The Bold & The Beautiful Wednesday August 23 2000

B&B Update Wednesday 8/23/00  By Linda

Bridget threatens Brooke, either Thorne goes or she goes. Brooke says he is
not going anywhere until they straighten things out. She says then he better
get out. She goes to walk out and Thorne grabs her and tells her that he
loves her mother and he has no intention of ever leaving. He tells her that
he gave up his family for the love of Brooke. Bridget tells him to stop
talking that way about her mother. Bridget asks if his family thinks it is
wrong? Thorne says he tried to get them to accept it. Bridget says if
everyone thinks it is wrong, it is wrong.  Brooke tells her that Rick has
accepted it. Bridget says Rick doesn't live there, it won't effect him if
Thorne moves in. She says that maybe Rick will put up with a few jokes on
campus or even lose a few friends. Brooke says no one is going to lose any
friends. Bridget asks Brooke if she hasn't lost any friends. She says Thorne
has already alienated his family and does she want that to happen to them?
Brooke says of course not. Bridget begs Brooke not to do this, please. Brooke
tells her that she doesn't realize how much she loves Thorne. Bridget says
like a friend, not like this. Brooke says they didn't plan it this way, it
just happened that they fell in love. Brooke says they are finally going to
start a life together and that includes Bridget. She wants Bridget to accept
it because she and Thorne are not putting their lives on hold. She asks
Thorne to leave and give them a few minutes. Bridget yells at Thorne to go,
just get out of here.  Bridget tells Brooke that she has seen this look on
Brooke before with Ridge. Brooke tells her that this is different. Bridget
says, yes it is because this time, she is not going to let her do it. She
can't keep diving into these relationships. She knows Brooke follows her
heart but it never works out. Brooke insists that this time it will because
she and Thorne are completely committed to each other. Bridget tells her that
she also has a commitment to her family, her career and her kids and this
decision is going to affect all of that. Brooke realizes that and she knows
what she is doing. Bridget says, so does she, they have been down this road
before and played a good team but sometimes being Brooke's daughter is a
challenge. She tells Brooke that she loves her and wouldn't trade a minute of
her life for anything in the world but there is a limit to what she and
society can accept and this is going too far.  She has managed to maintain
her self respect through Brooke's affairs with Ridge, feud with Stephanie,
her bedroom line, but she can't handle this. If she and Thorne insist on this
relationship, she can't be a part of it. She is sorry, she just doesn't think
she could survive it. Brooke's eyes are filled with tears as she listens to

Rick stops by to visit Kim and see how she is doing. She tells him that she
is fine and it was sweet of him to stop by. She tells him that she still
hasn't forgiven Brooke for what she did to Macy and that Brooke and Thorne
will never be together. He tells her that they have been together for quite
some time and they are committed to one another. Kim asks if it matters how
many lives they ruin. He says he is OK with Brooke and Thorne seeing one
another. Kim asks how Bridget will feel. Rick thinks it will be a shock at
first but she will get used to it. Kim states how the two are having an
affair. Rick says it is not an affair, they love one another. Rick says he
doesn't want to talk about Throne and Brooke, he wants to talk about them.
She says there is no "them". He tells her he didn't want her to be alone. She
says he isn't alone. He asks if she is seeing someone else. She tells him
that she will see him around. He says, OK and leaves. Kim walks to the patio
door and watches as Thorne sits on a lounge chair out on his patio. Kim
approaches Thorne and asks if he is OK. Thornes says Bridget found out about
him and Brooke. Kim asks how she took it. Thorne says she worked herself up
until she was feeling sick. Kim is sorry. Thorne tells her she doesn't seem
surprised. Kim knew it would be hard on Bridget. Kim hugs him and tells him
that when he sees something he needs, he should not give up until he gets it.
He asks if she is telling him to go after Brooke. Kim says Bridget's reaction
may seem like an obstacle now but sometimes bad things are a blessing in
disguise. He doesn't see how. She tells him to trust her,  something good is
going to come out of this. She says she knows he doesn't see that right now,
but someday, he will see that as clearly as she stands before him right now.
They smile at one another.

CJ insists that Amber reconsider and get a lawyer. Amber thinks she can talk
her way out of this one once the judge hears what she has to say. CJ is not
so sure. He says the judge seems mean. Amber's case is called and she
approaches the bench. The judge asks her if she is Ambrosia Moore. She is. He
states her address. She agrees. The states attorney reads the charges. The
judge asks if Amber understands the charges. She says she thinks so. The
states attorney continues to offer what was found on the scene by police and
Amber interrupts. The judge tells her that she will need a lawyer if she
wants to be heard. He tells her that she was arrested for two very serious
crimes. He tells her that pot and MDMA were found in her possession. Amber
says, MDMA? I thought the officer says it was ecstasy? A couple of guys in
the back of the courtroom start laughing. The judge says to Amber, one more
comment like that and he will find her in contempt. Amber says she was
telling the truth, she didn't know what those pills were. There was this girl
at the party and she must have had them in her purse. The states attorney
objects. The judge tells Amber she can't comment, she has to get an attorney.
He continues the case in 2 days and she has better hire a lawyer. If she
comes back to the court without one, he will fine her and incarcerate her.
Amber sits down with CJ and he tells her that all will be OK, they will get a
lawyer. CJ walks out with the baby to get him some water and Amber is stopped
by a lawyer who is willing to help her. He gives her his card and tells her
to call if she decides she needs him. She asks if he has handled a case like
this before. He says it is his specialty and he walks out. Amber follows and
tells him that maybe he can help her. His back is to her and he has a
sinister smile on his face.

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