The Bold & The Beautiful Thursday August 24, 2000

B&B Update Thursday 08/24/00  By Linda

The show starts with Amber at the Insomnia sitting at a table looking
nervous. In walks her new attorney, Mr. Gale. She asks if he is sure he can
help her. He tells her that she can face some serious jail time for her
crime. She says she isn't guilty. He says the judge may not see it that way.

Taylor is knocking at Ridge's office door. He is daydreaming. She calls out
his name. He asks what she is doing there. She says it is the only place she
can find her workaholic husband. She tells him he left in such a hurry this
morning he forgot to shave and she is beginning to think he is avoiding her.
He says he isn't, she and the kids are the most important things to him. She
asks what it is. He says he thinks he is just tired and he feels like the
devil h as a hold of him. She tells him not to put pressure on himself, she
knows he wants thing to be perfect, but they don't always turn out that way.
Stephanie comes to the door and sees them in an embrace and stands there with
a concerned look on her face. She knocks and comes in and asks if everyone in
there is all right. Taylor tells her not to look, Ridge is a mess and thinks
he is working too hard.  Steph says she is sure his father wouldn't mind if
she shipped the two of them off on a trip. Ridge says he can't right now.
Taylor says, see what she means, it is nothing but work, work, work with this
guy. Stephanie says he has always be too dutiful for his own good. Taylor
will be happy if she can just end up somewhere on his duty list. Steph says
that Taylor knows she and the children are at the top of that list. Taylor
says they haven't seen that much of him lately and she thinks maybe the
allure or midnight feedings and changing diapers has worn off. Ridge assures
her that it has not and nothing means more to him than her and the kids and
he doesn't want her to forget it. She says she knows, but he can remind her
anytime. She tells Stephanie that she may want to take it easy on Ridge
today, he didn't get much sleep last night, he was a little emotional. Steph
raises her eyebrows. Taylor says she has lunch planned and she has to go. She
gives Ridge a quick kiss and turns to go and Ridge grabs her and pulls her
back and stares at her. She asks what he is doing. He says he wants the
cherish the moment. She tells him he does need more sleep and he pulls her
close and kisses her passionately. After Taylor leaves, Stephanie tells him
that he is going to have to tell Taylor the truth about Morgan. She tried to
help him, but he just has to tell her. He says he knows. Steph says there is
nothing she wouldn't have done to help him. Ridge asks if she really would
have done that? She says, if Morgan has this baby. He says she is going to
have it and that is why he has to take responsibility for it. He just prays
that Taylor will understand. Steph says she better understand or Morgan will
win. Ridge says this is not a game, even Morgan will lose. She will lose her
family, friends and self respect. Steph says, but she will have his child, no
matter what happens. He knows and he also knows what this is going to do to
his marriage.

Brooke and Thorne continue to discuss Bridget and her not accepting their
relationship. Thorne says that it upset her seeing them in bed together but
feels that once she calms down. Brooke interrupts with Bridget was calm and
that it seemed like the most mature conversation they ever had but it doesn't
change anything because she still doesn't accept it. He says she is going to
have to accept it. She doesn't realize how serious it is and if they are
going to be a family they are going to have to start acting like one and the
sooner the better. Brooke says they can't force her to accept their
relationship. Thorne says maybe not, but they can help her. They have to show
her what they are all about. Brooke asks what he means. He says he is going
to move in. Brooke says, like she told him, she doesn't want to force this on
Bridget. He says she doesn't have to like it, she just has to see it. She
says that Bridget made it clear, if she has a relationship with him, she
won't have one with Bridget. Thorne asks how she responded to that. Brooke
says she didn't, she wanted to talk to him first. He asks why? She says
because he is going to be Bridget's stepfather and if and when there are
decisions to be made in this family, they are going to make them together.
This is their new life and it starts there tonight.

