The Bold & The Beautiful Monday August 21,2000

B&B Update Monday 8/21/00 By Linda

Thorne and Brooke enter her bedroom. He asks about the sales figures she
asked him to come over to see. She says what figures? She pushes him to the
bed and he says, let me see. She disrobes and lays down with him and begins
to kiss him.

Bridget enters the diner and she sees two boys look over at her and then look
away. She walks over and asks if they were talking about her. They says there
is a rumor going around. Kim sneaks in from behind.  He asks if she is a
Forrester. She says, duh. He says and Thorne, that is your brother. She says
they should start a business, like They say, well, if
your mother starts hanging with Thorne, that would mean she is dating your
brother. She says, no, how about, you two have been away
from school too long. One says they are just reporting what they hear. Which
means, if they get married, then her brother will be her step-dad? Bridget
gets mad and they tell her they are not the only ones talking about it. Kim
takes Bridget away from the scene and she thanks her. Bridget says she can't
believe what those guys were saying. Kim says she believes it.

Steph is sipping tea when there is a knock at the door. It is Morgan. Steph
wonders what brings her by so early. She says they were interrupted last
night. Steph hopes he didn't keep her up too late. She says no, but they had
a long talk. Steph asks about what. Morgan pulls out a jar and says, this,
the tea you made me last night. Steph says, so Ridge told her. She says yes,
that you tried to kill another one of my children. Steph said he almost
didn't. Morgan says his principles stepped in, and he didn't get that from
her. She says she was willing to do this so no one got hurt, but after what
Steph did last night, she is going to make her pay. Steph asks how is that.
Morgan says she has a child growing inside her and she is going to raise this
baby and tell him all about his father and she knows he will not turn his
back on his child. Steph asks if she is out to destroy Ridge. Morgan says no,
she just wants family. Steph says he will never leave Taylor for her. Steph
offers her money and a trust account for the baby and Morgan turns her down.
She is going nowhere and she is going to make Steph suffer the way she is

Bridget tells Kim she hasn't seen her in a while. They talk about Macy and
Bridget tells her that her mother was broken up about Macy's death and she
hopes Kim isn't blaming her mother. Kim tells her that her mother was
involved with her sister when she was killed.

Thorne and Brooke are really getting hot and heavy and he asks about Bridget.
She will be home tonight. Thorne thinks they should cool it or go to his
place. Brooke says they won't make it and she needs him now. They continue
their fling. They lay cuddling after their fulfillment and talk about their
future. He asks if she told Bridget. She says no, she will after dinner. He
asks how she thinks Bridget will react. She says Bridget loves him, she
should be fine with it. Brooke asks him how he feels about Kimberly. He says
she is doing better, he thinks. She says that is probably because of her
special friend. He says, friend? Brooke says she said he is special and she
thinks Kim is falling for her. Thorne has no idea who it could be. He doesn't
want to talk and proceeds to kiss her again.

Bridget tells Kim she is sorry about Macy but what she is saying about her
mother is gross and she wants her to stop. Kim asks why she thinks they went
to Venice. She says they were needed. Kim says it was her photo shoot, they
didn't need to be there. Bridget says, what, they went there for a fling, you
are spreading dirty rumors. Kim says it is the truth. Bridget doesn't believe
it and calls Kim a sicko. Kim says she is not trying to hurt her, she is
trying to help her. She tells Bridget not to turn out like her Mom. Bridget
tells her to stay away from her and storms out.

Stephanie asks Morgan if she thinks she is in total control of the situation.
Morgan thinks she is. Steph asks her if she has a good lawyer because she is
going to need it. Morgan wants to know if she is going to sue her for having
Ridge's baby. No, she just might go after the child. Morgan tells her she
wouldn't dare. Steph asks if she doesn't think she has a case after what she
pulled to get pregnant? Morgan thinks she is bluffing. She won't go public
with this because Taylor will find out. Steph says she doesn't bluff, never.
Steph tells her if she carries this child to term, it will only be a
beginning. Morgan says, she should drink her tea, right? Steph tells her she
is as angry with her about the baby's life as she is with what Morgan is
doing to Taylor and Ridge's life and the baby is going to carry that
deception throughout its life. Steph asks if she has thought about that and
how he will think about himself through life. Morgan says all she has had
since Steph took her baby away from her is hallucinations and she will tell
her baby that his mother did all she could to have him and she doesn't want
Steph near her or her house ever again. She throws the tea in Stephanie's
face and leaves.

Kim, talking to herself, tells Brooke she thinks she is her only problem,
well, she thinks she got rid of Macy, what is she going to do about her own

Brooke and Thorne, still in bed and talking about Bridget and how Brooke
thinks she will be happy for her. Thorne asks if she wants him around when
she tells Bridget. She says, no, she will handle it, just have faith. He goes
off to the bathroom and Brooke sits down at her vanity. Bridget knocks on the
door and comes right in. She wants to talk to her. Bridget tells her that Kim
told her that she and Thorne were having an affair. Isn't that totally gross
or what? Thorne comes out of the bathroom with an idea and Bridget makes
noises as though she is going to barf.

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