The Bold & The Beautiful Thursday 8/31/00

B&B Update Thursday 08/31/00  By Linda

Morgan demands to know what Stephanie and Ridge are doing there. She asks if
she should pour more tea. Steph tells her to stop playing victim. They want
her not to tell Taylor about the baby.  She promises. Morgan tells Steph that
she has her word, but when Steph tells her to promise not to ever tell
anyone. Morgan looks at her, possibly thinking that Clarke already knows.
Morgan tells Ridge that she thought he was going to tell Taylor. He thinks he
should. Between Steph and Morgan, he decides not to tell her. Morgan says
that Taylor keeps asking who the father is, what should she tell her when she
asks again. Steph tells her to stay away from Taylor. Morgan says no, they
are friends. Steph tells her to tell Taylor that she was artificially
inseminated. Morgan says she won't believe it. Steph tells her to make her
believe it. Morgan says she doesn't like being bossed around like that. Steph
tell her she doesn't want to mess with her, so Morgan agrees to do is
Stephanie's way. Now, Stephanies asks, who else knows about this being
Ridge's baby? Morgan is upset. Steph asks if it was Brooke? She says no.
Ridge says she did tell someone. She asks why. Ridge says because she wants
to ruin his marriage. She says again, she is not out to ruin his marriage.
Morgan says she didn't tell anyone. Steph says she better not or she will use
everything she has. Steph asks Ridge to agree that none of them will mention
this pregnancy again. They all agree. Morgan says she needs some time alone.
Steph says she will have plenty of that from now on and she and Ridge walks
out. Morgan grabs the phone, oh no, Clarke, she has to get a hold of him.

When Rick tells Eric that Amber is in court. Eric wants to know who she has
for a lawyer. Rick says he doesn't know. Rick says he told her to use their
lawyer but she doesn't want anyone's help. Eric is afraid if Amber is
convicted, the baby will be taken away. Eric decides that is the place they
should be. They leave.

The judge demands to know what Amber's plea is. She says she is pleading
guilty, but not to selling drugs, because she would never do that. The judge
asks if there is plea bargain he should know about. The prosecutor answers,
yes and hands the judge the papers. The judge again asks Amber if she is
pleading guilty. CJ shakes his head no when Amber looks back at him for his
approval. She looks at the baby and turns and says guilty your honor. They
swear her in. The judge asks her if she understands that she will be giving
up her rights to a fair trial. She says yes. He says you will be considered
guilty. She understands. He asks if anyone has made threats to her to enter
this plea of guilty. She looks at her lawyer and says he told her that if she
went to trial she would probably be found guilty. Her lawyer says that he
worked out a plan with the prosecutor and the judge says that is if he
agrees. The judge asks if she knows that he could send her to jail if he
finds her guilty. She says yes. Amber takes the stand. The judge asks her if
she has used drugs in the last 48 hours. Amber says she doesn't use drugs. He
then says, but you say you are guilty of the charges. She looks at her lawyer
as he glares back. Eric and Rick are in the back of the courtroom. Eric can't
believe she is pleading guilty to possession. Rick can't understand why she
would. When Eric notices CJ holding the baby, he says he can't believe they
brought him there. Rick gets up and heads over to CJ. Eric pulls him back and
tells him not to cause a scene. The judge asks Amber if she realizes that she
has pleaded guilty to drugs. She responds, yes, your honor. The judge wants
more info from the prosecutor, who tells him that there was an anonymous call
in that there were drugs on the premises. The judge gives her one year
probation and drug school. The judge asks if there is anything in
aggravation. Her lawyer says she has never been in trouble before and she
does have a child. The judge says that is not in her favor, he doesn't like
to see anyone with a child being brought up on drug charges, although he will
agree to the plea bargain. The judge tells her to stay away from the junk, if
he sees her in there again, he will put her away for 3 years, is that
understood? She says, yes, your honor. Court dismissed. Amber walks over to
CJ and tells him she wants to get out of there. Eric and Rick get up and
stare at Amber coming out. Rick goes to go after her and Eric pulls him back.
He has an idea.

Amber and CJ arrive home. She says he doesn't know how much that little
apartment means to her right now. He says it is home. She says now they are
safe and she and CJ will raise the baby and no one will ever threaten them
again. They kiss.

Rick blares out, how can she plead guilty. Eric says maybe she is. Rick
doesn't believe it. Eric says that Amber is a felon now and raising a baby
that isn't truly hers. Rick asks where he is going with this. Eric says that
they can fight custody and they can win.

The phone rings and Clarke answers. Morgan tells him that she talked to
Ridge. He bets Ridge told Taylor and she threw him out on his ear. She tells
him that she told Stephanie that no one else knows about the baby. He wonders
if she trusts him. She begs him not to tell anyone, ever. He says okay. She
says she will lose her Taylor and Ridge and her baby will end up in the eye
of the hurricane if he says anything. He promises not to tell. After they
hang up, Clarke goes on about how many people only know and he now has the
ultimate trump card that can blow the Forrester's to pieces.

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