The Bold & The Beautiful Friday August 25, 2000

B&B Update Friday 08/25/00  By Linda

 The show starts off with Bridget and Eric. He says he should have told her.
She says it wouldn't have made a difference, she has been defending Brooke
when people have told her. She says she found Brooke and Thorne in Brooke's
bedroom and wonders how long it has been going on? Eric says it has been
going on over a year but he never wanted her to find out. She wants to know
if Macy knew. He says yes, Thorne had asked her for a divorce. She asks if
Eric tried to stop her. He says he did, but she knows her mother. Bridget
wonders when Brooke is ever going to learn. She says that Brooke, herself
told her it was a bad idea, but they couldn't help themselves, they were
drawn together. She can't understand why Brooke does these things. Eric tells
her that Thorne is just trying to make her happy. She says it is a joke and
she is not going to accept this, she is leaving if Brooke chooses Thorne.

There is a knock at the door. Thorne thinks it is Brooke but it turns out to
be Kim in the scuba suit he gave her. She wants to do it now. He says it
isn't a good time. He has to go over and hash this thing out at Brooke's. Kim
says he can't. Thorne looks at her in wonder.

Stephanie and Ridge discuss telling Taylor the truth. Ridge says that Taylor
trusts him and that has not always been the case and just one stupid mistake
can throw it all away. What is going to happen to his kids, he asks?

Taylor is entertaining Morgan for lunch. Morgan says they could have gone
out, she knows how busy Taylor is. Taylor says it is her day off and she
knows Morgan has something important she wants to talk about. Morgan confirms
she does. Taylor asks what her big news is? She says she has an idea what
Morgan wants to talk about. Morgan doubts it. Taylor asks if she is nervous
about the way she will react? Taylor has a nutritious meal set out because
you have to eat right for the baby.  Morgan says she is thankful that Taylor
is so supportive since she did lie to her. Taylor says she was a bit
disappointed because she thought she had gained Morgan's trust. Taylor asks
if she is going to tell her the baby's father is?

Ridge is handed a picture of the twins by his secretary. He says to Steph,
what he prayed for, a year ago he almost lost them. He flash backs to when he
was singing Itsy Bitsy spider to the kids while playing his guitar and having
a catch with Thomas, holding the girls in the hospital and so forth. He tells
Stephanie he can't lose his family. No matter what happens, he is not going
to lose his family.

Thorne asks why he can't go back to Brooke? Kim thinks it isn't a good idea
because of the way Bridget is feeling. Thorne says he will be sensitive to
her feelings. Kim says he already told Bridget how he feels. He says she
didn't hear him because she was so upset. Kim thinks this is why he should
give her more time. He tells her that he knows she doesn't understand how he
feels, but someday she will fall head over heals for someone and she won't
let anything stand in her way from wanting to be with him. She says that
already happened. He says he knows she has fallen for Rick but that isn't
what he is talking about. She asks if he will be spending the night. He says
he will see how it goes.

Eric tells Bridget that she doesn't have to accept the situation. There is no
way she can. She asks him if he knows what it will be like for her to come
down to breakfast and seeing him touching Brooke. It makes her sick to even
think about it. He asks if she is thinking of running away again? She says,
dad, please, she was a child when she did that. He says, good, because she
can always move in with Stephanie and him. She asks if he thinks Brooke will
choose Thorne over her? He says that he thinks Brooke is hoping she will come
around to the idea. Bridget says that is not going to happen. There is no way
she can live with this. They are talking about getting married. He says he
knows. She says that Thorne will pick up the pressure. He was bragging about
giving up the family to be with her, like that is something to be proud of.
Now he is going to try to make Brooke do the same thing. Eric says he will
not try to come between her and her mother. She said he already is, she told
Brooke that she has to choose between her or Thorne and she had to think
about it. She asks if he knows how that made her feel. Eric says Brooke is in
love. She asks why every time Brooke falls in love, her world falls apart.
How can she go home, Thorne may be there? He tells her she can go home with
him today. There is a knock at the door and it is Brooke. She wants to talk
to Bridget. Bridget tells her to talk. Brooke wants them to go. Bridget tells
her to just talk, they don't have to leave, just tell me if you are ending it
with Thorne or not. Brooke says she wants to have an adult conversation about
this. Bridget tells her that she just wants to convince her that this is OK
and it is not, not with her. She tells Brooke that she knows how she feels
about this and asks what she is going to do? Brooke says she is NOT going to
let her teenage daughter make her decisions for her. Bridget tells Brooke
that she is going to have to make some decisions for herself then. Brooke
asks what that means. Eric says it means that Bridget is moving in with him,
today. Brooke looks upset.

