The Bold & The Beautiful Monday 9/11/00

B&B Update Monday 9/11/00 By Linda

The show starts off with Thorne answering the phone, all out of breath.  It 
is Brooke, who questions his breathing. He tells her that he was out jogging. 
He asks her how she made out with Bridget? She says she wanted to talk to 
her. Thorne points out that she was too upset. Brooke feels Bridget needs a 
bit more understanding. Thorne says Bridget is learning that she can control 
them by throwing a fit and Brooke backing off. Brooke doesn't think so. Kim 
shows up at Brooke's door. Brooke spots her out of the corner of her eye and 
abruptly ends her call with Thorne who comments that she can call him when 
she has the time. Brooke tells Kim to come on in and asks what she can do for 
her. Kim says she has been meaning to talk to her.

Steph tells Rick and Eric that she can understand CJ because he has been with 
the baby for a long time. Rick feels that CJ is not in control and he is 
worried about the baby being there. Eric points out that CJ has always been a 
hot head. Rick says he went overboard this time. Steph thinks that CJ and 
Amber have been growing close and Steph thinks that if CJ didn't show up, 
Amber may have accepted their offer. Rick thinks that after the way CJ acted 
last night, things will be different with Amber and CJ and that he is his 
worse enemy. 

CJ and Amber argue over him being late last night or she wouldn't have been 
at the Forrester's in the first place. CJ says she didn't end up going to 
drug school anyway, why is that? Amber says that Eric called and got her off 
for the night. CJ thinks it is just great having the Forrester's in her 
court. She thinks it is. She says she has been doing a lot of thinking and 
she really thinks the Forresters were just trying to help and she doesn't 
know why he has so much of a problem with them. CJ says because they are not 
just trying to help and he wonders when she will get that through her head. 

Kim tells Brooke that she wants to start working again, assuming Brooke still 
wants her. Brooke tells her that they have already hired a model for Morgan's 
run but they would prefer to use Kim. Brooke is glad she is feeling better. 
Kim says she is feeling better but not to jump right back into it. Brooke 
says she can't hold off. Kim wants a close shoot. She wants Thorne there 
only. She asks Brooke if the shoot can be at her own place. Brooke says she 
will see what she can do, since she will have to get permits and all to shoot 
off campus. Brooke makes phone calls to arrange everything.

Rick says that Amber and the baby will be back by tomorrow. Eric wonders if 
he is sure. Eric is concerned about CJ's behavior and he wants to call a 
lawyer because they have no legal claim on the baby. Rick says neither does 
CJ. Eric points out that CJ has custody. Rick wants to wait. Eric asks what 
he will do if CJ persuades Amber to leave the country. Rick says he will talk 
to Amber, he thinks she is just a bit confused. Steph says he has to convince 
Amber that they are worried about the baby.

Amber says that CJ's reaction was too much. She can't understand what is 
wrong with him. He is trying to ban the Forresters from little Eric's life 
and they love him. CJ says it isn't that. CJ thinks she doesn't see what they 
are doing. He says they think he is using the baby and he is not. She wants 
to know what it is then. He says he knows how they operate. They have been 
doing it to his family for years. He says that as long as you do things the 
Forrester's way, they are happy, but as soon as you do what you want, they 
cut you off at the knees. Amber disagrees, she doesn't see that. He says that 
is what scares him. He asks why if Mr. Forrester was going to call off the 
drug class, why didn't he do it there. Then she wouldn't have needed a 
baby-sitter and could have stayed there with the baby. Amber says it is 
because Mr. Forrester didn't think about that. CJ asks her if she really 
believes that? He says they wanted him at their house and to stay there. He 
tells her that the Forresters have something they want and wonders if they 
would want her if she didn't have something they want. He asks her why she is 
so gullible. She says she was once married to Rick and they were just trying 
to help. He says maybe she is right. Maybe she belongs there. He asks her how 
it felt to be back in the mansion? She said that is not what she wants. He 
says that is what she said but the first chance she got, she ran right over 
there. She says because he wasn't there. He gets mad and heads for the door. 
She asks him not to go. He turns and tells her, why, if you need anything, 
you can ask Rick. He walks out.

Thorne knocks on Kim's patio door. No one is home. He walks away saying that 
Kim is probably too embraced to talk to him now. He flashes back to Kim 
telling him that she loves him and him turning her away. He says, the poor 
kid, her life turned upside down, no wonder she is confused.

Brooke tells Kim that there is no answer. Kim says he probably went surfing. 
Brooke say she can have someone else go with her if Thorne isn't available. 
Kim wants Thorne. She says it has to be someone who understands her. In comes 
Giovanni. He sees Kim and goes to her with open arms. They say how much they 
missed each other. Brooke tells him that Kim is coming back to work. He is 
happy for her and asks if she is starting today. Brooke says she is but there 
is a change of plans. They will be having the shoot at Kim's place. Giovanni 
thinks that is a wonderful idea. Kim says Thorne will supervise. Giovanni 
asks if Thorne is out of the business. Brooke jokes that they will have to 
get him out of retirement. She is sure he is going stir crazy anyway. Kim 
says she is going home to start getting ready. She takes an outfit home with 
her. After she leaves, Giovanni says how Kim has changed. Brooke agrees, she 

Amber holds the picture of her with CJ and the baby and says, come home. 
There is a knock at the door. It is Rick. 

Thorne is waxing his surf board when he spots a semi clad Kim come out on her 
patio. He stares. The phone rings. It is Brooke. She asks if he is still mad 
at her. He says no. She explains that she had to hang up because Kim was 
there and wants to start working again. Thorne thinks that is great. Brooke 
agrees. She says they could really use her for this campaign but she didn't 
want to push her. She tells him that Kim volunteered. Thorne says, good for 
her and she has come along way. Brooke credits Thorne for that. She tells him 
that Kim wants him to supervise the shoot. She tells him not to worry, his 
family won't know, they will do it at Kim's. Thorne looks out at Kim and asks 
Brooke whose idea was it. Brooke says, Kimberly's, actually. He tells Brooke 
that he doesn't think it is a good idea for him to handle this. She thought 
he would be glad to have something to do. He says that isn't the issue. She 
asks what it is. She says his family won't know and Kim really wants her 
there. He gives in to her. Brooke is so happy. She will see him then. 

Kim says, today, Thorne, you are going to see a whole new side of me.

Rick says hi and asks if Amber is busy. She invites him in. He asks where CJ 
is. She lies and says he went out to get some things. She says about last 
night. He tells her not to apologize, it isn't her fault. She feels she 
should explain why CJ got so angry. He asks if she knows why and she says, 
not really. She says she guesses that it is because he doesn't trust Rick's 
family. He says they are even then because the way CJ has been acting lately, 
he doesn't trust that CJ will do what is right for my son. Amber says that CJ 
does love the baby, and Rick doesn't get to see them together. Rick turns and 
tells her that he didn't come to talk about CJ. He came to talk about "us". 
She says, there is an "us"? He wants her to tell him if there is. She tells 
him he doesn't have to do this. She says she knows he would do anything to 
get the baby. She says he married her once. He says it was too much too fast 
and wonders if she ever thought about how it would have been if they had 
taken it slow. Yes, she has. He says maybe it isn't too late to find out now.


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