The Bold & The Beautiful Wednesday 9/6/00

B&B Update Wednesday 9/6/00  By Linda

The show starts out at Amber and CJ's apartment. Stephanie tells CJ that Amber and the baby are at her house and that is where they are going to stay. CJ tells her that she is not going to steal his son. Kim is all over Thorne as he tells her that she is confused and unable to think. She states that she has been feeling this way for some time and he had to know how she felt. He tells her that their feelings were in connection to Macy's death and she is too young for him. He is a man and she is a girl. Eric is on the phone and Amber wants to use it to call CJ. Rick assures her that Stephanie was leaving him a note, but Amber would rather call and talk to him. Rick tells her it is CJ's fault being he was late. Helen comes in and picks up the baby. Rick asks her to take him out of the room. Eric called and arranged for Amber to miss her drug school for the night. She thanks him and says she will call CJ to pick them up. Steph says that CJ was late and that is why they took the baby with them when they left. CJ asks who is "they"? Steph mentions Eric and Rick. CJ goes off on how he knew Rick had to be involved. Steph says she knows he loves the baby but little Eric is better off with family. Rick tells Amber she can't just hurry off like that. Eric tells her to wait until the baby finishes his dinner. She says there is no hurry seeing she doesn't have to go to drug school. Rick asks her to sit down, he has something to show her. Eric looks pleased. Rick shows Amber a picture of the three of them together, her, Rick and the baby. Helen brings the baby back in and hands him to Rick. Amber says she realizes that he misses the baby. He tells her that she has no idea how much he misses him. CJ can't believe Steph said he shouldn't be in the baby's life. Stephanie says she never said that. She says she thinks he has done well with the baby with all he has been through but now with the drug situation. He jumps in that she is just trying to take the baby away from him and doesn't care what he has been through. She says he is wrong, if she had thought they were capable of taking care of the baby, they would never be having this conversation, but he is in over his head. He says they have made some mistakes, but that doesn't make them unfit parents. He says that Amber and he love that child and there is nothing they wouldn't do for him. She tells him the best thing he could do for the baby is leave him with the them. He tells her that no one is going to take him from them, no one. Kim can't believe he thinks of her as a girl. He says he is much older than her. He says he is flattered, but it can't work. She tells him that it is not cute, or sweet, she wants a relationship with him. She is sure it will work, they belong together. He tells her that he is in love with Brooke and they are going to move in together. She tells him that she is trying to stop him before it is too late because she belongs with him, and that is where she wants to stay. He tells her that it is not going to happen for them and he is sorry. She says he didn't give her a chance. He says he is committed to Brooke. She says he told her that he would always be there for her. He says he will even after he moves in with Brooke. He doesn't want to hurt her but she can't keep going on like this, she has to give up this fantasy. He tells her that she is beautiful and talented and someday she will find someone that is more appropriate for her. The phone rings and it is Brooke. She is right outside and can't wait to see him. He tells her he will be there in a second. Kim begs him not to tell Brooke what she said. He promises. He turns toward the door and says he will be right there, Brooke. When he turns back, Kim is gone. Amber and Rick fuss over the baby and Amber comments that he will make a good soccer player since he is always kicking with those chubby little legs. Rick says he used to play soccer. The talk about the past and Rick tells her that he thinks she is doing a fine job raising the baby. He knew from the day he was born that little Eric was lucky to have her as a mother. She says she knows how much he wants little Eric back in his life. He says not just little Eric and touches her hand. She asks what he is doing? He says he isn't sure but it feels good, doesn't it? She looks at him. Stephanie and CJ go a couple more rounds about little Eric. He is determined to get him back home and Stephanie is determined to keep him right where he is. She tells him that she know he is devoted to the baby but he is not the only one, so is Rick. CJ tells her that Becky didn't leave the baby to Rick. She left him to Amber and him. She says that Becky would have no way of knowing what was going to happen. CJ says she wanted the baby happy and safe. Stephanie blasts him, safe? Drug dealers in here? Amber has a felony for drug possession, please? She says they placed that baby in danger. How would Becky feel about that? That gives CJ a bit to think about. He looks a bit disappointed in himself. Thorne opens the door and lets Brooke in. She says she was going to call and tell him she was coming but it was more fun to surprise him. He says he really, really missed her. She missed him too. Kim watches from her patio with binoculars and sees Thorne and Brooke together and says that he deserves better than Brooke. Kim calls Bridget and tells her about Brooke's visit to Thorne and urges her to come right away. Bridget is devastated. Her mother told her she would keep her distance from him. Amber tells Rick to stop. He asks what he is doing? He wants to know if this has to do with CJ? She says she isn't going to answer that. He tells her to put CJ out of her mind. It is just them now, just her, him and the baby. Just like old times. CJ asks Stephanie what she thinks Becky would think about her? Stephanie says she thinks Becky would be relieved. CJ repeats, relieved, relieved? He tells her that she is destroying the baby's family. She tells him that Becky would want what is best for the baby and now she would want them to give him to the Forresters. CJ asks if she lost her mind. Steph says that is what Becky said. CJ tells her that was a bad spot in Becky's life. Steph says she wanted what was best for the baby because she couldn't take care of him alone. She gave him to the person who could and that was an enormous sacrifice. That is what parents do, not matter what and Becky understood that and so did Amber. CJ can't believe she actually believes that. Six months ago Steph threw Amber out. CJ asks how they lured her over there. Steph says Amber wanted to go. CJ can't believe that, she wouldn't take off with his son. Steph says he is not CJ's son. He is Eric Forrester III. He blasts her asking when they are going to get it through their thick heads, little Eric is not a Forrester, none of their blood runs through his veins. She says that Rick raised that baby practically from the day he was born for the first year of his life. CJ says he is going to raise him the rest of it. Steph assures him he is not because he had his chance but forget it, it is over. CJ tells her she is not going to have it her way. He is going over there and taking the baby and when he is back with him safe, and where he belongs, the Forresters will never see him again, never. The End.


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