Ridge says he should have told Taylor from the start what was going on, maybe
then she could have forgiven him. Stephanie asks why he didn't. He said he
let Morgan convince him into waiting to see if she was pregnant. He thought
he could just pretend none of it ever happened. She says that he played right
into Morgan's hands, she wanted him to get caught in this lie, that way it
would do the most damage possible to his marriage. He says he can't lose
Taylor and his kids. Steph tells him that Taylor loves him, the two of them
have been through a lot together and he is going to have to fight for his
marriage. He says he is going to fight for it and if he is lucky, so will
Taylor. Even if they do get through this, it will never be the same. He says
once he tells her, whatever the outcome, what they had will be gone and they
will never get it back.

Thorne comes into the living room talking to Kim who is now out on the patio
out of ears reach. He glances over at her standing out there with a concerned
look. He goes out and asks if she is OK. She says not really, he told her
that he would wait some time before he and Brooke went public. He says no one
is making an announcement. She says he is going to move in with her if he can
get through to Bridget. He says that was always the plan. She sighs and walks
away. He tells her that enough time has passed since Macy's death. The
reporters aren't buzzing around anymore. He says they aren't going to make a
big deal out of it. He will just spend the occasional night there and a
weekend and eventually. Kim cuts in with, then he will move in with Brooke?
He nods, yes. She tells him she is going to miss him. He chuckles and says
that he is still going to be around. She says that Brooke isn't going to like
that very much. He asks if that is what she is worried about? He tells her
that she can't get rid of him that easy. She means too much to h him. They
hug. Kim is in her glory. Then Thorne says he misses having a kid sister
around. She says she is not his kid sister. He knows. He then tells her he
has to finish getting ready and asks if she is OK? She says yeah. He goes in
to finish packing while Kim goes a distance and comments that she is going to
be OK, because he is NOT going to move in with Brooke.

Brooke asks Bridget if it is true, she is going to move in with her father?
Bridget says for Brooke to tell her. She doesn't want to leave home, but
Brooke isn't giving her a choice. Brooke tells her that she has a choice, she
can come home and work this out. Bridget says there is nothing to work out.
If she is going to be bringing Thorne around, moving him in, she can't be
there. Brooke asks if she is giving her an ultimatum? Bridget tells her that
she is telling her what she can live with and what she can't and that should
matter. Brooke says of course it matters. Bridget tells her that isn't how it
feels, she thinks it is wrong and so does Eric. Brooke comments that Eric has
been angry with her for a very long time. Bridget can see why, she has
watched Brooke make some terrible decisions. If Brooke wants to go through
with this relationship, fine, but she will do it without her. Brooke tells
her that she doesn't mean that. Bridget says, yes, she does and Brooke had
better start taking her seriously. She wants to know right now who is more
important to Brooke, Thorne or her.

Stephanie tells Ridge that he had better tell Taylor before Morgan. It is the
only way he can save this marriage. Ridge picks up a picture of his family
and looks at it.

Taylor is finishing up a phone call with the nanny. She stopped by the office
with the kids so they could see their daddy. Morgan bets Ridge loved that.
Taylor says he needed it, being so stressed out lately, hasn't Morgan
noticed? But his little girls can really make him smile, he is so easy.
Morgan says he sure is a good father. Taylor asks if that is what she wants
for her baby? Morgan says, what? Taylor tells her that she can pretty much
figure this out, this guy is married, right? That is why she didn't want to
tell Taylor, she is afraid she will disapprove or something? Morgan asks if
it will change the way Taylor looks at her? Taylor says she has been a
psychiatrist for a long time, there is not a whole lot she hasn't heard. Part
of her expertise is that she doesn't judge people. Morgan tells her that she
is her friend, not her therapist and she doesn't want to lose that and she
knows she will. Taylor looks at her with a bit of confusion. Taylor says she
knows she won't, just trust her, tell her.  She is dying to know who the
baby's father is. Morgan doesn't answer. A cliffhanger for Monday.  =)   The

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