The Bold & The Beautiful Thursday August 17, 2000

B&B Update Thursday 08/17/00  By Linda

Morgan goes to sip her tea and there is a noise outside. Morgan gets up and
secures the door. Morgan still talks to Stephanie like she thinks she is on
her side. She tells Stephanie that she is not out to come between Taylor and
Ridge. Stephanie tells her that she knows where she is coming from and that
is why she is there tonight and when she leaves the problem will be resolved
and they will never have to argue again.

Rick and Amber are still in a kiss. Amber asks him what he is doing and he
says what they used to do all the time. He says he has never had a problem
kissing her. She asks how Kim is and Rick says she wants nothing to do with
him because of Macy. He says things happen for a reason. He says when they
were together, they had a problem but when he looks at her now and the
responsibility she has taken on, he is proud of her. He tells her that she is
very attractive and he would like to do it all over again. He gently touches
her chin and she smiles. She tells him he would also love to have the baby
back there. He asks if she thinks that is all he is up to, well, it isn't. He
feels the neighborhood she lives in is not safe and he worries about him. He
was the baby's father for the first year of his life and he is a part of him
and Amber is a part of his life too. He was too young to be married and tried
to make the marriage work and it was working. She says until he found out the
truth about the baby. He tells her that is behind them now and they can start
over, no expectations, promises or guarantees, but the baby will be safe and
she will not have to worry about that again. She says that is her main
concern, the baby. He says then it is a no brainer, you are better off with
the baby here. Rick tells her that he loves that little boy and wants to
raise him with her. He knows they can make it work for all of them. She looks
at him and he kisses her again. She tells him she has to go and will take the
baby on her way out. He tells her to think about it, he wants her and little
Eric there with him. She leaves.

Ridge doesn't see any lights at Morgan's and assumes no one is there. He
wonders what is going on, not knowing there was a power failure. He knocks on
the door and Morgan answers it. He asks her if she is all right. He has been
trying to call. Stephanie says the power went out. Morgan says they are
having a much needed talk. Steph says a talk they didn't need interrupted.
Morgan says they have a few issues they want to work through. He looks at
Steph and says he talked to Bill and she says then you know the issues is
being taken care of and there is no reason for him to be there now.

CJ is playing a little guitar on the sofa when Amber comes in with the baby.
He jumps up and takes the baby from her and goes to the sofa and sits him
down. He tells him that he got the guitar for him and strums it. He looks up
at Amber and asks where she was, he has been waiting for her. He says, little
Eric, you told me that if you were going to keep mommy out late you were
going to call. Amber laughs and says, OK. He tells her that they are having
pizza and he rented Terminator and Terminator II and they are going to have a
night of Arnold. He says it is his way of ending the day. He tells her to put
the baby to bed while he checks the pizza. Amber stares off after CJ walks

Ridge asks her how far they have gotten and Steph says they are almost done.
She tells him to go home and wait. Morgan asks him to just go. Ridge says it
is probably better that way. Steph says it is. Morgan tells him that sooner
or later he is going to have to accept the baby. Morgan tells him again to
just go home. He looks painfully at Stephanie and walks out the door. After
getting outside, he has second thoughts and goes back in and asks Steph to
leave. Morgan says she doesn't want her to go, she needs to talk to her.
Ridge tells Steph that it is his life and his problem. She asks how he is
going to handle it. He says he will tell her how he will not handle it and
that is not through Bill Spencer. Ridge asks her to please go home and she
gets up and leaves. Morgan turns to him with tears in her eyes.

Sirens are screeching outside and CJ wonders what is going on at that bar
across the street again, they should close that bar down. Amber looks out the
window and hears Rick in her head about the safety of the baby and the area
she lives in.  CJ asks if she is OK. She says she is. He says he has a
surprise for her. He puts a pillow on the floor and tells her the best seat
in the house. He sets the coffee table and says, for the main course. He
tells her she has never seen anything like this before. She thinks he is so
sweet when he shows her the pizza and it has the pepperoni shaped like a
heart. She tells him he is a crazy, wonderful guy. He says that's him. And he
kisses her.

Morgan fumes at Ridge asking why he sent Steph away, it was important to her.
Ridge says he knows how important it was. She says she has hated Steph all
her adult life and she was finally in the position where she could put her
life behind her and build a friendship and relationship with her based on
trust and then he sends her away. He tells her that Steph was not there to
mend fences. Morgan says she was. He asks that she really wants to believe
that doesn't she. She says of course, she didn't give her much choice. She
says Clarke was right, Steph can't do anything to her now, she is not longer
17. He asks her if she thinks that is the only way Steph could do it, by
driving her to some clinic, forcing her to have an abortion? He says, oh my
God, there was a part of him that wanted to leave it alone and walk out that
door. She tells him that maybe he should have and to get out. She goes over
to the sofa and sits down in front of her tea. He asks her how much tea she
drank. She says she didn't drink any of it, it was hot. He says, thanks God,
then everything is going to be OK. She asks what he is talking about? He
tells her how his mother met with some man and he gave her some pills, some
kind of pregnancy termination drug. Morgan's jaw drops. She gets up and
starts gagging, holding her stomach and asks him if that is what was in that
tea? He confirms it. Morgan cusses Stephanie out. Ridge asks if she is sure
she didn't drink any. She says no. He says he will get rid of it. She asks if
he was going to leave and let her drink it. He says he was, but he couldn't,
but he wanted to. Morgan cries and tells him that he saved her baby. She
thanks him and hugs him. He hugs her and pets her hair with a look of pain on
his face.

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