The Bold & The Beautiful Friday August 18, 2000

B&B Update Friday 08/18/00  By Linda

 The show starts with Morgan in Ridge's arms. The power comes back on and
Morgan is grateful he showed up when he did or he mother would have killed
her baby. He says his mother was only doing what she thought she had to do.
She says she doesn't know how she got so take in and trusted  Stephanie. He
says that sounds familiar, trust, being taken in. Does all this ring a bell?.
She says well your mother is evil Ridge, to take away a baby's life, that is
murder. She is a devil.

CJ and Amber end their kiss. He says let's eat this before it gets cold. She
says she doens't want to break his heart. Referring to the pepperoni heart he
made on the pizza. He asks if she likes it. She says it is sweet. He says
that is him, Mr. Sweetness. She asks what it means, really means?

Rick picks up a picture of him with Amber and the baby. He stares at it a
couple of minutes and puts it down. He opens the door and goes out and calls
out to Stephanie. He asks how she is. Tired, but OK. He asks if she has a
minute. She comes in. Rick tells her that he is concerned about Amber's
neighborhood. She tells him that he never mentioned it before about the
neighborhood. He says when Amber is in an environment, she does crazy things.
He says she is a really good mother but she is struggling working at night
and taking care of the baby. Steph says she thought CJ was helping with all
that. He says CJ is a problem too. He has changed since Macy died. He says CJ
blames him. Steph asks in what way. Rick says, guilt by association and he
won't let him anywhere near the baby. He thinks CJ thinks he is the father
and he isn't and the baby should be there with him where Rick can give him
the stability he needs.

CJ tells Amber she knows what a heart means. She wants to know what he was
thinking when he made it. He says he was thinking about them and making a
home for the baby and how much they love the baby and how much he means to
them. She says that is what makes that night so unbelievable. She worried
about him that night and it was a good thing for Rick. CJ feels it was not
cool how he came over trying to get her and the baby away from him. Amber
says he was just thinking of the baby and CJ disagrees. She decides they
should just eat. She says the heart is for her and the baby. He says he made
it for someone he likes a lot. It is only a stupid pizza. She says it is not.
He says he doesn't want the freak her out or anything but the way he feels
for her. She says he isn't freaking her out and asks how he does feel. He
says like this and kisses her.

Steph asks that he wants the baby to live there. Rick says if it is OK with
her. Steph says a baby needs his mother. Rick says Amber can come too and he
will move back to the main  house. He asks if she doesn't like the idea. She
says he took her by surprise. He tells her that things have changed between
him and Amber. They had the best time tonight talking and looking back at
their married time. She tells him to think about CJ for a minute, he was
married to Becky and he feels he has a legitamate claim to this child. Rick
says, yeah, and he won't keep him from the baby. He can come there anytime he
wants. She asks if he thinks that will be good enough for CJ. Rick says,
probably not, but she should see that neighborhood. It is unsafe and no place
for a baby to grow up. She says that is no reason, kids grow up in
neighborhoods like that all the time and turn out OK. He says, not his kid,
and that is who he is. He spent more time with him than anyone and he is not
going to let the baby down. He asks her to tell him that the baby and Amber
can move in there.

Ridge tells Morgan that his mother was trying to protect his marriage. That
is more than she was trying to do. She tells him that his marriage isn't in
trouble. He says it will be when Taylor finds out. She says Taylor  never
needs to know. He says he feels he made the biggest mistake in his life. She
asks what he means, sleeping with her? He says that was her mistake, his was
stopping her from drinking that tea. She looks livid. (Here is where my cable
went out for a couple of minutes, so I may have missed a thing or two.)  She
tells Ridge that she deserves this baby, his mother took the other away from
her. This evens the score. He says now he gets it, it was all done to get
back at his mother. She says no, she loves this baby as much as the first
one. He says this is not about him. Is he supposed to love this child, too?
(cable went out again)

Steph says good night to Rick. Rick picks up the picture again and asks what
it is giong to be Amber, him or CJ? The scene goes to Amber and CJ kissing.
The baby wakes up crying and CJ goes to get him. She tells him she will save
him the heart. Amber goes by the window and you can hear noise down below.
She turns and looks back into the house and you can tell she is thinking
about what Rick said about the neighborhood.

Morgan tells Ridge that he doesn't hold his mother acountable for anything,
what she did to her years ago and what she tried to do to her tonight. He
says he holds them all responsible. She says Steph tried to kill her baby
like she did years ago. He says he is not going to defend anyone, he feels
she and Steph were cut from the same cloth. She says she does not kill
babies. He say no, she destroys whole families. She says she hasn't destroyed
his yet. He says that sounds like a threat. She says it isn't but she will do
whatever it takes to take Steph down if she ever does anything to her again.
He says she better watch her step because from here on in, he will be
protecting his family. He will protect them from her. He walks out. After he
leaves, she says she has been waiting too long for this and she will stop
Steph before she can ever stop her.

Amber walks over to the pizza and smiles. The phone rings and it is Rick. He
is sorry to call so late. She says it is OK and she had a wonderful time
today. He says he did too. He hears the noise in the background. She says it
is the neighbors. He asks if the noise keeps the baby up and she says no, he
can sleep through an earthquake. He says he wants her to think about what
they talked about. He would love them to come back. He tells her to get some
sleep and asks if CJ is out again. She says no he is checking on the baby. He
says, yeah. He tells her he will talk to her tomorrow. She says good night
and they hang up. After hanging up, he says, I am going to get you back here,
Amber, you and my baby.

Steph gets home and reaches in her pocket. She pulls out the bottle of pills.
The screen goes back to Morgan saying she could never trust Stephanie again
and if it weren't for Ridge showing up when he did. She has to be stronger,
no, more than that, she has to attack.

The phone rings and Steph answers. She asks if anyone is there. No answer. On
the other end, it is Morgan. She hangs up and says, no, not on the phone, I
am not afraid of you anymore, Stephanie. Tomorrow, I am coming after you!

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