The Bold & The Beautiful Wednesday 9/13/00

B&B Update Wednesday 9/13/00  By Linda

The show starts with Ridge drawing a sketch. Ridge thinks the farther they
stay away from the problem with Morgan, the better off they will be. Taylor
worries about Morgan because she wants nothing to do with the baby's father
and Taylor thinks the man must be married. Ridge thought Taylor gave up on
all this. Taylor says she is her close friend. In comes Morgan. She says she
heard them talking from the hall and states that this has gone on long
enough. Taylor asks, what? Morgan says the lies and secrecy and as a friend
of Taylor's, she owes her the truth.

Bridget comes down the stairs all cheery. She and Brooke exchange hellos.
Brooke asks her where she wants to go to for dinner. Bridget says the
Insomnia. Brooke would rather go somewhere quiet. Brooke points out that CJ
goes there. Bridget says that CJ knew about her and Thorne, right? Brooke
admits. Bridget says no matter where they go there will be press. Brooke says
that will die down. Bridget says that last months victims become jokes.
Brooke tells her that no one is interested in their private lives. Brooke
tells her that she and Kim have been getting along much better. Bridget asks,
according to whom. Brooke tells her that Kim came back to work today, that is
a good sign. Bridget looks a bit confused.

Kim is looking over the photographs from her shoot. She thinks they are
amazing. Thorne says Giovanni did a great job. Thorne tells her they were
going for the beauty, sexy, playful. He flips through to find his favorite
one. It is of Kim sticking out her tongue. She can't believe she did that. He
says he loves it and tells her that she and Giovanni make a great pair.  She
says it wasn't Gio, it was him, Gio did all her other shoots and they didn't
come out like this, the difference is him.

Taylor asks Morgan if she is going to tell her who her baby's father is?
Ridge asks her if she is sure she wants to do that. Morgan says she has no
choice. She wants to stay friends with Taylor and she hopes she know that.
Taylor tells her that the feelings are mutual. Morgan looks at Ridge. Taylor
asks if they want to be alone. Morgan says no, she wants Ridge to hear it.
Morgan tells her that she got pregnant when Taylor was out of town. Ridge
looks worried. Taylor says she thought Morgan said it was after she was out
of town. Morgan says that she lied. Taylor wants to know why she would lie
and asks her to just tell her who the father is. Ridge gives Morgan an angry

Kim asks Thorne if he would like a drink. He says he can't stay. She thought
they were going to talk. He says they are and tells her to sit down. He says
he thinks they do bring a lot of good out of one anther. She is glad he
agrees. She goes on to say she thinks Macy would be very proud of her today.
He is sure she would. Kim credits him for being there with her and keeping
her head out of water. He says he couldn't be there for Macy so he is glad he
could help. She reaches over and touches his hand. He tells her he doesn't
want her to mistake any feelings of gratitude she might have. She says she is
not a child. He says the pictures prove that. She says there is also
something else. He and she make a great team. He says professionally. She
wants to know if he really thinks their relationship is strictly
professional. He says of course not, he cares too much about her. She asks,
like a sister or a friend? He says, exactly. She says kinda the way he feels
about Brooke, for years you were friends with her and one day he woke up and
they were more, and maybe that can happen.

Bridget questions about Kim working again. Brooke reiterates that she is
modeling again and points out that if Macy's sister can forgive her, maybe
the rest of the world can, including Bridget. Bridget asks if that is what
Brooke thinks, that she will get over it? Brooke can't see why not, Bridget
loves Thorne. Bridget says as a brother, not a step father and the Thorne she
knows would be considerate to her feelings. Brooke tells her that she hasn't
even tried to meet them half way and things are going to get pretty bad
around there because she and Thorne are going to be together. Bridget thinks
Brooke doesn't care how she feels. Brooke has tried to see her point of view.
Bridget says she is waiting it out but not listening. Brooke tells her that
she and Thorne have something special. Bridget is tired of hearing it.
Bridget says that Brooke has told her that she is the most important thing in
her life and then acts like this doesn't matter to her. Brooke says she is
not going to let Bridget run her life. Bridget gets angry and storms out.

Morgan says the truth is that she doesn't know who the father of her baby is.
Taylor asks if the baby's donor was an anonymous donor? Morgan tells her that
the artificial insemination worked. Taylor says that Morgan had told her it
didn't. Morgan says that wasn't true. Morgan justifies her actions by saying
the last time she got pregnant, she told Stephanie and that was a disaster
and she knows it doesn't make any sense, but she wanted to keep it to herself
for a while. Taylor tells her that they found out anyway, so she could have
told her then. Morgan says that by that time she and Clark had become close
and Clark wanted to raise the baby as his own. Taylor is surprised Clarke
would do that. Morgan points out that Taylor told her how hard it would be to
be a single mother and the baby at least deserved a father so she considered
it. Taylor asks if she then told him no. Morgan says eventually because she
would have been living a lie and she couldn't do that. Morgan apologizes that
she told one lie and is snowballed and she knew she had to come clean or keep
this secret forever. Taylor says that she is surprised, because she took her
at her word. Morgan says and now she doesn't know whether to believer her or
not. Morgan says that she can find out that she got pregnant when Ridge
helped her with the insemination. Taylor forgives her and asks her to promise
she will not lie to her again. She has to go pick up the kids and hugs Morgan
and Ridge and tells them she will let them get back to work. Morgan and Ridge
look at each other and Morgan has tears in her eyes, but neither speak.
Finally, Morgan says she thinks Taylor believed her. Ridge tell her that she
is a very accomplished liar. She tells him not to forget that he was the one
that wanted her to lie and he isn't too bad at it himself. Ridge ponders how
he will be able to keep this secret. She tells him it is better than the
alternative and she is getting a little sick of this, he hasn't lost anything
and she has done everything to help him keep it all. He says she is the
reason his marriage is at risk. She says she loves him and that is why she
didn't take him down and she is protecting his family and everything else in
his life that he loves.

Kim asks Thorne if it was not true that he and Brooke were friends first for
years. He says it is true but Brooke was never half his age. Kim says he gave
up his family, he life and his career for Brooke but where is she now. He
tells her to drop it and all the crazy ideas she has. She asks why he thinks
it is crazy. He tells her that all these ideas are not going to happen. He
admits that Brooke hasn't been around lately, she is going through some
problems with her daughter, but that hasn't changed anything, they are still
very much in love. Bridget comes into view as Thorne places his hand on Kim's
shoulder as he speaks to her. He tells her that if she wants to work with
him, she is going to have to accept his relationship with Brooke. She looks
disappointed so he gives her a kiss on the cheek. Bridget eyes bulge with
anger. She says, Thorne and Kimberly? The End.

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