The Bold & The Beautiful Monday 8/28/00

B&B Update Monday 8/28/00 By Linda

The show starts off with Bridget and Brooke still at it about who is more
important to Brooke, her or her half brother? Bridget asks why Brooke hid it
from her for so long and Brooke tells her that they wanted to be sure first.
Bridget can't handle this.

Kim, talking to herself about how if Thorne gets through to Bridget, there
won't be anything stopping him from moving in there, she can't let that
happen. She goes inside and Thorne tells her that he is going over there and
there is nothing she can say to change his mind. Thorne calls Brooke's and
there is no answer. He is glad, this will give him more time. He calls and
orders flowers and has a note attached that says "Tonight is only the

Stephanie asks Ridge when he is going to tell Taylor. There is no stopping
the fact that Morgan will have his baby and it is better he tell her than
someone else. He knows.

Taylor asks Morgan if she doesn't trust her enough to tell her about the
baby's father. Morgan says that is not it. Taylor asks why she won't tell her
then? Morgan says because he asked her to keep it a secret. She can only tell
her that she values her friendship. Taylor says OK, she is getting tired of
this routine, it is getting old.

Brooke asks Eric for some privacy. Bridget says Brooke doesn't want him there
because he agrees with her like a lot of other people will. Brooke asks her
what she wants her and Thorne to do, deny they have feelings for one another.
Bridget tells her that she doesn't have to act on every feeling she has, she
should try to show some restraint. Brooke says they tried but they were
miserable. Bridget says so now everyone has to be miserable. Brooke tells her
she should be happy for her. Bridget can't believe her ears. Brooke says that
Bridget was right when she said she saw Brooke make mistakes, many times she
tried to force things that just weren't right, but that's not how it has been
with Thorne. Their feelings grew out of their friendship, out of their love
for one another, out of their trust. Thorne is coming over tonight and they
are going to sit down, they need to talk. Bridget says that she told her
mother to chose between them and Brook invites him over? Brooke tells her
that she doesn't want to chose. Bridget tells her that she just did because
she is not coming home tonight or any other night he is there. Brooke tells
her that maybe this is going too fast being that Bridget just found out.
Bridget says she is not going to changer her mind and Brooke insists that she
comes home so they can talk about it. Bridget asks, no Thorne? Brooke
responds, no Thorne. She will make sure he isn't there. Bridget looks at Eric
for his approval. He tells her to call him tonight. Brooke holds Bridget and
tell her not to get so upset, everything will be just fine. Bridget removes
Brooke's hands from her and walks out. Brooke tells Eric he better never use
their daughter against her again. Eric claims she came there devastated and
he was there for her, was she? Brooke glares at him and then walks out.

Ridge is in the mirror shaving. He looks at Steph and asks if she thinks this
is going to be easy. Steph say he has to be honest with Taylor. Ridge states
that Stephanie doesn't think there is a chance Taylor will forgive him, does

Bridget and Brooke arrive home. Bridget asks if she called Thorne. Brooke
says there is no answer, if he comes over, she will tell him to go. Brooke
tells her that she and Rick are more important to her than anything in this
world. Bridget goes upstairs.

Morgan thanks Taylor for lunch. Taylor says, not a problem, just take care of
that baby. Morgan says all she does is for him and asks if Taylor will help
her. Taylor says, of course she will, she wants to be a big part of that
baby's life. Morgan says that is what she wants too. They hug and Taylor
tells her she will see her later. Morgan leaves and outside Taylor's door she
says, "I wonder how you will feel when you find out Ridge is my baby's

Stephanie tells Ridge that he slept with another woman, of course Taylor will
be angry and hurt. He says it wasn't about sex. Steph says she understands
that but it is beside the point. He asks if she thinks Taylor will
understand? She says it is a pretty fantastic story, isn't it? What woman
asks her husband to father another woman's child? He says that Taylor and he
did talk about this and there was actually a point where Taylor considered
it. Maybe if he reminds her of that she will try to understand why he
believed the e-mail and let Morgan manipulate him the way she did.

