The Bold & The Beautiful Wednesday 8/30/00

B&B Update Wednesday 8/30/00  By Linda

The show starts off with Morgan pacing in her office. There is a knock at the
door. It is Clarke. He asks if there is any word yet? He says it is a
wonderful day, how long has she been waiting for this. She says she never
wanted to cause trouble. He asks why she got pregnant. She says she would
have had this baby a long time ago if it wasn't for Stephanie. He says he
can't wait to see what happened last night when Ridge told Taylor. This is
all Stephanie's doing. Morgan hopes he came to his senses and didn't tell
her. Clarke says Ridge told her, he is too honest. She can only imagine how
Taylor would feel. Clarke says that Taylor will never forgive him and they
will get exactly what they deserve.

Stephanie is going through the living room with a mug in hand when she spots
Ridge. She asks how Taylor is doing and Ridge says she is fine. Steph asks if
Taylor understands that is was all Morgan's doing. He tells her he couldn't
tell her because the house was full of photographers. Steph asks for what and
he shows her the cover of the Fashion magazine. Steph looks shocked.

Amber is finishing up cleaning the baby after eating. CJ wonders about this
lawyer, where is he? Amber says it is not that late. He tells her that they
should have called his mother. There is a knock at the door. It is her
lawyer. He introduces himself to CJ and they shake hands. Mr. Gates tells her
that she will not go to jail. Amber is so excited. CJ asks if they dropped
the charges. Mr. Gates says no, but they did agree to reduce them. Amber
turns and looks at him in shock. She wants to know what they are dealing
with. He says they dropped the charges to simple possession. She says this is
good. He says if she agrees to this, she can't fight the charges. She asks if
that means she will be saying she is guilty. No, says CJ, can't you get them
to drop all of the charges. He says, no, if word got out that they dropped
charges on a case they had solid evidence. She asks what will happen to her.
Mr. Gates says she could have to go to drug school and counseling, but it is
not for sure, she still could go to jail.

Ridge says how Taylor said he was a devoted and trusted husband. Steph assure
him that he is. He tells her to tell Taylor that. He can't involve Taylor in
such a scandal. How can he keep her out of all this? Steph tells him not to
tell Taylor. Ridge wants to know why? She thinks it is best he never tells
her. He says he can't do it. She says then go over there right now and tell
her then, because the longer he waits. She says she will understand if she
knew about the email and phone message. He says that was Morgan's doing. She
says that Taylor doesn't know that and maybe they should just leave it alone.
Taylor never has to know the truth.

Morgan tells Clarke that Taylor is going to hate her for this. She is her
only friend and she needs to explain to Taylor that she is not after her
husband, she just wanted a baby, that's all. She calls Taylor and is confused
when she starts telling her about them being the family of the year and how
when Ridge got there the camera crew was there and all and they never did get
to talk, but she knows there was something on Ridge's mind. Morgan is happy
for them. Taylor thanks her. Morgan asks how the children are and Taylor asks
her how hers is and tells her the baby is going to be beautiful. They hang up
and Morgan turns to Clarke and tells him the Ridge didn't tell Taylor. Morgan
is so happy.

CJ tries to convince Amber that this is not a good deal. Mr. Gates tells him
it is the best he could get her. CJ says it is too risky. Gates says, not as
bad as two counts of felony charges. Amber asks if she will still be charge
with a felony. He says yes. She asks if she will still be able to keep her
baby and not go to jail. Gates says if the judge agrees on the plea bargain.
CJ says Amber will have a record. Amber doesn't like that idea. Gates tells
her it is the best way to do it. He tries to rush them off for court. CJ
wants him to get a continuance. Gates says it is too short a notice and the
judge won't go for it. CJ looks at her with an, I told you so, look. Amber
looks over at the baby and shakes her head nervously.

Ridge doesn't want to hide things from Taylor, that is not what his marriage
is about. She knows but he has to do this with the magazine coming out. She
tells him not to put his marriage to the test. He says she didn't feel this
way yesterday. He wonders what Morgan will say about all this. Steph asks if
he knows where she is? He is not sure. Steph wants to go find her and see.
They get up and leave.

Clarke wonders why Morgan talks about Taylor as though she is her sister.
Morgan feels that sometimes she feels like she is because Taylor si so
supportive of her. He reminds her that Taylor is a Forrester and when all
blows up, she will want Morgan's hide like the rest of them. Morgan says she
has this feeling that everything may just work out peacefully. Clarke is
skeptical. Clarke tells her not to trust Stephanie after the tea incident. He
tells her to take care, he will be out of town for a while. He warns her to
stay away from the Forresters. She says Stephanie will not be back there
again and if she ever threatens her baby, it will be the biggest mistake of
her life.

They arrive at court. CJ tells Amber not to do anything. Gates tells him that
she has to tell him what to do and asks Amber if she is going to accept the
plea bargain? She doesn't know. He rushes her to come to a decision. CJ wants
him to stall. He can't, he says if he doesn't give the judge a plea, he will
bring her up on the original charges. Amber's case is called. She looks up,
gets up and walks to the front of the room. The judge asks her plea?

Morgan is heading out of her apartment when she runs into Ridge and Steph at
the door. She wants to know what Steph is doing there since she told her
never to step foot in her house again. Stephanie says they have a problem and
it needs to be solved now, once and for all. She and Ridge walk right in as
Morgan stares at them.  The End

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