The Bold & The Beautiful Tuesday August 22, 2000

B&B Update Tuesday 8/22/00  By Linda

The show starts with Kim talking to herself while she is exercising on her
patio. She says how Bridget is going to hit the roof when she gets home and
should be home right about now. Darla shows up, she didn't mean to sneak up
but she knocked and no one answered. Kim asks if Sally sent her. She did. 
Kim says it was sweet, but she is fine. Darla says she noticed the pretty
smile on Kim's face when she walked in. Darla tells her it is nothing to be
ashamed of, being happy.

Bridget blasts Brooke about her and Thorne and how it is disgusting. Brooke
tells her to calm down. She says no, she didn't believe them when they told
her. Brooke asks who? She says all the kids are talking about it. She was in
bed with Bridget's brother.

Eric asks Rick if he talked to Amber today? He says no. Eric asks if it is
Amber's court day? Eric says yes, but CJ and Amber want to handle it alone
and he thinks that until this is over, he should have the baby there with him.

Amber is dressed in a suit and asks CJ what he thinks. He thinks it is OK,
quite conservative. He then tells Amber that he knows that they were not
going to rely on the Forresters and all but he thinks they should call his
Mom, she knows tons of lawyers. She doesn't want to drag Sally into it
either. She says, she got into this mess, she will get herself out. He thinks
she should get a lawyer. She doesn't think she needs a lawyer to tell the
judge that she is innocent. He says with the felony charges, they are better
off with a lawyer. She says no. She says she knows he is nervous. He says he
is and she should be too. She says she is, she has never been to court before
and that is a good thing. He says why. She says that means she has never been
in trouble before. She says she will tell the judge that she made a mistake
by letting people into her house she didn't know. He asks what is going to
happen if the judge doesn't believe her? She says she has a job and she is
responsible and responsible people don't go to jail. She says that she can
handle this. He asks if she is sure. Amber says that he and little Eric are
counting on her.  She says she is not going to let him down. She knows she
has before but she is never going to let him down again. The phone rings, it
is Rick on the speaker phone. He says that his father thinks someone should
go there with her. She should have family there with her. Amber says she will
have family there with her. Rick asks if she is bring the baby? She says they
are. He tells her that she can't. She insists that it won't be that long and
if it gets too weird, CJ can bring the baby home. Rick asks, and leave her
there alone? Rick says he can take the baby. Amber says she doesn't have time
to drop him off. He says he will stop by the courthouse and pick him up. No,
she doesn't want him anywhere near that place. She thinks if he shows up, it
will draw a lot of attention and if anyone finds out she is his ex-wife. He
says he is not concerned about that. She says that she is. She thinks his
family is going through enough right now and she doesn't want to turn this
whole thing into a big scandal. Eric tells her that these are very serious
charges against her. She knows and appreciates his concern but she feels that
this is something she and CJ have to work out for themselves. She rushes off
the phone. 

Brooke tells Bridget that Thorne is not her brother. Bridget says her half
brother! Brooke says they have the same father but that has nothing to do
with her and Thorne. Thorne steps in to point out that he and Brooke are not
related. Bridget asks if they think that makes it OK, that there is not blood
between them? What about their history. Brooke says that she and Thorne have
been friends for years. Bridget says, yeah, your friend, like brother and
sister. Not like this. Brooke tells her to calm down, she knows this is
confusing and this is not the way she would have wanted Bridget to find out.
The will talk about this in another room. Bridget tells her that there is
nothing to talk about. She knows what they were doing, it makes her sick.
Brooke says they were not having an affair, they are in love. Thorne chimes
in with, it is true, your mother and I are committed to each other.

Rick tells Eric that little Eric doesn't belong in that courtroom. Eric asks
what he wants to do. Rick says he want to go down there, but not if it is
going to cause trouble. Eric asks if he thinks CJ will start something. Rick
says he isn't sure, but the guy has to be wound pretty tight. Eric suggests
he just let Amber handle it the way she says. Rick is afraid things won't go
as Amber hoped.

Amber and CJ arrive at court. Amber says she thinks they are supposed to wait
until their names are called and they take a seat. There is another case
called before theirs. The guy in that case is a real stubborn soul and is
removed from the courtroom. The judge then warns everyone in the courtroom
that he expects the lawyers to have control over their clients and they had
better follow protocol. CJ gets nervous and tells Amber that they should call
her Mom and should probably have a lawyer. Amber thinks they will be fine,
but you can see she is a nervous wreck.

Darla says, Bridget is pretty upset, huh? Kim says, she should be, her mother
is sleeping with her half-brother. Darla says it sounds pretty sick, doesn't
it. Kim says it is. Darla says there is nothing Bridget can do about it,
Brooke wouldn't listen to Kim, Macy or the Forresters. Kim feels that Bridget
being Brooke's daughter and Bridget is a very moral person. Darla says, still
she doesn't think that will effect Brooke. Kim says that no matter how Brooke
and Thorne explain it, Bridget will never accept that relationship.

Bridget sits down on the bed and Thorne tells her that it is not going to
affect her life. Bridget tells him that he doesn't know what it is like being
laughed at and all the dirty jokes. Brooke tells her that will pass. Bridget
asks what she is supposed to do until it does, hide in her room, because that
is what she feels like doing. Brooke tells her this is nothing to be ashamed
of. Bridget says, of course it is. Brooke tells her it is not, what she and
Thorne share is beautiful and someday she will accept it the way Rick has.
Bridget says he hasn't. Thorne says he has. Bridget says that she doesn't
believe it, there is no way he would support this. Brooke says, he does.
Bridget asks why he would do that. Brooke says because he knows she is happy
and isn't that what the kids wanted for her, a stable loving relationship?
Thorne says they are planning a future together and someday everyone will see
that and accept it.  Bridget says the whole family is horrified aren't they?
Thorne says once they are married.  Bridget flips out at the word "married."
Thorne says her mother has accepted. Bridget tells Brooke to take it back.
Bridget tells Thorne to get out of their house, he doesn't belong there. She
tells Brooke that either he goes or she goes. Brooke can't believe her ears.
She looks at Thorne and back at Bridget.

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