The Bold & The Beautiful Tuesday 9/12/00

B&B Update Tuesday 9/12/00  By Linda

The show starts off with the fashion shoot of Kim. She is really enjoying
herself up there as Giovanni photographs her. She directs much of her glances
at Thorne who shoots back a smile here and there. She seems to be seducing
the camera, or is it Thorne. He looks a bit concerned at one point. They take
a break. Giovanni tells Thorne that Kim puts on a great show every time.
Thorne approaches Kim and she asks him what he thinks. He says he thinks she
made her point. She questions, her point? He says he got her message, all
right? She says she doesn't know what he is talking about, she is just a kid
remember, and she walks away. Thorne shakes his head and laughs.

Steph barges into Brooke's office. Brooke wants to know what she wants. Steph
says Rick needs her support. He is going to ask Amber and the baby to move
back into the guest house.

Rick comes out of the baby's room and tells Amber that the baby fell right
back to sleep. He touches her shoulders as she sits on the couch and she gets
up and moves away. She wants to know what he really wants. He is the one that
told her he wanted her out of the guest house before and she keeps
remembering all the things he said. Rick tries to remind her of the good
times they had too. She asks him if he misses those times. He says he does,
he misses a lot of things and he misses her.

Brooke can't believe Rick is asking Amber to move back in with him. Steph
says they would be moving into the guest house and Rick will be at the main
house. Brooke says that Steph wants her to support her son in a decision that
she probably won't approve of and asks Stephanie if she sees how ironic that
is? Brooke tells her not to worry, she would never disown her son, as Steph
did hers. Steph says she should have known better than to come to Brooke
because she is not concerned about what her son does, let alone approve or
disapprove of anything and that is all right because Rick has his father and
her. Before Stephanie leaves, she says to Brooke that Eric has told her that
Bridget may be moving in with them as well, and asks if Brooke is still proud
of her parenting skills lately? Brooke stares with a frightened look after
Steph closes the door.

Amber tells Rick he can always take the baby places. He says it wouldn't be
as much fun and asks her to admit that they had fun. She admits it is true.
Rick tells her that he thinks this is a stage Amber is going through and she
has a habit of jumping into things without thinking. He tells her that what
she feels for CJ is not real and reminds her that she wouldn't even give CJ
the time of day a couple of years back when she knew he had a crush on her.
He tells her it is not real, CJ misses being a part of a family and she
misses what she and Rick had together. He tells her to think about it and
kisses her on the forehead and leaves.

Kim offers Thorne some lemonade. He refuses, and thanks her anyway. She tells
him that he looked like he was getting a little hot and bothered a while ago.
He tells her that this has gone far enough. She asks if he is uncomfortable?
He says no. She says, whatever you say. She asks Giovanni to get the next
session set up. Thorne looks over the bathing suits as Kim looks over at him.
She apologizes to Giovanni for getting sidetracked. Giovanni tells her to
relax and think of the man of her dreams. She poses and smiles and looks over
at Thorne and then away. Thorne looks very distracted himself. She asks
Giovanni if it is the Mediterranean Cruise. He says it is. She smiles and
goes to remove her top when Thorne comes over and stops the shoot. Thorne
tells Kim she is a very beautiful woman and asks if that is what she wants to
hear? She says as opposed to?  He says a girl. He tells her that she has
nothing to prove. She says he does. He is going to have to prove he doesn't
want to take this any further because all the evidence proves otherwise, and
she gets up and walks away. Thorne shakes his head and smiles with amusement.

Amber is sipping her cup of coffee and thinking when Rick walks in. Neither
of them says anything for a minute and CJ breaks the ice by apologizing for
taking off like that. She thinks it may be good that he did. He says it did
give him time to think and he is sorry, but he doesn't know why he is like
that. He is so scared of losing her. She says she isn't going anywhere. He
says it is so hard for him to trust right now because so many people he loved
have disappeared. She rests her head on his shoulder with a somber look on
her face. She says that he was hurt so much. He feels it isn't fair to her
that he freaks out that way. She understands. He says he should trust her. He
knows it is over with her and Rick and she has told him over and again that
she wants to raise the baby with him and it scares him how much he loves her.
They both look at each other without a word, then CJ comes over to her and
tells her that it is true, he loves her so much. She looks at him and brushes
his cheek with her hand. The pulls her close and they kiss.

Kim picks out another outfit to put on. Thorne walks over to where she is
changing and tells her that a man would have to be dead not to notice her.
She is all smiles on the other side of the wall. He says that what he is not
interested in is taking advantage of her. She peeks around the wall and tells
him that is impossible. He tells her he also doesn't want to ruin what he has
with Brooke. She asks what Brooke has done lately besides give him a bunch of
excuses? He tells her that she doesn't have to worry about that. She says
that she thinks he should. He looks confused. His phone rings. It is Brooke.
He invites her to dinner, she says she is sorry, but she has made plans with
Bridget already. He tells her to bring Bridget along. She says he knows she
would never go for that. He is disappointed, they had this planned for a
week. She says that maybe she can stop by later. He tells her they are
starting the shoot and he will talk to her later and hangs up as she tries to
get him to wait. He has such an angry look on his face as Kim comes out in a
beautiful white gown. She tells him that she has to get back to work but she
thinks they should talk more about this. She invited him over later, she will
cook dinner and they can talk, that is if he is free. He watches her walk
away as she poses again for the shoot. He is not sure of what he should do,
by the look on his face. The End.

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