Kim sits at the Insomnia having a flashback of the argument she had with
Brooke. She then says to herself that Brooke is never going to have Thorne
and she is not going to put her sisters name to shame that way, never. Kim
spots Bridget sitting at a table and walks over and says hello. Bridget
responds, hey. Kim tells her that she knows she probably doesn't want to talk
to her, and she wants to apologize for the awful things she said yesterday.
Bridget says they were true. Kim says she must have talked to her mother.
Bridget says she caught them together. Kim says she probably should never
have told her. Bridget thanks her for telling her and says if she didn't she
never would have been able to stop it. Kim asks what she did. Bridget says
she gave her mother an ultimatum, either Thorne goes or she moves out. Kim
asks how her mother responded. Bridget tells her that Brooke wouldn't give
her a straight answer. She says, how can Brooke do this again after Ridge and
dad. She thinks it is gross and incestuous. Kim says the Forrester men are
like an obsession to Brooke. Kim tells her that maybe she should talk to her
father. Bridget says she doesn't know if he wants to get involved, but she
has to do something before Thorne moves in. Kim tells her that she can't let
that happen. Bridget asks what she can do about it. Kim says she doesn't
know, but maybe her father can help her. Bridget tells Kim she has to go. Kim
asks if she is OK. Bridget is fine, thanks. Kim sits there with a grin on her
face after Bridget leaves and says, no, thank you, Bridget.

Amber tells Mr. Gale that she has a child and can't go to jail. Mr. Gale
tells her that she has to prove she is innocent and the jury can convict her
on what they hear. He tells her that she needs someone to do the right things
for her, ask the right questions, go to bat for her and fight for her. She
asks how much it will cost her. He says he needs a check for $500. She tells
him that she needs to be in court by tomorrow. He says they can clear the
case up by today. Amber writes him a check and asks when they start. He says
right now and tells her to stay right there and he will be back in 15
minutes. After a few minutes, Mr. Gale comes back and tells her that he filed
the papers with the clerk and is officially her lawyer. She says good, good.
He says that is the good news. She asks what is the bad news. He says he has
a copy of her arrest report and thinks they are in trouble. She asks what he
means. He says it says there was a consent search, did she tell the police
they could look around her apartment? She says, well, yeah, she had nothing
to hide. He says, probable cause, that is no good either, whoever called the
police told them that she was a drug dealer. She says, well, she is not. He
asks if she uses. She says no. He asks if she knows anyone who does. She says
no.  He says they need some leverage to bargain with, if he could give the
prosecutor a couple of names. She says she doesn't have any names, she
doesn't use drugs, sell drugs or know any people who do. He says that isn't
going to help her case either. He says he knows it sounds crazy, but that is
how the system works. If she was a user, she would probably be sentenced to
rehab if she gave up her supplier, but if she is innocent. She says if she is
innocent, she can go to prison. This is insane. He says it is an election
year. They are going to be tough on crime, especially on drugs. He says this
judge is not going to throw her a bone, if she is convicted, she will
probably end up with the maximum sentence. She asks what's that. He says 5-10
years in prison. She worries about the baby. She tells him she can't let that
happen, he has to do something. He says he will talk to the prosecutor and
see if he can work something out. She pleads with him to do something, she
can't go to jail. He tells her not to worry, he will do what he can. He

Thorne asks if Brooke means it, she wants him to move in. Brooke says she has
wanted this for months and thinks once Bridget sees them together, she will
accept it. He says she will, she will. She says, just one thing, they should
take it slow to help her adjust. He says he shouldn't stay full time. He
wants to know if he can stay tonight. Yes. And maybe tomorrow. He says they
haven't done that since Venice. She says, she knows, they have waited so long.

Bridget walks in on Eric in his office. He says hi and she goes right into
his arms. He asks what is wrong. She tells him that she knows about Mom and
Thorne. He is sorry, he wanted to spare her this. She wants to know how
Brooke could do that to them. He asks if she talked to Brooke. She says she
did, but Brooke doesn't want to hear it. She says they want to get married,
it is incestuous and sick and they have to be stopped. The scene goes to
Thorne and Brooke passionately kissing.

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