The Bold & The Beautiful Tuesday 9/5/00

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Stephanie wonders why Amber pleaded guilty to a crime she didn't commit.
Amber says that she was scared that if it went to trial and they found her
guilty, she would lose the baby. Eric points out that she now has a felony
charge against her and it will follow her around the rest of her life. Amber
isn't worried about that. Stephanie says she is worried about it. She asks
who is going to take care of the baby while she works and goes to school. She
says CJ. Rick protests. He says that CJ is going to be as busy as she is.
Amber says she hasn't worked all of the details out yet. Stephanie tells her
that they want her to move back in with them.

Sally shows CJ the newspaper with the headline about Amber. She asks CJ what
this is? He says it is exactly what Amber was trying to avoid. Sally asks if
this is true. He says no. She asks why she pleaded guilty then. He says her
lawyer told her to. Sally says she should have called her, she could have
gotten Conner Davis to help. He says, okay, Amber screwed up, but it will
never happen again.

Thorne tells Kim that her song was beautiful. She says she should have told
him a long time ago. He says the crowd loved her. She tells him that she sang
the song for him. He tells her she is doing a great job. He hugs her and
thanks her for the song (calling her kiddo) and leaves. She stands there with
a puzzled look on her face. She sits at the bar in a huff. The guy who played
the tape for her comes over and asks what is wrong. She says nothing. He asks
if Thorne liked the song. He says he can see she has a crush on Thorne. She
says it is not a crush. He says, even he wasn't twice her age, he is already
involved. She asks if he could talk about it later and walks away.

CJ states that Amber is not criminal. Sally says she should have denied the
charges. CJ agrees, but she did what she did to protect her family. Sally
questions "family"? He says, yes, he, Amber and the baby. He says he knows he
hasn't been there that long but Amber and he are completely committed and
they want a stable home with a mother and a father that love him. Sally says,
and each other? He then admits that he loves Amber. He never expected it to
happen. When he moved in there they were just friends but the more time he
spent with her the more he respected her and he knows that Becky knew that
and that is why she wanted them to raise the baby. He says he sees so much of
Becky in the baby it is like she is smiling at him through little Eric. He
asks if she thinks it is too soon for him to be feeling this way. She asks if
he thinks so and he says he doesn't. For some reason, he thinks it is right
and he and Amber have a future together.

Amber still argues her point that she and CJ can do it. Rick points out that
if the baby is sick, she will have to call in to work and she can't do that.
Steph asks if she would rather be there and not have to worry about all that
and the baby will be around people that loves him. Eric asks if she thinks
the baby deserves to be in a protected area. The badger her for an answer.

Kim shows up and Thorne's. He is surprised to see her and asks what she is
doing there? She says they have to talk. He says he was just about to take a
swim and asks her to join him. She declines and says there is something she
has to talk to him about that she has been trying to tell him for some time.
She tells him that she really wants him to know how much this relationship
means to her, how much he means to her. He interrupts saying she means a lot
to him too. She tells him to let her finish. She says that after Macy died,
she was so depressed and he bought her out of it. He changed her and for the
first time, she knows exactly what she wants. He says that is wonderful. She
says it is because of him. He thinks she is giving him way too much credit.
She tells him that he doesn't understand. She didn't stop by to thank him for
being her friend. She is trying to tell him how she feels. He says he knows,
he feels the same way. She says, you do? He says, yes, when she first moved
into Macy's place, he thought it was going to be awkward, but these past two
weeks have been incredible. She is a great kid and he is glad to have gotten
to know her. She says she has been keeping a secret from him and she has to
tell him the truth.

CJ asks Sally if she is upset about him and Amber? All she has ever wanted is
what is best for him. She is only worried about all he is taking on, but if
they are truly committed. She is behind them 100%. He says he is glad because
he thinks they are going to need all the support they can get. Rick is trying
to get Amber to go over there by waving his wallet in front of her. Sally
says Amber seems a bit smarter than that. CJ says they keep pressuring her
and the Forresters will do anything they can to get their own way. Sally says
that the baby is not a Forrester and his mother's dying wish was for he and
Amber to raise the baby together.

Amber tells the Forresters that she is thankful but she is not leaving CJ,
they have become very close. Stephanie asks if she is telling them that she
and CJ are involved. Amber says they are his parents. Steph asks if this has
moved beyond a friendship? She admits it is starting too. Rick says, no and
shakes his head in disgust. Eric can't believe it. Amber says they have been
through so much together, it is important to her. Steph asks if it is so
important the she would consider spending the rest of her live with him?
Amber says she doesn't know, she doesn't even think like that. Eric points
out that she should think about it, what happens to the baby if the
relationship doesn't last?

Sally reminds him that Becky made it very clear that she wanted CJ and Amber
to raise the baby. She asks CJ if he is sure Amber won't give in to the
Forresters? He says, no way. She is committed to him. She asks if Amber told
him that. He says he can see it in all that Amber does for him and the baby.
He says they got through the drug thing together and that is how they are
going to handle the Forresters. Sally tells him that she will be there for
him and she wants what makes him happy. He hugs her. He has to run so he will
be home for Amber and the baby.

Stephanie pours on the guilt, telling her that she should be there and
pointing out all of the good things she had there. CJ is running late so the
Forresters offer to take care of the baby for Amber so she isn't late for her
appointment. She needs this and that for the baby so she can go and the
Forresters have everything under control. Amber walks out with the baby so
the Forresters can take him home while she meets her appointment. Eric turns
to Rick and Steph and says they now have the baby home. Rick says now they
have to keep him there.

Kim tells Thorne she is not the naive little girl he thinks she is. He says
he never said that and thinks she is quite mature for her age. She says what
if she were to tell him that she was in love with an older man? Would that
surprise him? He says Brooke told him she was seeing someone. She says she
can't get him off her mind. She says she is not sure he feels the same way
about her. He asks if she told him. She says she has tried, as she walks
toward him, but the man keeps telling her she is sweet. She puts her hands on
his chest. He backs up. She tells him the man is him. She is in love with him.

CJ comes home calling out to Amber, apologizing for being late, he got caught
up talking to his mother. Stephanie comes out of the back room and tells him
that Amber isn't there. He asks where she is? She doesn't answer him so CJ
yells at her to tell him, he is not playing around. She says they are at her
house and they are going to stay there. CJ huffs.

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