The Bold & The Beautiful Tuesday 8/29/00

B&B Update Tuesday 8/29/00  By Linda

The show starts with Ridge and Taylor talking. Ridge keeps trying to talk to
Taylor but she has a million and one excuses why she can't do it now.

Amber and CJ talk about her trial. CJ wonders about her lawyer and what he is
up to. CJ says all he is doing is taking her money. She thinks he has no
confidence in her. He is scared. She knows, but telling her she has a lousy
lawyer isn't helping her case. He tells her to call his mother and get a good
lawyer. She refuses to take any charity.

Morgan shows off one of the models to Megan. She wants her opinion. She loves
the blue. Morgan says it is a Forrester '91. Meg tells her it will be a big
sellout. Morgan asks if she has seen Stephanie. Meg tells her that she was in
with Ridge for a long time but she is not sure where she went. After everyone
leaves her office, she says she wants to get out of there before Stephanie
shows up and what do you know, there she is, Stephanie. Steph accuses her of
trying to break up Ridge's marriage. Morgan says if she wanted to do that,
she would have told Taylor about the baby. Stephanie says that he is telling
Taylor now.

Taylor says it sounds like it is really serious, she will run in and tell
Catherine she will be a minute. Ridge says he will tell her himself. He opens
the door and goes inside. There is a photographer in there. Ridge asks what
is going on? They have a magazine shoot. They want to photograph the family,
including Ridge. They had a poll and found them to be the most intriguing
family and they are going to do a series on them. When the photographer moves
aside, Ridge tells her that they have to get these people out of here. When
the photographer comes back, Taylor tells him that her husband wants to talk
to her a minute. The photographer is kind and says no problem. He comments on
how Taylor was just telling him about his happy marriage. Ridge looks like he
can't get a word out. Now deciding if he should tell Taylor after all.

Morgan confirms that Steph said Ridge is telling Taylor. Steph says that is
what Morgan planned. Morgan tells her there was no plan. Steph says if she
breaks up the marriage, she won't have Ridge. Morgan says she doesn't want
him like that. She never planned on Ridge losing the life he loves. Morgan
wants to know what made him confess, she told him that she would keep this
secret forever so if Ridge does tell Taylor, it will be Stephanie's fault.

Amber calls her lawyer to find out if he has had any luck with her case. She
gets the answering machine and tells Mr. Gates to call her back. CJ asks what
she will do if he doesn't call her back. She says she will go to jail. He
tells her not to talk like that. How is she going to be a good Mom from jail?
He insists she lets him call his Mom, it won't be a hand out, she can pay him
back. She says she has been through that with the Forresters. He says they
are not the Forresters, they are her family. She asks if he really means
that. She says of course he does. She tells him that he is so sweet and they
kiss. He says he will call his Mom and she agrees.

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