Ridge fantasies about telling Taylor and her reaction.  It shows Taylor
walking away and lashing out at a poor potted plant by the fireplace.  Ridge
telling her that she has to understand, he would never have done something
like this if he had known the truth. The e-mail, the phone message, he swears
to her, he thought that was what she wanted. Taylor is in tears. She says,
for him to have sex? She walks away. He tells her he is so sorry. She puts
her hands to her face and says, "Oh my God, That *****." Ridge says he was
such a fool for trusting her. Taylor can't believe she trusted her either,
they were there for her and supported her and she just used them. She was
playing them all along and now she is pregnant. Ridge asks her to tell him
that she forgives him, he doesn't want to lose her. She tells him he is not
going to lose her, they will work it out together, she loves him and hugs him

He comes to and asks Stephanie if it is possible? She asks if he is out of
his mind.

Kim shows up at Bridget's to see if she is OK. Bridget tells her that she
went to see her dad as Kim had suggested and everything is all right. He said
she could move in with him if she wanted.  Kim asks if she was moving out?
Bridget says no, she told her mother that she was thinking about it and she
backed down. Kim tells her that is wonderful. Bridget says that Thorne was
going to come over but Brooke is going to tell him to leave. Kim tells her
that is wonderful, she stood up to her mother and she listened. Kim tells her
to keep it up, she is the one person who can put an end to this. Thorne
arrives and Brooke answers the door. He is hiding behind a big bouquet and
peeks out and says, "Hi, gorgeous." She is flabbergasted. He leans forward
and kisses her then asks where Bridget is. Brooke tells him that she is up in
her room. He says good he will go up and talk to her. Brooke stops him and
tells him not to talk to her just yet.

Ridge says that if he presents it to Taylor in a certain way. She tells him
he has to be prepared, Taylor is not his priest and is not going to grant him
absolution, what he is about to tell her is going to devastate her. He thanks
her for the encouragement. She tells him that saving his marriage is the
biggest challenge he is ever going to face, don't go home thinking he has
easy answers, because he doesn't. Steph asks if he wants to know how she will
react? She will tell him. Steph now goes in to her fantasy of the outcome.

Ridge tells Taylor that he is so sorry. Taylor says, you slept with her? Oh,
God, oh my God. She is in tears. She then tells him to get out, he doesn't
live there anymore.  He begs her not to do that and reaches for her. She
jumps back and tells him not to touch her, how could he do this? He says he
didn't know, he swears he thought it was what she wanted. She screams at him,
what she wanted! Don't insult her intelligence. He says it is the truth,
please believe him. She says he has been lying to her for months and how
could he climb back in to be with her after that. And now Morgan is having a
baby. He begs her, please, he doesn't want to lose her, it was a stupid,
stupid mistake. He is not leaving there, he is going to stay and fight for
their marriage. She asks what marriage? She doesn't want him there. After
everything they have been through, she trusted him. She screams at him to get
out. He nods his head and leaves Taylor crying.

Stephanie comes to and tells him that is what he is going to be dealing with,
there is no way around it. Ridge looks at her, shakes his head and leaves.

Kim comes out into the hall from Bridget's room and sees Thorne. She backs up
and listens. Thorne asks why Brooke won't let him talk to Bridget. She tells
him that Bridget threatened to move out and she promised her they wouldn't
force this issue on her right away. He asks what that means. Brooke says it
was a shock and she needs more time. Thorne thinks there will be trouble if
she lets Bridget call the shots. She says she needs to be more sensitive
right now. She tells Thorne to go home. He says he is going to talk to
Bridget, they had plans. She asks him not to. He asks her to come to his
place then. She turns him down. He agrees to go home.

Steph stands in Ridge's office praying things will work out between him and
Taylor. They have been through so much.

Ridge is home, tears in his eyes. In comes Taylor all perky. He knew the kids
would be out. She says there is not time for that. He says it is not that, he
has something to tell her.

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