
would never do that to her.

Taylor tells Brooke she doesn't have to give up Thorne, she has make Bridget
her number one priority in order for Bridget to accept Thorne. She suggests
a trip, out of town. Maybe to Hawaii. She says to do it soon before the
situation gets hotter. Brooke tells her that the situation will get hotter
tomorrow and explains her promise to Thorne.

Rick apologizes to Amber for the turmoil he caused, and tells her that he is
falling for her again. Then he asks if she thinks little Eric would really
be better off in the slum apartment they have. Amber walks away. Rick
apologizes and says he shouldn't have said what he did. Amber said he
shouldn't have! Little Eric will grow up in the slums just like his

Taylor says that Bridget needs Brooke more than Thorne does right now.
Brooke says she made her decision and thanks Taylor.

Bridget says she supposes they could help each other but doesn't understand
it. Kimberly says to give her time and Bridget says,"  There isn't any time.
  My mom would choose Thorne over me, I just know it."
Brooke calls Bridget. "Would you like to take a trip to hawaii for a couple
of days?" Bridget says no, not with her and Thorne. Brooke explains that it
will be just the 2 of them. Bridget is excited when she hangs up. She hangs
up and tells Kimberly. Kimberly says that by the time they get back, Thorne
will be hers.


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