The Bold & The Beautiful Friday 9/1/00

B&B Update Friday 09/1/00  By Linda

 The show starts off with Brooke and Thorne's lips glued together. She tells
him he shouldn't be there. She apologizes for the other night, sending him
home. She asks if he understands and he says he does, Bridget has a problem
and he is going to straighten it out with her.

Kim is sitting at the Insomnia. She sees two people kissing. Ah, she views it
as a fantasy of her kissing Thorne. Bridget walks in and asks how much CJ
charges for that. Kim asks what. Bridget says, the make out session. Kim
responds, oh. Kim asks how she is doing. Bridget is OK. Kim asks if Thorne
went back there. Bridget says no, she would leave if he did. Kim tells her
not to leave the house or Thorne can move in, she is the only one who can
stop this relationship. Bridget says there has to be someone out there for
Mom. Kim tells her that there is.

Amber fixed a great brunch for the two of them. They discuss the court case.
He is not happy that she pleaded guilty to something she didn't do. She says
she had to. He knows. She says anything to help their precious little baby.
She goes over to the baby and tells him that no one will ever take him away.

Stephanie is in with Eric and Rick. Steph wants her to come over. Rick thinks
that is a bad idea. Steph is unknown to what is going on. Eric says she was
convicted of a felony. Steph asks what kind of felony, for what. Eric tells
her it was drugs. Rick says he is sorry, he just didn't want her to know.

CJ wants to take the baby to the beach. Amber says OK, but she wants to give
a call about her sentence. She thinks it is not as bad as going to jail. He
thinks it is not fair, she wasn't guilty. She says she had to take the plea
because if she went to trial, she may have gone to jail. He thinks she is
amazing standing up to the judge and her only concern was losing the baby. CJ
says nothing comes before the baby. She hopes he doesn't hold it against her
for copping that plea. He says he is proud of her and Becky would be too. He
wants her to pick up the pieces and move on. She has.

Rick tells Steph that it happened a couple of weeks ago and there was a party
and there were drugs involved. Rick tells her that they were planted by
someone who didn't like Amber. Steph says they better stop hiding things from
her to protect her. Rick stands up for Amber saying there is no way they were
her drugs. Steph wants to know why she was convicted then? Eric explains the
plea bargain. Steph thinks the baby is not safe there. Eric says that is why
they have to get him out of there.

Brooke says the problem is between the 3 of them. Thorne says it is between
him and Bridget and she has to let him handle it his way. Brooke says no, she
is her daughter and she wants to handle her child. Thorne says she is 16, not
a child. Brooke thinks Bridget will come around if they give her some time.
Thorne agrees. Brooke goes over and locks the door to her office. She has an
idea. She does a strip tease in front of him as he drools. He jumps up and
they start kissing. There is a knock at the door. Brooke says it is Megan.
Thorne doesn't want to answer. Brooke realizes she has a meeting. Thorne gets
frustrated. He wants them to have the apartment and not meet this way.

Bridget wants Kim to fix Thorne up with this person she is talking about. Kim
says she can't right now because the person is not working there anymore. Kim
tells her that between the two of them, they will keep Thorne and Brooke
apart. Bridget thanks her for the support and leaves. After Bridget leaves,
Kim says, she has to make a move and it has to be tonight.

Rick doesn't want to take the baby away from Amber. She loves him. Steph
agrees, the baby is happy with Amber. Steph suggest Amber moves back to the
guest house, if that is still what Rick wants. He agrees. Steph wants to go
over and talk to Amber.

Thorne arrives at the Insomnia. Kim spots him and asks one of the guys if he
can help her, she wants to sing a song for Thorne. The guy asks how old he
is. She tells him that he is old enough for her. She has a tape and hands it
to him, she wants thank Thorne.

Thorne is drinking coffee, he says he needs scotch and a very cold shower.
All of a sudden he hears someone say, this is for a very dear friend. He
looks up and Kim is at the mic. Thorne is all smiles. She sings, Thank You.
She gets up from the stool and walks over and sings directly to Thorne.
Everyone applauds. The guy that played the tape for her comes over and tells
her to be careful.

Amber is playing with the baby when the Forresters show up. Steph asks if she
is alone and she says she is, CJ went to visit his mother. Steph asks her if
she had drugs in the apartment. Amber says yes, but she didn't know, someone
brought them. Stephanie interrogates her, then tells her it will never happen
again, and she is going to make sure of it. Amber stares at Stephanie and the
show ends.

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